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Albany Rally follow-up/You are generating intense pressure


Once again, I want to thank everyone who traveled to Albany last week. We definitely cranked up the heat.

Commissioner Martens is quoted today in an AP article about revising the draft SGEIS per Executive Order No. 41. It said:

"He didn't rule out various options called for by environmental groups.

'Some people say we should reopen the process. We're looking at all of that,' Martens said. 'We're trying to solicit and digest all the information we can and put it into a document that addresses all the concerns raised to date. It's a really formidable task.'"

With all respect, Commissioner Martens and Governor Cuomo are resisting our request to solicit "all the information..." More than 4,200 signatories to the Cuomo coalition letter want a public comment period to identify the information that has come to light since the SGEIS proceeding began two and a half years ago. We have yet to receive a favorable reply.

Check out the article:

You can read my letter to the Commissioner thanking him for meeting with activists and driving home the key points we made. See:

Check out video of our hour-long "NO FRACKING WAY" chant, courtesy of Cris McConkey of Shaleshock. The young woman in the bright leggings carrying the sign with three droplets is a former NYPIRG canvasser who is active on Marcellus Shale issues in the Capital District. Her name is Ashley Bruno and she hilariously kept the chant going. The Capitol was literally rocking. Thank you and your friends so much.


The video of our Rally in the Legislative Office Building is now posted. You can click on each wonderful speaker at:

Check out photos of our meeting with Commissioner Martens, the Rally and the March to the War Room: Commissioner Martens is the tall fellow with the red tie:

Please try to scare up more signatories to the Governor Cuomo coaltion letter, particularly groups and elected officials. We are getting close to 5,000 signatories. Beat the bushes. See:

Call and email Governor Andrew Cuomo, EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck, DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Ask them to support:

  1. Expanding the scope of the draft SGEIS to include additional concerns, notably how to manage gas drilling wastewater;
  2. Establishing Citizens and Technical Advisory Committees to help DEC revise the draft SGEIS;
  3. Providing at least 30 days public comment to identify additional issues to be included in the draft SGEIS scope;
  4. Requiring individual EIS reviews for horizontal hydrofracturing permits, "GA effluent limitations" for hydrofracturing, deep well injection and wastewater treatment as well as updating DEC's 1992 GEIS.

Please bcc: