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Draft Letter to Commissioner Martens Requesting That Additional Concerns be Addressed by Revision of draft SGEIS

Take Immediate Action - Take Immediate Action


I am pleased to provide for your review my draft letter to Commissioner Martens regarding Executive Order No. 41. It requests that DEC address a wide variety of additional concerns as part of its revision of the draft SGEIS.

I invite you to use all or any part of the letter or the data that are referenced. The letter is a draft because I will try to identify additional concerns.

Please make sure to send your written comments to Commissioner Martens ASAP and hopefully no later than Monday 6/20/11.

You can express anything you want, but please make sure to say: "I write to request that DEC address the following concerns as part of its revision of the draft SGEIS." Identify every issue you can think of that warrants inclusion in DEC's revision of the draft SGEIS.

Please email the Commissioner at Please cc

I also provide a letter I wrote to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. I requested that EPA update its withering 2009 draft SGEIS comments and provide pertinent data compiled for its National Hydrofracturing Study. See:

Thanks so much for already submitting dozens of written comments. Pour it on.

We need to deluge DEC with in-depth, excruciatingly detailed, substantive comments.

Send DEC every shred of new technical, scientific, regulatory and legal information you can find regarding horizontal hydrofracturing of Marcellus Shale.

Every comment will help.

Thanks, again, for all your help.

Best regards,