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More than 1,000 signatories in less than one day!!!


Thank you all so much for the incredible outpouring of support for withdrawing DEC's dishonest, incomplete and inadequate Marcellus Shale Revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement. In less than one day, the coalition letter to Governor Cuomo ALREADY HAS MORE THAN 1,000 SIGNATORIES. THAT IS SUPER HEAVY-LIFTING. KEEP GOING. DON'T STOP TILL YOU DROP.

All day long, Governor Cuomo was the target of intensive phone banking and emailing from one end of New York to the other. Crash his phone system. Smile and Dial!!! Always be polite.

Keep calling. Email. Reach out to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. Pour it on. List serv everyone you know. Beat the bushes for signatories. The more signatories we gain, the more press we generate, THE HOTTER IT GETS ON THE SECOND FLOOR.

Check out today's epic Trifecta front-page coverage. Up top, Governor Cuomo is proposing additional budget cuts that would exacerbate existing regulatory enforcement problems. Coverage of DEC's shocking failure to clean up the Ferrugias' and Fred Mayer's drinking water contamination was above the fold, across the entire page with a giant picture and jumped to more than 50 COLUMN INCHES OF ADDITIONAL COVERAGE. WOW. Thank you Liz Lawyer and Gannett. There was also a piece about seismic concerns of hydrofracturing.

Please join me in praising the courageous and enlightened comments of Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Finally, as a famous author said today: Si se puede!

Check out all our hard work at:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. More, More, More.

Keep slugging. Onward and upward.