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Coalition Letter Up to Nearly 10,700 Signatories/Special Session/More Press/Submit Comments


The Coalition Letter which requests that Governor Cuomo immediately withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS now has nearly 10,700 signatories!!! Stay tuned for more heavy-hitters and important groups signing on. Keep beating the bushes.

1. We were fortunate that the huge tax deal struck this week by the Governor and the Legislature did not include any hydrofracturing component. Gas and oil lobbyists were circling the halls of the Capitol to the very end. Thanks for the hundreds of emails and phone calls to Governor Cuomo and Senator Libous.

This article in The New York Times discusses our Governor's modus operandi:

2. When Andrew Cuomo was a gubernatorial candidate, he said: "The economic potential from the Marcellus shale could provide a badly needed boost to the economy of the Southern Tier..." See: He has yet to be dissuaded. We must keep pushing.

3. I strongly encourage you to listen to a terrific radio interview from the day of the Binghamton hearing. This perfectly shows how the coalition letter is fully integrated into a media outreach, public policy and grassroots organizing campaign with an extremely focused message.

4. The Environmental Protection Agency continues to raise concerns about potential hydrofracturing impacts:

5. Finally, the deadline for submitting comments regarding the Revised Draft SGEIS is now January 11, 2012. I encourage everyone to comment even though there is virtually no chance that DEC will meaningfully address the shortcomings of its proposal.

DEC's Revised Draft SGEIS utterly fails to resolve the critical concerns voiced in 2009 by the Environmental Protection Agency, me and many others. Anyone who believes DEC will rethink and rewrite its Revised Draft SGEIS based on our new comments is likely to be sorely disappointed.

That is why the Revised Draft SGEIS must be withdrawn.

Check out EPA's incredible 12/30/2009 letter documenting the inadequacies of the draft SGEIS. Those concerns apply equally to the Revised Draft SGEIS:

Thanks so much for all your help.

Onward and upward,


Withdraw Revised Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Alert at:

1. Sign the Coalition letter requesting that Governor Cuomo immediately withdraw the RD SGEIS because it fails to fulfill Executive Order No. 41 and has 17 major inadequacies identified by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and many others.

The coalition letter is excruciatingly detailed. Read it and you will become a walking encyclopedia of RD SGEIS shortcomings.


2. Email Governor Cuomo:

3. Call Governor Cuomo:

Albany: 518-474-8390

New York City: 212-681-4580

Binghamton: 607-721-8367

Twitter: @NYGovCuomo