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Citizen Alert/Urgent Action Requested


I write to request your immediate assistance in holding members of the High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel accountable for safeguarding New York from horizontal hydrofracturing hazards. That panel includes elected officials, environmentalists as well as gas industry and business representatives.

See Advisory Panel Members and Contact Info:

The Advisory Panel is charged by DEC to develop recommendations regarding: "measures to minimize socioeconomic and other impacts on local governments and communities..." To date, that mandate has not been fulfilled.

I wrote to each member of the Advisory Panel and invited them to sign the Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS coalition letter that now has more than 22,000 signatories. I also requested that they sign a pledge to maintain the de facto moratorium until all the concerns spelled out in the coalition letter are fully resolved.

Not one member responded to my request.

Cause for Concern

The comments of some of the Advisory Panel members are clearly cause for concern and warrant your attention.

For example, Natural Resources Defense Council submitted detailed comments regarding a "Demonstration Project" alternative that is consistent with the Governor's reported interest in allowing limited horizontal hydrofracturing in the Southern Tier. That alternative would allow up to 300 horizontal hydrofractured wells to be drilled over a three-year period.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a Senior Attorney with NRDC and Chief Prosecuting Attorney with Riverkeeper, wrote an article that notes: "...the panel's confidence in his integrity [Mark Boling, Senior VP of Southwestern Energy] is the one thing that might allow us to go forward with recommendations regarding a regulatory scheme that could allow certain kinds of fracking to proceed in New York State." See:

Take Action Today

Against that background, it is imperative to prevent the Advisory Panel from endorsing proposals that are fundamentally unfair or ineffective. Please request that Advisory Panel members sign a simple pledge that provides meaningful protection for all New Yorkers from horizontal hydrofracturing hazards.

You can use the contact info and sample email below. I invite you to expound to your heart's content. If you are a member or financial contributor to the groups represented on the Advisory Panel, you can withdraw your support. If you are a constituent, you can withhold your vote. Please be entirely respectful in your communications.

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