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Cuomo to visit Binghamton Wednesday AM/Please Show up at the Binghamton Airport 9:00 AM/SW corner of the parking lot


I write you this evening with a profound sense of purpose.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who has inexplicably refused every reasonable request to address in a meaningful way the public health and environmental consequences of Marcellus Shale gas fracking in New York, will be at the Binghamton Airport at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 12/5/12).

I beg you to show up at 9:00 AM in order to give him the reception that he so richly deserves as he visits the epicenter of the Southern Tier region that he reportedly proposed for a shale gas fracking "demonstration project."

In the last week, the Cuomo administration submitted a Notice of Continuation for its proposed shale gas rulemaking proceeding and posted a revised proposal. The 2/29/13 deadline for completing that proceeding could mean that the ludicrously inadequate Department of Health "health impact analysis" review would be completed and a Final SGEIS would be adopted before that date.

Your physical presence in the SW corner of the Greater Binghamton airport parking lot is essential to try to avoid that outcome. I implore you to drop everything and show up. Bring every sign, banner, bullhorn, giant puppet, neighbor, off-spring, friend, neighbor, dog or other pet you have got. No excuses.

In the last week, we have generated intense opposition to the 1) "shockingly inadequate" "totally secret," "ludicrously short" DOH "health impact analysis" Review, 2) the "fatally flawed" Final SGEIS and 3) DEC's "cart-before-the horse" revised shale gas rulemaking proposal.

That message has to be driven home tomorrow.

History awaits you. See you at the airport at 9:00 AM.

In closing, I wish to thank ever one of the more than 2,600 signatories to the coalition letter that requests DEC's shale gas rulemaking proceeding to be terminated and the Revised Draft SGEIS to be restarted in order to address all of the concerns that have been voiced about the DOH "health impact analysis" review. Our effort has generated an incredible amount of press coverage.


Keep beating the bushes for signatories:

Thank you so much for all of your generous assistance. Push harder than ever. More to follow shortly.


Walter Hang