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Take Immediate Action to Require Governor Cuomo to Undertake a Shale Gas Public Health Impact STUDY

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Let me be the first to wish you another happy springtime in New York without Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing.

Our nearly five-year long shale fracking moratorium will remain in effect until comprehensive public health and environmental safeguards are adopted pursuant to a Final SGEIS. It is mind-boggling that not even one shale gas well has ever been fracked in our state thanks to the well-coordinated hard work of citizens like you.

That is why I write today.

Critically Important New Request for a DOH Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study

As you know, a Final SGEIS cannot be adopted until the DOH Review of DEC's "health impact analysis" is completed. The Governor has said that could happen any day now. That is why I implore you to call, email and pressure Governor Cuomo with a critically important new "ask." This is super important.

We must immediately require Governor Cuomo to undertake a Shale Gas "Public Health Impact Study" that fulfills simply extraordinary promises made by DEC Commissioner Martens on 9/20/12. Those promises never received detailed attention until now.

The Study request is presented in a letter just sent to Governor Cuomo by Binghamton Mayor, Matt Ryan, Dr. Benjamin Perkus of New York Residents Against Fracking, Sue Rapp of Vestal Residents for Safe Energy (VeRSE), Erin Heaton Meyer of Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy (C-Care) and me.

Check out today's extensive press coverage as well as a video of the news conference:

The letter will be sent to the Governor's top campaign contributors. It is posted at:

You will be flabbergasted when you read what DEC Commissioner Martens promised when he announced in a 9/20/12 written statement that Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav R. Shah and three outside experts would investigate the "health impact analysis" of shale gas fracking. That investigation would:

a) address “any legitimate request for additional due diligence and study…(emphasis added);”

b) ensure that “DEC's ultimate decision on hydraulic fracturing is beyond reproach either as a matter of law or as policy (emphasis added);”

c) allow DEC to avail “ourselves of the best possible advice from the private and academic sectors (emphasis added);” and

d) undertake an investigation that would “… result in the most thorough review of high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the nation (emphasis added).”

See Commissioner Martens' Statement:

Since Those Promises Have Yet to Be Fulfilled, Please Contact Governor Cuomo Today to Request That:

1. Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav R. Shah immediately undertake a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study that will "result in the most thorough review of high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the nation."

2. The current DOH Review be put on-hold until the proposed Public Health Impact Study is completed.

3. The proposed Study require formal public participation and fulfill DEC Commissioner Martens' 9/20/12 mandates.

Email Governor Cuomo:

Call Governor Cuomo: Albany: 518-474-8390 New York City: 212-681-4580 Binghamton: 607-721-8367

Twitter the Governor: @NYGovCuomo

Facebook him:


It is imperative to make sure that Governor Cuomo does not adopt a bogus DOH Review conducted in secret without any public input. That would allow a Final SGEIS to be adopted and New York's shale gas fracking moratorium to be lifted.

The proposed Public Health Impact Study could prevent that from happening and resolve all unanswered questions about the health hazards posed by shale gas fracking. The Study could fulfill the onerous mandates announced by Commissioner Martens on 920/12.

Make it happen. Go to work.

In closing, please join me in expressing immense gratitude to Matt Ryan, Ben Perkus, Sue Rapp and Erin Heaton Meyer for all their amazing efforts in the public interest.

Thank you as well for your assistance.

Very best regards,


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