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Use a new email application to request that Governor Cuomo Conduct a Public Health Impact Study of shale gas fracking

Write Governor Cuomo Today using a new "Public Health Impact Study" email application that you can customize to your heart's content. It could not be simpler. Just fill in a couple of blanks with as much or as little as you wish to say and click "send:"


I am pleased to report that New York's unprecedented shale fracking moratorium is holding rock-steady despite repeated predictions by Governor Cuomo and Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav R. Shah (2/12/13, 3/13/13) that the critical DOH Review of the "health impact analysis" of shale gas fracking would be completed "within a few weeks."

See AP article:

Governor Cuomo Must Conduct a Comprehensive Shale Gas "Public Health Impact Study"

Every day without shale gas fracking in New York is a political eternity. We are not out of the woods by any means.

We must crank up the heat to make sure that Dr. Shah does not complete his bogus DOH Review conducted totally in secret without any public input. So long as the DOH Review remains on-hold, no Final SGEIS can be adopted to greenlight shale gas fracking in New York.

With that goal in mind, I implore you to write to request that Governor Cuomo conduct a comprehensive "Public Health Impact Study" that fulfills extraordinarily onerous mandates specified by DEC Commissioner Martens on 9/20/12.

I believe that this strategy is our best hope for continuing New York's shale gas fracking moratorium for years to come. It has already received extensive press coverage:

Use A New Email Application to Write Governor Cuomo Today

A well-crafted personalized letter is an amazingly powerful tool for public policy advocacy. There is nothing else like it.

You can now use an innovative email application that allows activists to echo sophisticated talking points as if they were Albany political insiders while adding anything they wish to say as a shale gas activists, taxpayers, voters, residents of the Southern Tier, government officials, parents, physicians, veterans, you name it.

When you read the basic email, your hair will stand on end. Commissioner Martens made shockingly onerous promises that we simply must hold him accountable for.

I implore you to send a personalized email today. Persuade everyone you can to send similar messages. This is super important.

It could not be simpler. Just fill in the blanks with as much or as little as you wish to say and click "send:"

All emails will be automatically sent to Governor Cuomo, Commissioners Martens and Shah and other key players.


We have built a strong coalition of government officials, physicians, scientists, religious leaders, civic and environmental groups and citizens opposed to the DOH Review, but we cannot rest on our laurels and must ignore rumors that Governor Cuomo will wait years to complete the DOH Review or that moratorium bills will be enacted into law.

The Governor's own statements make clear that there is virtually no chance this will happen. Check out his quotes in this revealing 3/13/13 AP piece:

"New York’s health commissioner said Monday he never intended to wait for completion of any of the pending gas drilling studies, which could take years, and instead plans a recommendation to the governor 'in weeks' on whether the state should approve hydraulic fracturing."

Nobody ever said that we were waiting for the studies to be finished,” Cuomo said.

"Cuomo also said Monday that he doesn’t believe bills will pass the legislature seeking to delay a decision until those studies are completed. The Assembly’s Democratic majority wants a two-year moratorium, while the Independent Democratic Conference, which shares control of the Senate, has a bill that would delay action until the Geisinger report and lesser studies are complete.

'I don’t believe that bill passes,' said Cuomo."

The Governor's comments refer to the following political realities:

The Assembly's moratorium bill passed that House, but it has been picked up by a State Senate Democratic minority member. That means the bill is almost certainly dead because the intensely pro-fracking Republican Majority and the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) control the State Senate, not the Democrat minority.

The IDC introduced a separate moratorium bill, but it cannot move forward unless both the IDC and the Republic Majority agree to do so. The Republic Majority leadership vehemently opposes that moratorium bill. That is why the Governor said he believes the bill is dead.

In conclusion, I implore you to stay focused on preventing completion of the bogus DOH Review. So long as that DOH Review remains on-hold, no shale gas fracking will be permitted in New York. The proposed "Public Health Impact Study" would help accomplish that.

Thanks for all your hard work. Keep slugging.

Very best regards,


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