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Governor Cuomo Flooded by 300+ New Email Application Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study

Write Governor Cuomo Today using a new "Public Health Impact Study" email application that you can personalize to your heart's content. It could not be simpler. Just fill in a couple of blanks with as much or as little as you wish to say and click "send:"

Greetings fellow shale gas activists,

As a student of government, I am pleased to report that this is noteworthy day in the annals of New York's environmental protection movement. Your incredible efforts are helping in a very profound way to hold Governor Cuomo strictly accountable for any final decision he makes regarding shale gas fracking. Thank you so much.

In less than one day, the Governor has been flooded with more than a 300 powerful, passionate, eloquent, right-on emails which request that he conduct a Comprehensive Shale Gas "Public Health Impact Study" and put Dr. Shah's bogus DOH Review on-hold.

Please note that precise language is super important. Repeat after me: DOH STUDY is GOOD; DOH Review is BAD. Please refrain from using other terms that can confuse our message.

I implore you to help generate more personalized emails. Pour it on. Go hog wild. Write anything you wish, hopefully within reason, so long as you echo the critical Public Health Impact Study "ask." Hearing that refrain in each and every email is like music to my ears.

Please forward this request to everyone you know. Beg your children, parents, students, friends and congregations to start cranking out their own special missives. It cannot be simpler.

The wonderfully moving messages below are breathtaking. Check out some of the creative subject headers. I will try to post them.

Beautifully written emails have been sent by pillars of society, prominent winery owners, artists, shale gas fracking victims in many other states, Town Supervisors, a former Congressman who is a nationally renowned environmentalist, hordes of business owners, hard-working farmers, property owners, health care professionals, religious leaders, highly accomplished academics and citizens living throughout the area proposed for a shale gas fracking "demonstration project" alternative.

Go, go, go. More, more, more. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Each personalized email will make it harder for Governor Cuomo to rescind New York's unprecedented shale gas fracking moratorium.

Please try to eliminate the lines in the blanks to preserve the appearance of communications written without assistance. Not a biggie. I am quibbling.

Sign with every advanced degree and impressive position you can reference. Sign on behalf of groups to the fullest extent possible.

Onward and upward.

Thank you, again, for your help. Keep slugging.

Very best regards,


No Fracking Without Objective Health Impact Study

Maintain Moratorium on Shale Gas Extraction

Fracking needs to be studied carefully, the results are permanent

DOH "review" needs to be axed; a scientific study necessary

Water is too precious to waste it on fracking.

The future of New York over politics

Don't Poison Our Planet

The Health and Well Being of New York's Citizens and Environment

We need a Comprehensive Health Study of all the possible impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing. Keep the moratorium.

Urban drilling health effects - flawed review

Protect life & push us toward sustainable energy not fracking

My name is Chaw C. My wife and I farm full-time and employ 6 year-round employees. I write today because we are concerned with the possible effects that hydrofracking will have to our surface water that we need to have a farm, as well potential health impacts our family and community.

My name is Chuck S. I write today because I was born and raised in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and have seen how fracking has literally destroyed my childhood home. My father grew up on an aple orchard in an area north of Williamsport called Rose Valley. The orchard is now permanently scarred by a gas line running across it. The nearby Rose Valley Lake has 4 drill pads within 1/2 mile - all operating 24/7, lighting up what once was a clear, star-studded sky and destroying the habitat with unending noise. Topping off the destruction, there is a huge, open waste frackwater pit within a stone's throw of the lake. Needless to say, the lake and surrounding property will be uninhabitable forever in the likely event that the pit leaks (when I was there, a large backhoe was being used to prop up one corner of the pit where the wall evidently had failed. Maybe you should tour these areas of Pennsylvania and see for yourself the irreversible carnage and picture it happening in the Catskills or the Finger Lakes. The oil & gas lobby has Tom Corbett in their hip pocket, Please don't follow in Corbett's despicable footsteps. Stand up for what's right for New York and what's right for our planet.My name is Ian C. I write today because I am deeply troubled by the way in which the DEC and other agencies have handled the process for evaluating the environmental and health risks associated with HVHF. I feel there has been too much secrecy and too much industry alignment and involvement.

My name is Fran L. I write today because as a business owner in Ovid that depends on tourism I do not want fracking to be permitted in New York. Truck traffic, safety issues related to truck traffic, and the destruction of our landscape that draws tourists will negatively affect our business.

Today is my granddaughter's birthday, twelve years old. i want her to know that you will protect her and her children from toxic trespassers into our environment. My name is Diane M. I write today because the community of Sanford where my family has had a home for six generations sits in the crosshairs of fracking development. My family and my neighbors want a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the long range health impacts of the full development of natural gas from start to finish, including compressor stations, pipelines, and every facet of this industrialization of our rural and sacred community.

My name is Peter M. I write today because fresh water from New York's lakes, rivers, and streams is a critical resource for life. Wasting that resource by polluting it with chemicals for fracking is antithetical to life as we know it today. Further consideration of the effects of fracking must include the long-term risks associated with misuse of our limited water resource. People need water, as much as the native flora and fauna supported by water on the land.

My name is Kyllikki I. As a New York State business owner, property owner and resident, I am extremely concerned about the health, safety and environmental issues of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing.

My name is Yvonne T. I write today because I am a property owner in the Finger Lakes of New York and I am concerned about the negative health impacts of fracking.
My name is Kim F. from Arlington TX, home to 60 padsites in a 99 sq mile area who embraced urban drilling without the benefit of a health an environmental impact study. I live within 1/2 mile to a recently active drill site since last summer and now my husband has cancer and my teen has had an unusual rash.

My name is Marianne A. I write today as a life long citizen of central New York State (Trumansburg, NY) who cares deeply about protecting our water and natural resources. My elderly parents, my children and my grandchildren live in the area; I want them to enjoy abundant and safe water sources as long as they live.

I am deeply concerned that the introduction of hydrofracturing into our area , in it's current form at least, will change our landscape drastically from the bountiful agricultural center that has been my home for so long, into a chemically-burned wasteland which will no longer support life of ANY kind. Evidence shows that I am not being over-dramatic; this has happened in at least one of our neighboring states - Pennsylvania. Our water belongs to ALL of us and we must ALL be allowed full information and a place in the hydrofacturing decision.
My name is Anna S. I write today because I am vehemently opposed to fracking and all its ancillary activities until real peer-reviewed science can absolutely prove that fracking will never endanger our water air and land. As New Yorkers, we are stewards of our God-given gift of fresh water especially the Finger Lakes and the Great Lakes.

My name is susan p g. I write today because of deep conceern for the future of our state, its water, air and human health. I have a MS in fisheries science and a very deep skepticism about the quality of the science that has been allowed to proceed so far regarding impacts of fracking. Good science takes time. Data needs to be carefully collected and analyzed and results replicated and confirmed. This can't be done in a hurry. Please don't rush into allowing this 'dirty' method of gas extraction and all the adverse impacts that go with it including habitat fragmentation, risks to property values, and long term groundwater pollution. At a minimum wait for the EPA's comprehensivce study of ground water and fracking. Right now gas prices are extremely low. Why not wait? It will be worth more in the future and perhaps we can figure out better ways to extract it. Or maybe we can figure out alternatives to using it, better yet!!

My name is Elaine M. I write today because I am highly concerned about the health risks, environmental damage, and dangers to the public health of fracking. I'm especially concerned about infrastructure that is mindlessly and dangerously planning to put gas products in unlined salt mines underneath and next to Seneca lake, the drinking source of 100,000 people. Once our lake is polluted and industrialized by out of state gas industries, we can say goodbye to our tourist industry, too.

My name is Edward E. I write today because I have been to Dimock PA and have seen for myself the destruction that this industry brings to a community. Horizontal drilling and High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing poisons the water supply, turns bucolic countryside into an industrial zone, destroys local roads, and undermines property values. Now they're coming for New York. Please don't let these companies ruin our beautiful Finger Lakes for their own profit.

My name is Candace E. C. I write today because as a resident of the Finger Lakes Region, I am extremely concerned that we protect our water resources which are essential to the quality of life in Upstate New York and to the economic viability of the region, I belleve that hydrofracking poses a serious threat to our well-being in the Finger Lakes and am opposed to it being permitted in our region.

My name is Ann F, and I live in Sullivan County, am on the Board of Directors of Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development, and am a native of Painted Post in Steuben County. I write today because I wish to join with the hundreds of people who just today have emailed the following requests to you. I am doing this out of concern for the fresh water of New York State, which comprises a surprisingly high percentage of the potable water in the entire world. I am concerned that High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing HVHF gas drilling for natural gas threatens our drinking water...

My name is The Rev. Nancy L, Ph.D. I write today because I am rightfully concerned about the devastating health affects of fracking which you apparently plan to force citizens in the Southern Tier to suffer. As a researcher in Bodymind health, I have studied the health effects of fracking for nearly 15 years. Fracking will not only destroy lives in Elmira, it will destroy our infrastruture, our community's safety and well-being, and poison our water and air. Additionally, the noise pollution will cause other serious health problems, depression, and suicides. The dollar signs which gas companies point to never materialize; instead the cost of high unemployment and staggering health care needs will bankrupt cities and counties. CITIZENS HAVE A RIGHT TO A SAFE LIVING ENVIRONMENT AND CLEAN, SAFE WATER AND AIR.

I am one of the New Yorkers who voted for you, for your oath to keep my drinking water safe. In light of your campaign promise to "get people believing in government again", I urge you to take the following actions:

My name is Former Congressnan Dick O. I write today because I request that you maintain New York's Marcellus Shale gas extraction moratorium until your Department of Health (DOH) Commissioner, Dr. Nirav R. Shah, completes a comprehensive Public Health Impact Study of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF).

My name is Robert W. I write today because of my serious concerns about potential hydrofracking in my western Broome County neighborhood, and it's potential negative impact on my health and that of my family, based upon research i have read and evaluated.

My name is Jonathan C. I write today because as a resident of the Finger Lakes Region, i am extremely concerned that we protect our water resources which are essential to the quality of life in Upstate New York and to the economic success of the region, whose natural beauty attracts residents and tourists alike.

My name is Vinny A. I write today because I am concerned about the environmental impacts hydrofracking will have to the Finger Lakes and its citizens. Fracking is simply not compatible with our local wine and tourism economy.

My name is Jane R. I write today because I am the Supervisor in a town in the Finger Lakes that depends on healthy water for my consituents to drink and to use to make our world class wines and microbeers

My name is Gerri W. I write today because eyes around the world are upon New York State to DO NO HARM and not move forth with High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF).

My name is Trina B. I write today because I am against fracking. I believe there are too many possible dangers to our health and safety - esp to our water supply. It only takes one horrific accident to poison our water and our health for many years
As a landowner and homeowner in Deposit, New York, I write today because I am greatly concerned about the detrimental health impact on the Southern Tier community that would occur if hydraulic fracturing is allowed to proceed in New York State.

My name is George K. I write today because I am fed up with our leadership playing politics with our health, environment, water, economy and future.

My name is Sean Z. I own a small business, a farm, and I work full-time in New York State. I am a part of my community, a board member of several organizations, an activist, a family man, and I am writing you today, yet again, to implore you all at the center of our state's government to use clear, non-corporate influenced judgement about natural gas fracking. I write today because friends of mine in Pennsylvania are hanging on by a thread of hope. Having seen their lives completely destroyed by the effects of fracking, I can only ask you AGAIN to stop this insanity of corporate profit over human and environmental health. We will NOT be able to drink money instead of water. We will NOT be able to raise our families without open spaces, and clean, fresh air, water, and soil!

My name is Charles L. I write today because I am against High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing, and would prefer we steer our economy and health and our reality, of diminishing fossil fuel discovery, toward renewable energy instead. Moving forward renewable energy is the only way forward.

My name is Marsha A. I'm writing today because I want you to permanently extend the fracking moratorium.

My name is Bruce R. I write today on behalf of The CT Fly Fisherman's Association.

My name is _Jean H. I write today because I fear for the future of my home, environment, and posterity.

The corporate need for profit seems to have been the motivation for the West, Texas, fertilizer factory personnel to have allegedly told the EPA there was no risk of fire or explosion. As I watch CNN TV News broadcast about the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, I've heard very little about the Assumption Parish Sinkhole catastrophe. Mayflower, Arkansas has a DILBIT spill, but again, not much on the news.

Until we have more transparent information, I suggest it is criminally negligent to permit fracking in NYS. This is a statement of human dignity.
My name is Annie C. I write today because I am concerned that you may allow hydrofracking to be used in our beloved NYS. I know it would be a HUGE moneymaker for the state, but as you know, money can not fix what pollution has done to affect global warming, and it will not be able to fix the disasters that will eventually follow wherever hydrofracking is used. Please be strong, caring and wise. Stand up to the sneaky gas companies and say NO to hydrofracking in our state. Then become President of the USA and say no to hydrofracking in our beloved country.

See a formatted alert:


I am pleased to report that New York's unprecedented shale fracking moratorium is holding rock-steady despite repeated predictions by Governor Cuomo and Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav R. Shah (2/12/13, 3/13/13) that the critical DOH Review of the "health impact analysis" of shale gas fracking would be completed "within a few weeks."

See AP article:

Governor Cuomo Must Conduct a Comprehensive Shale Gas "Public Health Impact Study"

Every day without shale gas fracking in New York is a political eternity. We are not out of the woods by any means.

We must crank up the heat to make sure that Dr. Shah does not complete his bogus DOH Review conducted totally in secret without any public input. So long as the DOH Review remains on-hold, no Final SGEIS can be adopted to greenlight shale gas fracking in New York.

With that goal in mind, I implore you to write to request that Governor Cuomo conduct a comprehensive "Public Health Impact Study" that fulfills extraordinarily onerous mandates specified by DEC Commissioner Martens on 9/20/12.

I believe that this strategy is our best hope for continuing New York's shale gas fracking moratorium for years to come. It has already received extensive press coverage:

Use A New Email Application to Write Governor Cuomo Today

A well-crafted personalized letter is an amazingly powerful tool for public policy advocacy. There is nothing else like it.

You can now use an innovative email application that allows activists to echo sophisticated talking points as if they were Albany political insiders while adding anything they wish to say as a shale gas activists, taxpayers, voters, residents of the Southern Tier, government officials, parents, physicians, veterans, you name it.

When you read the basic email, your hair will stand on end. Commissioner Martens made shockingly onerous promises that we simply must hold him accountable for.

I implore you to send a personalized email today. Persuade everyone you can to send similar messages. This is super important.

It could not be simpler. Just fill in the blanks with as much or as little as you wish to say and click "send:"

All emails will be automatically sent to Governor Cuomo, Commissioners Martens and Shah and other key players.


We have built a strong coalition of government officials, physicians, scientists, religious leaders, civic and environmental groups and citizens opposed to the DOH Review, but we cannot rest on our laurels and must ignore rumors that Governor Cuomo will wait years to complete the DOH Review or that moratorium bills will be enacted into law.

The Governor's own statements make clear that there is virtually no chance this will happen. Check out his quotes in this revealing 3/13/13 AP piece:

"New York’s health commissioner said Monday he never intended to wait for completion of any of the pending gas drilling studies, which could take years, and instead plans a recommendation to the governor 'in weeks' on whether the state should approve hydraulic fracturing."

Nobody ever said that we were waiting for the studies to be finished,” Cuomo said.

"Cuomo also said Monday that he doesn’t believe bills will pass the legislature seeking to delay a decision until those studies are completed. The Assembly’s Democratic majority wants a two-year moratorium, while the Independent Democratic Conference, which shares control of the Senate, has a bill that would delay action until the Geisinger report and lesser studies are complete.

'I don’t believe that bill passes,' said Cuomo."

The Governor's comments refer to the following political realities:

The Assembly's moratorium bill passed that House, but it has been picked up by a State Senate Democratic minority member. That means the bill is almost certainly dead because the intensely pro-fracking Republican Majority and the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) control the State Senate, not the Democrat minority.

The IDC introduced a separate moratorium bill, but it cannot move forward unless both the IDC and the Republic Majority agree to do so. The Republic Majority leadership vehemently opposes that moratorium bill. That is why the Governor said he believes the bill is dead.

In conclusion, I implore you to stay focused on preventing completion of the bogus DOH Review. So long as that DOH Review remains on-hold, no shale gas fracking will be permitted in New York. The proposed "Public Health Impact Study" would help accomplish that.

Thanks for all your hard work. Keep slugging.

Very best regards,