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Governor Cuomo Receives Avalanche of nearly 1,000 Personalized Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study


I am thrilled to let you know that Governor Cuomo has received an avalanche of nearly 1,000 powerful, passionate, eloquent and super-focused emails which request that he conduct a Comprehensive Shale Gas "Public Health Impact Study" and put Dr. Shah's shockingly inadequate DOH Review on-hold.

Thank you all so much. That response is truly astounding.

As long as the bogus DOH shale gas health Review conducted in secret without any public participation is not completed, no Final SGEIS can be adopted and New York's shale gas fracking moratorium remains in effect.

I invite you to read the inspiring personal messages below. Each and every one frames the key request. You will be blown away. They are also posted at:

Please try to stick to the critical message for maximum impact: DOH Study: Good; DOH Review: BAD. Message discipline is very important.

If you have not already done so, please send a personal message today and forward the alert below to your list servs. We only need 30 more messages to cross the 1,000 threshold. It only takes seconds to fill in a few blanks and hit "send:"

As a general rule, the most effective messages are personal, respectful and include a cogent request that can indisputably hold Governor Cuomo accountable for his actions. Representatives of organizations and voters carry more weight. Governmental officials are always impressive. Whales who can write giant checks attract outsized attention.

Messages have been sent by all those entities as well as religious leaders, major Cuomo supporters, college professors, health care professionals, business leaders, farmers, leaders of major institutions, philanthropists, many pillars of society and, most importantly, the salt of the earth. Bravo.

Want to learn how to increase your political clout? Check out a video which outlines key unspoken rules so that you can learn the secret handshake:

Finally, I would like to express gratitude to all those who have worked so long and hard to help in too many ways to count, including: Elizabeth Manus for driving home the need to make shale gas activism as easy and as effective as possible as well as the NYRADians, Richard Averett of Sustainable Otsego, Anna Sears in Rochester, Marsha Acerra in Ithaca, Concerned Citizens of Rural Broome and Sue Rapp of VeRSE for posting/forwarding alerts and systematically beating the bushes to generate grassroots support.

Thank you all once again. Onward and upward,


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Stop Governor Cuomo From Lifting New York's Shale Gas Fracking Moratorium

Marcellus Shale gas fracking is not permitted in New York pending adoption of comprehensive public health and environmental safeguards required by a Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS). Our state's shale gas fracking moratorium has been in effect since 2008.

Widespread concerns have been voiced about the inadequacy of New York's public health impact analysis of shale gas fracking. DEC Commissioner Martens promised to resolve those concerns, but has not kept his word.

Write Governor Cuomo Today to request that he immediately conduct a thorough "Public Health Impact Study" of shale gas fracking hazards before adopting a Final SGEIS.

Use a new email application that you can personalize to your heart's content. It could not be simpler. Just fill in a couple of blanks with as much or as little as you wish to say and click "send:"

Examples of personal communications sent to Governor Cuomo requesting a "Public Health Impact Study" of shale gas fracking:

My name is Kathryn T. I write to you today because I am a life long resident of the beautiful Fingerlakes region. My husband and I have made a commitment to be good stewards of land that has been in the family for generations. We are so happy to live in the little town of Enfield, where our friends and neighbors have had the courage to enact a ban on hydrofracturing. I am proud to call myself a Cuomo supporter, and I have been so pleased with the courage you've demonstrated in taking on very tough and sometimes unpopular issues since you've taken office. The issue I am writing of is one more such issue that will take all the courage and intention you can muster on behalf of the people of New York State. We need you to do the right thing to protect our water, our property, and the overall health and well being of all New Yorkers - to show that New York is not for sale to the highest bidding environmental exploiter, but rather that it is indeed the perfect place to raise a family or to open a business. Please show us that you can stand for us on this issue, the way you've stood on other tough issues, by calling for the completion of a comprehensive Public Health Impact Study of Volume Hydraulic Fracturing.

My name is Ann B. I write today because I am concerned that if the threat of fracking turns to reality that people like myself, who want to have a business upstate that depends on our reputation for clean water, soil and air, will not be able to convince people that NY products are healthy ones. Downstate markets are already saying they will not be interested in upstate products once fracking begins. You would be financially benefiting people from out of state and country at the expense of New Yorkers. For years now I have contacted you, as a life long democrat, asking that you not expose us to this danger. Not once I have I received a reply to my letters, calls or emails indicating that you have heard my concerns. It's time to show us that you do care about New York and that our state is not for sale.

My name is Bernard O'D. I am originally from Ireland but have been honored to live and work in NYS with my (NYS native) wife for the past six years. The rural Southern Tier is very close in natural beauty to certain counties of Ireland, in fact, and frankly, I don't want that to change. Both as a human being and the co-owner of a small corporation, I want a fair chance to continue living here without unnecessary threats to my family's health and well-being and to the well-being of the region. I want to live here without the intrusion of heavy industry that hydrofracking and all of its infrastructure inevitably brings.

The world is literally watching what you do right now, and I am asking you to step up as a global hero and protect my family and my business from this incursion. We need clean renewables--thirty years ago!--not colonization by out-of-state and out-of-country Big Oil & Gas corporations that do not care about New York State residents. We do expect YOU to care, however: to care about what happens to us, to listen to us, and to protect us.

From Linda S.: My husband and I have lived in rural New York State for 40 years, and our daughter and grandson live nearby. We grow our own vegetables and raise hay for sale, and our water comes from our own well. It is a beautiful, healthy environment - and we want it preserved, not exploited by an extractive industry that sprawls through the countryside. Aside from the destruction of our quality of life, we fear for the state's water supply, and for the pollution of air that will certainly occur if HFVF fracking is allowed to invade the state. Water is the ultimate resource; if it becomes contaminated, the costs will be incalculable. How much better to keep New York a clean, attractive and healthy place, both for residents and for visitors who come for the benefits.

Above all, l am very concerned that the health review being conducted by DEC is very inadequate for a matter of such lasting importance as this. Why are we not having an actual STUDY made, instead of a [secret] review? Surely the magnitude of potential for damage warrants the greatest care possible. What is the rush? The resource is not going away.

My name is Adelaide G. I write today because so many of us in New York State are afraid that you are going to violate the wishes of the majority of our states residents and allow fracking here.

My name is Earl W. from Binghamton, NY. I write today to urge you to protect the health and well being of all New Yorkers (not just those who get their water from the protected watershed in the Catskills) from the demonstrated dangers of horizontal hydraulic fracturing. I desperately hope that you will defend us in the face of intense energy industry influence ($) and pressure. This industry demonstrably has very little regard for the health and well being of the communities in which they operate. This is a global battle between communities hoping to protect themselves, often relying on government officials, and quite possibly the largest and most powerful industry on earth. Climate change hangs in the balance here, as what happens here in NY could likely have far reaching implications in the fight to beat back global warming. We owe it to future generations to make the right decision here because states as well as nations around the world have their eyes on NY because they us as leaders and, therefore, will likely follow our lead. Please do the right thing.

My name Edith W, better known as Mother R, a nun for nearly 50 years, living in a women's monastery of the Orthodox Church in America in Otego, Otsego County, New York. I write today to ask that our State remain a place where religious and not-for-profit groups can continue to offer retreats for men and women needing a respite from today's technology-driven rat race. We will need to go elsewhere if our area is at the mercy of the noise and pollution of air and water that necessarily accompanies any incursions by the petroleum industry

My name is Julie. I write today because I have lived in the beautiful Finger Lakes region for 40 years. The idea that an area so rich in water resources, agricultural production and natural beauty should be sacrificed for the short term profit of corporations bent on extraction of fossil fuel at ANY expense of the environment and the health of those of us who live here is criminal. You cannot 'un-contaminate', you cannot 'un-sicken' and you cannot un-do the damage that this will deliberately or accidentally cause. Voters in this region are counting on you to prevent it and preserve the land for future generations by maintaining a moratorium on shale gas drilling.

My name is Julie R. I write today because I am a resident in New York State and I would like to stay here. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world where there are fewer and fewer beauties to be had. With power comes responsibility and with the power to destroy comes the responsibility to protect. I will move out of New York State if shale fracking or storage of natural gas is permitted.

My name is Aneesa T. I write today because I care about the future of our drinking water for my children and grandchildren, as well the future of NYS companies that depend on clean water such as wineries and yogurt making companies such as Chobani.

My name is Julie M. I grew up in the Southern Tier and have returned after an absence of over twenty years with a much fuller appreciation of the natural beauty, environmental integrity, and quality of life that my husband and I get to enjoy here compared to other places we have lived. We chose to move our business from the State of Maine to Upstate New York and would like to continue living and working here, supporting other New York State businesses and buying local organic produce. Hydrofracking puts all of that and more in immediate jeopardy. It puts puts money into the hands of a few (often absentee) large landowners and out-of-state-and-country Big Oil & Gas companies and puts everyone else at grave risk. We have only to look south of our border a few miles to see what could happen to us if you do not do what's best for all New Yorkers.

My name is Laurie K. I write today because I am frightened to think that fracking could come to upstate New York. I grew up in Pennsylvania and have learned about the adverse health effects, and the negative social impact, fracking has had there. Even the threat of fracking has affected my husband's architectural business; clients have decided NOT to build because the don't want fracked wells near their property. I stand with the NY State Conference of Catholic Bishops asking you to maintain the moratorium on fracking.

My name is Sarah R. I write today because I want a ban on fracking in New York and I want a comprehensive health study of fracking. As a college professor of chemistry and the environment, I am well aware of the health effects of fracking that have been experienced by those in fracking areas. The EPA found thermogenic methane contamination from fracking in drinking water wells in Pavillon, WY and a Duke University study found 85% of drinking water wells within 1 mile of fracking were contaminated with methane. The U.S. House of Representatives has issued a report on fracking chemicals indicating the many chemicals that are known carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, and water and air contaminants and Theo Colborn has a complete database of these hazardous chemicals ( In fact, a health survey in Dish, TX found many health effects experiences by those living near fracking includiing asthma and neurological disorders, all of which add to our public health tax burden.

If fracking goes ahead in New York, the public will know there has been no comprehensive health study of potential effects in New York from fracking activities. Personally, this will also result in our leaving our secure jobs which we have had in this state for 20 years and moving to a nonfracking state or country. Please protect New Yorkers and preserve our state for future generations; do not poison the land and industrialize the state. I don't think any of you would go ahead if it were to take place at your neighbor's house; this is what the rest of us face who are surrounded by leased land. We rely on you to protect us all not cave in to profits. Our public health and New York's beauty and future depend upon what you decide.

My name is William M. and I am a leader in the Atlantic Chapter Sierra Club. I write today because I am a resident of Westchester County and have family living in Chenango County. My family and I are concerned about the documented devastating impacts created by the methane extraction practice of Hydrofracking. Although this scourge continues across the country unabated by explosions, leakages, water contamination, health issues, and even death I trust you to make the decision of Fracking in New York based on extensive peer reviewed scientific data and public study rather than industry skewed 'research'.

My name is Joseph G. I write today because I am an environmental engineer living over an EPA designated sole source aquifier (e.g. the Clinton Street-Ballpark) in the Southern Tier. I have seen no compelling evidence that hydraulic fracking will be safe for either our water supply or personal health.

My name is Renee D. I write today because you need to know how many of us do not want fracking in the Southern tier. I live in Vestal, where 2,500 voting age Vestal residents have signed a petition asking for a ban. I am concerned because the damage fracking will cause to the environment - our air, water, soil - is already evident in Pennsylvania. Our food, water and milk supply is at risk of being inadvertantly contaminated.

My name is Karen W. I write today because I believe that in policy, the three basic requirements of life, (food, water and shelter), should trump any potential economic or political benefit/detriment.

My name is Cynthia R. I am the Deputy Director Emeritus of the NY Aquarium, an institution that has a mission to educate the public about wildlife and places through live exhibits and educational activities. Conservation and protection of the environment is key to the preservation of life. I write today because as a well informed individual and resident of New York I am very concerned about the potentially devastating effects of hydralic fracturing on the environment and health and well being of our citizens.

My name is Elaine L. I voted for you in the last election partly because I felt you would protect New York State's environment. I write today because I'm afraid both for my health and for my home's future value. My home represents my whole life's savings, and if our water supply gets contaminated, it will be worthless. My good health is of course priceless, and could never be replaced.

My name is Holly A. I write today because I have seen firsthand the impact of the gas drilling industry on our neighbor to the south, Pennsylvania. I have seen homes abandoned due to toxically high methane levels, I have seen house after house with vented water well stacks and water buffalos to replace water that is too toxic to drink. I have copies of reports and letters from the DEP stating that their wells were adversely impacted by gas drilling. I have read university peer reviewed studies that give the science and statistics to date on the legacy of destruction that fracking brings. We need to look to these studies, and to the additional studies now underway, to avail ourselves of the best possible advice from the private and academic sectors. We need to hold fast to our moratorium to await completion of a full-fledged health study, before even considering allowing this industry in NYS. There is no amount of money that is worth tainting our drinking water supply. There are alternatives to gas, they are building and growing. The health "review" is not sufficient. Water is the life blood of the public, our drinking water, that you are wagering in this deal with industry. The public needs to have a transparent study, with formal public participation.

My name is Alex F. and I live in Binghamton. I write today because I am a life-long resident, property owner and voter in New York State who cares about the considerable impacts of hydrofacking on all NY'ers and little about the profits of a few. I think you should too. Hydrofracking is dangerous, filthy and unpredictable to use only a few of the negative adjectives that have become attached to the process. NY should move towards renewable sources of energy to meet demand and leave behind as a historical relic, the consumption, exploitation and dependence on fossil fuels. It requires intelligence, bravery and a set the size of cantalopes. You captured the nation's attention with the SAFE Act in one sweeping motion, changing conventional wisdom on gun control. You could have an encore if you administered comprehensive rules and guidelines that protect every NY'er from the imminent dangers of hydrofracking and the long term detritus that the industry is famously known for. You've been elected to do the public's business and protect the public's welfare, not pander to any industry. Do the right thing Governor.

My name is Philip R. I write today because I am part of the Fenner Neighbors Group. We represent nearly 600 people in a town of just over 1,000 adults who have signed a petition to ban hydrofracking from Fenner. The people of our town and of our state (especially our area of the state) are opposed to all forms of deep well drilling especially the most dangerious and risky hydro-fracking. It will destroy our tourism, dairy farming, and neighborhoods for generations. The short term gain is not worth the price. Let's invest more seriously in alternatives and keep drilling out of our state.

My name is Peter H. I write today because we need to permanently turn away from shale gas drilling, piping, compression and all related activities such as accepting out-of-state liquid wastes for inadequate treatment, drilling wastes for landfilling and allowing storage of explosive gases in structurally defective salt domes.

Instead we need to turn toward maximizing NYS incentives for energy conservation, energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy. After the devastation that New York City suffered from Sandy you were able to utter the words "global warming" and you suggested that we need to change our energy policies to lessen future climatic damage.

This is a time for taking aggressive action toward establishing a nontoxic energy future that will be environmently friendly, not permanently damaging to our health and environment. Our use of fossil fuels can be drastically and dramatically reduced through a responsible energy policy. Massachussetts is doing it. Homes and commercial buildings are being built or retrofitted with enough insulation and sealing to use little or no fossil fuels and in some cases they are producing surplus electrical energy from photovoltaics to send back to the grid for profit at retail rates or power thousands of miles of nonpolluting electric car travel. Massachussetts is doing these things right now while New York State government wastes valuable time and resources dallying with the gas industry.

My name is Lisa MP. I write today because I am a resident of the state of New York and I am against allowing the risky energy extraction technique of Horizontal Hydrofracking to go forward in any part of this state. As the destructive evidence comes in from other states (not only Pennsylvania) about the obvious environmental and health problems with this technique, I urge you in your capacity of governor of New York to do your job to protect our state from this practice. As a teacher of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences I cannot be silent in the face of what I know to be an extremely hazardous and problematic extraction method.

The only real beneficiaries of such endeavors are the energy companies and I believe public health comes first - I'm sure you agree as governor. That is why you will find the requests listed below, and agreed upon by many thousands of New Yorkers like myself, to be the only responsible way to proceed.

My name is Bruce S. I write today because I believe it is in the best interest of all New Yorkers not to allow HVHF to go forward in our beautiful state. I have read over these past several years the horror stories that have occurred in other states as a result of fracking. There would be many more of those stories if the gas industry had not been so successful in keeping the facts about widespread contamination secret with non-disclosure agreements.

NYS has much to gain by being the first state to stand up to an industry that has destroyed so many lives and dreams. With your leadership we could go completely renewables - wind, water, solar - and show the rest of the country and world that it can be done. The science and research is there for the taking. We need to do it for the children and future generations whose lives will be difficult, if not impossible, if we continue to emit carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmoshere. We are at a crossroads in the climate change fight. I hope you help NYS take the road to renewable energy, that leads to a brighter future for all of us.

My name is Elisa E. I write today because I have spent the last three and a half years informing myself about the process of HVHF, spending hours researching how it is done and what the effects have been in places across the country and around the world where it has been done. I am lucky enough to live in the Ithaca area where I have been able to attend numerous lectures and presentations by experts in the field who are both for and against fracking. I have given this topic a great deal of thought and have concluded that, until convinced otherwise by thorough and comprehensive health studies on both humans and animals, fracking is not safe for us and our environment and should not be allowed.

My name is Richenda C. I write today because as a resident and voter in Tompkins County, town of Caroline, NY, I am very concerned with the potential threat that hydraulic fracking poses. It would affect the health of the residents by way of our water and pollution, it has the potential to tear up our land and continue to affect our environment far into the future in ways that we cannot possibly know at this point. Also the added stress on roads and existing infrastructure could permanently damage our small town and community.

My name is Char R. I write today because I do not want to see my community devastated by gas drilling. I question why certain water supplies would be exempt while others are not. If this procedure is so safe, do not exempt anyone's water supply -- no one should be more important than another. Do do so would be to say this group of people/region deserve protection and this group/region does not. Please represent us equally.

My name is Laura S. I am a resident of New York City, a teacher and a community gardener. I write today because I am deeply concerned about the inadequacy and bias of the state's environmental impact study of horizontal hydrofracking. I implore you to consider the vulnerability of our children, our foodsheds, and our water supplies, as you stand in power to determine the fate of our state's irreplaceable farmlands and forests.

After much consideration and reflection, I write to you today and urge you to consider the situation at hand. The necessary health study to address the impacts of hydrofraking on our health will take more time than has been given to it. With new studies and data being released weekly, it quickly becomes apparent that we need to thoroughly investigate these health consequence before making a decision about allowing fracking in New York state.

My name is Merle G. I write today because of my concern as a parent & grandparent. We have 3 members of our family with asthma. As you are aware, this is a life-threatening concern. As homeowners, our property will significantly devaluate. We would have to abandon it & tax revenues will decrease. As proponents of Earth Day, we must not and should not destroy the air we breathe, the water we drink, the animals that rely on our care, and the food we eat , that will die in chemical-laden soil.

My name is Karen S. I write today because according to a study conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health in Garfield County Colorado in 2009, HVHF could contribute to health effects such as headaches, upper respiratory illnesses, nausea, nosebleeds and possible cancer risks as a result of air emissions.

My name is Kathy R. I write today because the NY moratorium on fracking MUST NOT be lifted. Everyday more information on the dangers to both public health and the environment come out. Also, here in NY the Marcellus is 2500 feet closer to our water table than in PA, which increases the risk of contamination. In fact, here in NY, we have a layer of water sensitive shale just under our water table. PA does not have this type of shale. When this shale is disturbed, it shatters and expands which will not allow the cement casing to encase the steel piping. The cement, as you know, is our only protection from the toxic chemicals going down the pipe and the radioactive back flows coming up!. Are you aware of this water sensitive shale?? Has the Public Health Study included this type of shale in its research and how it will hinder the integrity of the cement casing here in NY??? PA residents near fracking wells are suffering with both health and environmental issues. We do not want the pollution and poisons here. We want NY to remain clean and FRACK FREE!

My name is Laurel M. I write today because I am concerned about the health of the people who live in New York State that will deteriorate should hydrofracking be allowed here. The beauty of our state is also at stake. Why would you want ugly mining equipment and structures ruining our landscape? It is so disturbing to learn that you had appointed people who stand to gain financially from such unhealthy practices to be on committees that would actually recommend that hydrofracking is harmless to us. The governor of a state should protect the people he is shepherding and treat the land God has given us with respect and care. You need to stand strong against the power of energy companies and people who already have too much money and do what is right. The rest of this letter outlines what you should be doing--to listen to the scientists and doctors and courageously take a stand that will tell these gas companies that NYS does not want them here.

My name is Scott L. I write today because I feel that New York's public health impact analysis of shale gas fracking has been inadequate, and I'm concerned that moving forward with fracking in the absence of a thorough understanding of the health impacts will be an irreversible step that we will all come to regret.

My name is Marilyn S. I write today because I stand with the members of the public and the scientific community_who are asking for a drilling ban in New York. We do not need to take chances with our air and water resources. Most of the citizens of NY will gain nothing but trouble from this process which will destroy New York as we know it.

My name is Anthony G. B. I write today because I am very concerned about the negative health impacts of hydraulic fracturing. I am especially concerened about the possibility of our air being contaminated by the substances used in this process. I am also concerned about radon extracted and mixed with the gas and then deliverd with the gas in the pipeline to the end user. How are these airborne pollutants going to be contained? How will they be mitigated if released into the atmosphere and what will the health effects be on the general population? As a matter of public health and safety these concerned have to be addressed before the hydraulic fracturing commences.

My name is Anezka S. I write today because I am a teacher. Our addiction to fossil fuels continues to be foolhardy and destructive. It is easy to use gas that took millions of years to accumulate. What would be so much EASIER is to use the obvious forms of energy that are non-toxic and in plain view in our existence. STOP RESEARCHING FOSSIL FUELS AND LET'S CREATE A PLANET WHERE WE INTEGRATE OURSELVES INTO THE EARTH'S SYSTEMS.

My name is Claudette H. I write today because I am concerned that the State will allow fracking for perceived short-term financial gains, and will destroy the aquifers and poison the water table that feed NY_City_at untold cost to replace. As a former chemistry teacher, I am appalled at pumping carcinogens__into the Marcellus Shale. If I dropped any of those compounds into the Ashokan reservoir I would go to jail.

My name is Margaret M. I am a science and environmental educator, formerly a Communications Specialist for the Water Resources Institute, working in communities with contaminated drinking water. I am also a grandmother. Having a background in the complex geology of NYS and in drinking water contamination, I am very aware of the many ways contaminants from gas drilling could get in our air and water.

An as-yet unstudied but very LIKELY problem is the transport of radon into homes that use methane as a fuel (euphamistically renamed "natural gas"). I have worked hard to keep radon from seeping into my house via soil and water (where it has been gradually accumulating over hundreds of millions of years from the very same Marcellus formation you are considering fracking). Why would we start bring it into our basements and kitchens via fuel lines connected to Marcellus gas fields? Why has this danger not yet been studied thoroughly?

My name is Vickie L. S. I write today because as I was driving down Route 17 East from Binghamton to Liberty, I was blessed to see an American Bald Eagle soaring near the Delaware River. It was magnificant with at least a six-foot wing span. I want my grand-children to grow up in this state and continue to enjoy and love it as I, my son and his wife have. I want them to continue to see scenes such as I have seen here. It is my sincere belief that the cost of hydrofracking in this state would be to high a price to pay. Our waterways, land and air would suffer irriversible damage, not to mention the health impact on our citizens. That damage could NEVER be fixed despite what the gas and oil companies tell you. I learned enough in our SUNY system to understand the damage done underground. One major leak could destroy an entire community's water supply, the land the live on, and the air we all breathe. I don't want you to risk ANY community's existence for money. And you wouldn't have to risk anything if you were to put the same effort into alternative energy sources. The gas and oil industry doesn't want you to do that merely because it hasn't figured out how to charge the rest of us for those alternative methods yet. However, they can and would if you were to lead NY State in that direction. I ask that you have the DOH conduct a health impact study, not just a review. With the health care cost of Medicaid and other insurances in this state sky-rocketing, we can't afford to make a medical/health error of such great magnitude. We can't afford to think that nothing will go wrong, something ALWAYS goes wrong. There is not one state where hydrofracking has been done where leaks, major accidents,etc. have not occurred. We don't want you as our Governor to allow those things to happen to us.