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Landmark Rally in Binghamton/Thanks so much/Andrew Cuomo Re-election Bird-dogging Underway

Governor Cuomo has received 1,200+ requests to conduct a comprehensive shale fracking "Public Health Impact Study." Write him today:


I am thrilled and relieved to report that yesterday's Binghamton rally was a tremendous success.

Governor Cuomo was greeted by a boisterous crowd of more than 120 chanting fracktivists armed with a plethora of pithy signs. Pro-frackers were nowhere to be found.

The media coverage was excellent. Check out below terrific clips, photos, video and radio coverage of the event. Thanks to Elaine Perkus and Vera Scroggins for the courtesy of their pics.

A WNBF interview is especially worthy of your attention because it spells out our current campaign messaging:


The re-election bird-dogging of Governor Cuomo is underway. Each and every person who dropped everything and showed up deserves praise. Thank you all so much. On only 15 hours notice, we doubled the size of the crowd from the last time the Governor graced the epicenter of New York's fracking battleground with his presence.

The crowd chanted lustily outside as well as inside the Binghamton University Union where Governor Cuomo spoke. When the Governor came out to sneak a peek at the crowd, he was instantly confronted by Elaine Perkus and Jim Little holding a huge sign declaring: "Don't Frack the Southern Tier. We will remember in November." Right on!!!! It does not get better than that.

The importance of this powerful landmark rally cannot be overstated. Governor Cuomo had not faced a big, loud Fractivist crowd in nearly six months. He has now seen with his own eyes that he will face extremely critical, unrelenting, media-grabbing demonstrations throughout his reelection campaign if he greenlights shale fracking despite withering criticism of a ridiculously inadequate SGEIS and a bogus DOH Review conducted in total secrecy without any public input.

On the other hand, Governor Cuomo could be showered with unrestrained praise if he a) puts the DOH Review on-hold pending formal public participation, b) conducts a comprehensive, open and transparent shale fracking Public Health Impact Study and c) sends the Revised Draft SGEIS back-to-the-drawing board.

We will see how events play out in the days ahead. Steady as she goes.

This incredibly hard-hitting, closely coordinated, unprecedented campaign would not be possible without hundreds of activists working day and night for nearly four long years. I commend your amazing efforts and want you to know that it is wonderful to see so many familiar faces on the battle line. We are all in this together.

Each day is a political eternity. Stay fired up. Be ready to answer the call at a moment's notice.

Special thanks to Elaine Perkus and Karen Glauber of NYRAD (New York Residents Against Drilling), Lisa Wright of Shaleshock, Isaac Silberman-Gorn of Citizen Action, Erin Heaton of C-Care (Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy) and everyone who helped generate turn-out.

Onward and upward. Go Hard.

Very best regards,