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URGENT: Please Take Action to Resolve Major New DOH Review Problems

Too busy for words, please write members of the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel about major new DOH Review problems:


Heads up!!! All hands on deck. Today is a biggie.

Since last November, hundreds of government officials and thousands of citizens have heaped massive criticism on Governor Cuomo because Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah's shale fracking Review has been conducted in secret without any public input. Nevertheless, the governor is evidently forging ahead. We must keep cranking up the heat.

On May 22nd, Governor Cuomo told the Syracuse Post-Standard that "he had expected Shah’s review to be finished by now, but it should be done in the next several weeks." He also said he would make a final shale fracking decision before the 2014 election.


Send a Powerful, Personalized Message to Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel Members

I implore you to send a personalized message to request that members of the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel require Governor Cuomo to halt the DOH Review due to its lack of public participation, failure to fulfill its mandates and unacceptable major shortcomings.

As you will see, it was just revealed that three "comprehensive" health studies that Dr. Shah claimed "will assist in informing" his Review are shockingly incomplete.

The Advisory Panel has a clear responsibility to address the DOH Review's inadequacies. I look forward to posting your eloquent and informed missives.

Use this self-explanatory email form. Just fill in the blanks to say as much or as little as you wish and hit send. Please be respectful. Your email will be sent to Advisory Panel members as well as Governor Cuomo and Commissioners Shah and Martens.

DOH Review Would be Informed by Three Shockingly Incomplete Health Impact Studies

Dr. Shah led the public to believe that his Review would be informed by three "comprehensive" shale fracking health studies, but they are not even remotely close to being finished.

On 2/12/13, Dr. Shah wrote DEC Commissioner Martens that his DOH Review could not be completed because he needed more time to review "the first comprehensive studies of HVHF health impacts..." and would receive "first-hand briefings on these studies and their progress, which will assist in informing the New York Review (emphasis added)."

Dr. Shah specifically cited an extensive investigation by Geisinger Health Systems "which cares for many patients in areas where shale gas is being developed in Pennsylvania, [and] is undertaking studies to analyze health records for asthma and other respiratory diseases, accidents and injuries, as well as birth outcomes (emphasis added)."

He said his Review would be completed "within a few weeks..."


On 6/19/13, Associated Press reported Geisinger only has $1.0 million of $25.0 million required to undertake its proposed studies. The Geisinger investigation obviously has not progressed far enough to inform Dr. Shah about anything.


The two other studies are equally incomplete. The Environmental Protection Agency study reportedly will not be done until at least 2016.


As long as the DOH Review is NOT COMPLETED, no Final SGEIS can be adopted and New York's SHALE FRACKING MORATORIUM REMAINS IN FORCE.

The Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel has a responsibility to address the shortcomings of the DOH Review. With all respect, they should consider resigning their positions if they are unable to persuade Governor Cuomo to resolve the DOH Review's shortcomings because the Advisory Panel would not be worthy of its purpose.

Each and every day without shale fracking in New York makes it harder for the Governor to permit the practice. Keep pushing.

Thanks so much.


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