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Update Re: President Obama Binghamton Visit/Governor Cuomo to be a No-Show/Major Press Coverage

Greetings one and all,

I write to update you about President Barack Obama's upcoming historic visit to the epicenter of the national shale fracking fight.  On Friday (8/23/13), the President will reportedly speak at Binghamton University at 12:45 PM in the University Union.  

Governor Cuomo will reportedly be a no-show.  That could be an important indication that the fracking heat is getting mighty intense in the 2014 re-election kitchen.  

We are working hard to make sure that activists can gather on-campus before the President's event and exercise our First Amendment free speech rights.  Please stay tuned.  Everything is in flux.  I will immediately alert you when I know what is going on.

You can read the very impressive White House Release:

Security will be tight.  Access to the campus will be restricted.  See map:

It is imperative that activists vote with their feet and attend this landmark national gig.  We must show up by the hundreds, if not the thousands. We need fracking activists from all over New York as well as Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states to make Friday a massive event.   

If you want to make environmental history, this is your big chance.  Get there.  Bring everyone you know.  

Ithacans, NYRADians, NYPIRGers, please heed the call.  We are counting on you.  Come one, come all.  

We have generated extensive media coverage with more in the offing.   

Karen Dewitt's terrific NPR piece about the President's Binghamton visit got this issue rolling.  It ran all over New York.  See links at bottom of:

Speaking of the importance of radio, check out my interview with Bob Joseph on WNBF this morning:

See Jon Campbell's piece that ran front-page with a banner header in Binghamton:


Governor Cuomo still has not seen fit to green-light shale fracking in our lovely state of New York even though he evidently would like to.  See:

I implore you to keep calling, writing and bird-dogging Andrew Cuomo.  We must bring to bear every ounce of political pressure that we possibly can to prevent him from permitting shale fracking.  Please intensify your efforts in the coming weeks.  The chips are down.  We are all in

Use this Quick Action Guide:

I invite you to read amazingly moving missives.  Please note that many activists exert maximum pressure on Governor Cuomo by reporting that they helped elect him in 2010.  



Check out this terrific video from the last time Andrew Cuomo ran for Governor.  It is a primer about how you can go pro in this highly complex fight:

In conclusion, Friday will be an epic day.  I look forward to seeing you again on the front line as we defend America's public health and environment from arguably the most toxic polluting and least regulated industry in our nation.  

Onward and upward.

Thank you so much for your assistance.  


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