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Tomorrow is the Big Day/See You in Binghamton


Tomorrow will be an epic day in the history of shale fracking activism.  I am envisioning a horde of fractivists streaming to the Rally Site early on a summer's morn.  I look forward to seeing you at the gig. 

Get to the Rally Site as early as you can, but no later than 9:30 AM.  See Map below and

Keep beating the bushes right up until the last minute.  Every person counts.  Activists will be flyering the campus when we get there.     

We got more press today about President Obama's national shale fracking epicenter event, New York's shale fracking moratorium and Governor Cuomo's no-show snub.

Check out a terrific piece in Time Magazine


Thank you for all your help and support.  

Big Finish!!!  No excuses.  Get There.  VOTE WITH YOUR FEET.  



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Here is what you need to know:

A.  We will gather no later than 9:30 AM in the Harpur Plaza directly adjoining the Glenn G. Bartle Library Tower at Binghamton University.  This is the tallest structure on the campus.  It is immediately west of the University Union where the President will speak.  


(Disregard the event shuttle and parking references for dignitaries who will attend the President's speech.)

Binghamton University is located at 
4400 Vestal Pkwy E  Binghamton, NY.  Get off Route 17 at Exit 70 S.  You will be on Route 201.  Follow it south onto Vestal Parkway E.  The campus will immediately be on your right.  

B.  Security will be tight.  You should get onto the Campus as early as you can.  Eight AM is probably OK.  Earlier cannot hurt.  

C. Parking will be limited and problematic to say the least

Roadway access for the inner campus will be completely shut down between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  
You can get on and off the campus before and after that time.  If you are parked after 10:00 AM on the portions of campus with restricted access, you cannot leave until after 3:00 PM.

Activists should try to get dropped off near the Rally Site.  The traffic circle at the base of the restricted roadway "brain" might work.  If you see huge traffic lines, don't go on campus. 
D.  You should consider parking at the Innovative Technologies Complex just to the east of the main campus.  It is outside of the restricted roadways 
That area is highlighted in yellow on the map.  You get there by exiting Vestal Parkway E onto Murray Hill Road east of the main entrance to the campus.  There is roadway parking next to a big athletic field or take the first left into the complex.  Go all the way to the back and to the right where a large parking lot is located.  

It is a considerable march from there to the Bartles Library Tower, but this is your best option if you don't want to stay on campus until 3:00 PM.  We will try to shuttle people to the Rally point prior to 9:30 AM.  Activists will be there to guide you.  I
t could be a long hot day.  Please take precautions. 

This is our basic plan.  We will work around last minute changes involving Presidential security.  A perimeter will be established around the University Union.  We will not see where it is located until the last minute.