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Critically Important New Development/Your Hard Work Results in Yet Another Red Letter Day

Please Take Immediate, Urgent Action:


I am immensely pleased to share some extremely significant good news with you. This is a real humdinger.

For nearly a year, grassroots efforts involving thousands of letters, phone calls and personal entreaties combined with massive press coverage have intensified opposition to the fatally flawed DOH "review" of New York's shale fracking health impact analysis being conducted by State Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, a member of the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel, today released an important letter to Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Martens which requests:

a) putting on-hold Dr. Shah's shale fracking health impact analysis "review" due to numerous shortcomings as well as inadequate public participation; and

b) undertaking a comprehensive "Public Health Impact Study" to resolve all Marcellus Shale health hazard concerns once and for all.

This is a huge development to say the very least.

Thank You Assemblywoman Lupardo

Donna Lupardo represents the 123rd Assembly District at the epicenter of New York's proposed shale fracking region. Her powerful, respectful and concise letter voices the two critical requests that more than 5,000 citizens, scientists, environmental groups, government officials, health professionals and grassroots activists of every description strongly support.

I invite you to read Ms. Lupardo's letter:

She documents that Dr. Shah's DOH "review" reportedly addresses community impacts that are clearly included in the Fracturing Panel's purview.

She eloquently decries the DOH review's total lack of written public notice, opportunity for review and comment or even a single public hearing to receive input from interested parties.

She points out that the DOH "review" cannot be informed by outside investigations that either have not gotten underway due to inadequate funding or will not be completed for years to come.

She underscores the need to address "urban impacts" that shale fracking could wreak on the City of Binghamton and other communities in the Southern Tier.

She requests that the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel be convened to discuss these concerns.

We all owe the Assemblywoman a debt of gratitude. Her leadership and courage are to be most highly commended. Please join me in thanking her.

Her letter is already getting extensive coverage: and

Thank you Karen Dewitt and Jon Campbell.

Take Immediate Urgent Action Today

Our work is perfectly clear-cut. We must persuade the enviros and other members of the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel to support Assemblywoman Lupardo's initiative.

Please request that they write Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Martens to echo the sensible proposals specified in Assemblywoman Lupardo's 10/7/13 letter.

Use this simple form letter to send that clear and direct message:


See Fracking Panel Member Contact Info:

If you would like to send a thank-you note to Ms. Lupardo, please email her at:

Please cc me.

Thank you so much for all your assistance. Hum Babe. Go Hard.

Much more to come shortly.

Very best regards,


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