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Withdraw Outdated Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Delivered/Amazing Signatories/Go, Go, Go

Please sign a new coalition letter with huge implications for Governor Cuomo's reelection bid:

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I write to let you know that I delivered the coalition letter which respectfully requests that Governor Cuomo withdraw the outdated Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) because it is nearly five-years-old, lacks any current information whatsoever and cannot safeguard New Yorkers from shale fracking hazards.

The letter already has more than 1,500 signatories and represents a truly impressive coalition effort.

I invite you to read the cover letter to the Governor:

If another 300 or so people sign this letter, the total number of signatories for all of our coalition letters will reach a staggering 50,000. See a Summary of all our coalition letters at bottom.

Amazing Signatories

Our newest coalition letter has so many amazing signatories, including dozens of citizens who started their own groups, elected officials who are willing to demonstrate the courage of their convictions, noted authors and artists, farmers, physicians, scientists, health professionals, religious leaders, community and social justice organizations, academic scholars, educators of every description and Governor Cuomo's constituents from all over our state.

Among the signatories are some heavy-duty, high-net-worth heavy-lifters, key insiders who know the secret handshake and battle-tested local leaders who have helped build this campaign into a powerful political fighting force during the last five years.

Special Thanks

I was especially pleased to note two eminent signatories: Robert H. Boyle, renowned author of the The Hudson River: A Natural and Unnatural History and Peter Dykeman, my 10th grade biology teacher at Franklin D. Roosevelt HS in Hyde Park, NY.

I met Bob Boyle within weeks of being hired in 1976 to help conduct an investigation of toxic pollution discharges into the Hudson River. That project produced Troubled Waters: Toxic Chemicals in the Hudson River as well as far-ranging citizen organizing efforts that continue to this very day.

Mr. Dykeman inexplicably sent me to represent our school at a 1970 Earth Day event in the State Capitol where I met none other than Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller. He also sent me to the Last Chance Saloon in Poughkeepsie, NY to meet Pete Seeger.

Bob and Peter, thank you both very much for all your inspiration and guidance. I have tried my meager best to remain true to all that you taught me. Thanks for your continuing help.

A War of Attrition

There is no question that our coalition letter is intensifying the brutal pressure on Governor Cuomo to continue to safeguard New York from shale fracking hazards. The press coverage below will really drive home our irrefutable request.

I noticed that activists continue to write the Governor using our email form letter, which cc's several administration big wigs. Lo and behold, emails to Howard Glaser began bouncing back. It turns out that the former Director of State Operations and the person in charge of Marcellus Shale fracking matters recently left government.


We have now outlasted Mr. Glaser as well as Dr. Nirav Shah, who quit the State Department of Health before completing his ill-fated "review" of the "health impact analysis" in the Draft SGEIS.

That is excellent. Give yourselves another pat on the back.


OK. Time to kick your efforts into high gear. We have less than four months to maximize our leverage to require the Governor to withdraw the Draft SGEIS, halt the DOH "review" and conduct a comprehensive "Public Health Impact Study" openly and transparently.

If those goals can be achieved, New York would be protected from shale fracking for many years to come. Fossil fuel extraction hazards in our state might be phased out after 200 years.

If Governor Cuomo provides a favorable reply to our requests regarding strict clean up liability, private right of legal action, financial surety and rescinding gas extraction wastewater regulatory exemptions, shale fracking might never be allowed in our lovely state.

The moment of truth is upon us. You know what to do.

A. Beat the bushes for signatories. A few hundred more and we will have gained a grand total of more than 50,000 signatories to all our coalition letters. Can you believe that?

B. Bird-dog the Governor wherever he shows his face. Call, email, Tweet and FB him until we get what we want or we will have to remember in November.

C. See more below.

Confusion to the enemies of environmental protection in New York. Onward and upward.

Very best regards,


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Withdraw the Outdated Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter Media Coverage

As you can see from the coverage below, the signatory count was actually reported. We need to crank it up between now and election day:

Take Urgent Action Today

Sign the new coalition letter which requests that Governor Cuomo Withdraw the Draft SGEIS because it is simply too old and outdated to support a decision whether to permit shale gas fracking in New York:

Be a force-multiplier and find more signatories.

Sign with every advanced degree and honorific you have.

Forward this alert to every list-serv you know.

Request that every group you work with become a signatory and forward the coalition letter to their membership list-serv.

Ask every elected official who represents you to sign.

There is really no excuse for not signing. This request does not conflict with any other strategy.
Email Governor Cuomo:

Call the Governor:

Albany: 518-474-8390

New York City: 212-681-4580

Binghamton: 607-721-8367

Tweet the Governor: @NYGovCuomo

Facebook him:

Watch two videos that tell you how you can help between now and election day:

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Government Officials Request that Governor Cuomo Require Public Participation for DOH Review/Assessment (137 signatories)

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