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Vote With Your Feet This Wednesday/Attend State of the State on January 8th in Albany/Illuminating WNBF Interview

Happy New Year. Check out my WNBF interview about Wednesday's State of the State Rally:

If you would like to contribute financial support to this campaign, please call 800 2 TOXICS (800 286 9427). Thank you for your consideration.

Learn more about this campaign at:


In less than two days, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo will present his 2014 State of the State Address (1/8/14) at 1:30 PM in the Empire State Plaza Convention Center (aka The Egg). That event will essentially kick off his reelection campaign in earnest.

This year's State of the State Rally should be a whopper. Please do not miss it.

If you do nothing else about shale fracking in 2014, I beg of you to show up on Wednesday and chant your lungs out as hundreds of State Legislators and other top elected officials make their way down the Concourse from the Capitol to the Egg.

Words cannot convey how important our rally will be. I implore you to get there with every single Fractivist you can scare up. Vote with your feet. Bring every sign you have. No excuses.

Please arrive before noon. Need a ride? Groups are sponsoring buses from all over New York:

We must crank up the heat to maintain New York's shale fracking moratorium by making sure that Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav R. Shah cannot complete his shale fracking "health impact analysis" "review" without any public participation whatsoever. Unprecedented citizen turn-out could be a key factor in the Governor's political calculus on this issue. If possible, we must surpass last year's huge crowd of Fractivists.

You can hear what I said today about this gig on WNBF in Binghamton. Thanks so much, Bob Joseph. See:

Our Many Friends

As we continue to safeguard New York from irreversible shale fracking hazards, I want to thank everyone who contributed financial support to this campaign. You have been instrumental in holding off Marcellus Shale fracking in The Empire State for going on six years. No other state in the nation can make that claim. Without the help of generous individuals, that achievement never would have been possible.

I also want to pay homage to elected officials who have made all the difference in the world in this fight. Without their "heavy lifting," we might have been doomed long ago.

Matthew T. Ryan, whose eight-year term as Binghamton Mayor just ended, worked fearlessly to safeguard his constituents and Southern Tier residents from fracking harm. In 2009, Matt was the first mayor to sign our coalition letter which requested that the Draft SGEIS be withdrawn. His support eventually grew to include hundreds of local government officials. Matt regularly helped me generate immense press coverage. He has been one in a gazillion. I wish him the very best as he contemplates future opportunities.

I was introduced to Matt through the assistance of Ithaca Town Board Member, Richard DePaolo. Rich is the amazingly talented epitome of what an elected public official should be. I am always grateful for his enormous help.

Many Assembly members played critical roles in this matter, notably: Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, who has done more than anyone to unify State Legislators to require shale gas extraction concerns to be fully resolved before New York's fracking moratorium is rescinded; Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, who exhibited extraordinarily rare political courage by taking key policy positions as a member of the Fracking Advisory Panel; Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, who has been a stalwart supporter from the beginning and worked to protect New York City's drinking water system. Many thanks also to Speaker Sheldon Silver, Environmental Conservation Committee Chairman, Robert Sweeney, and Health Committee Chairman, Richard Gottfried. You are all a credit to your great institution.


I have been actively involved with environmental research, advocacy and organizing for nearly 38 years. I know of no other grassroots campaign anywhere in the nation that involves so many thousands of citizens actively fighting and winning epic environmental battles guided by excruciatingly detailed alerts that specify exactly what they should be doing and why.

Our hard-hitting campaign has done so well because it is supported by extensive media coverage, innovative data research, effective public policy advocacy and political coalition building. I commend you for all your hard-fought achievements. Not one shale gas production well has ever been fracked in New York. May our luck hold.

Check out the clips of our work during the last four years as shale fracking engulfed most of the states in the nation:

New Yorkers have so much to be grateful for. Knock on wood. Keep your fingers crossed.

But no let up. This fracking fight is not over yet.

Onward and upward to Albany. Thanks so much.

Very best regards,


Remember that we are not out of the woods by any means. Keep calling and emailing Governor Cuomo to request that he:

1) put on-hold Dr. Shah's shale fracking "review" because it lacks public participation and

2) undertake a comprehensive "Public Health Impact Study" openly and transparently with formal public participation to resolve shale fracking hazard concerns once and for all.

Emphasize that you are a registered voter (if true) who is extremely concerned about Marcellus Shale fracking hazards.

Express outrage that Governor Cuomo proposes to base New York's most important environmental decision on a secret DOH "review" that lacks any public participation regarding how the "review" should be undertaken.

Underscore that preventing shale fracking public health hazards is a top priority for you and that you will "remember in November" when it comes time to cast your ballot.

Email Governor Cuomo:

Call the Governor:

Albany: 518-474-8390

New York City: 212-681-4580

Binghamton: 607-721-8367

Tweet the Governor: @NYGovCuomo

Facebook him:

Send Governor Cuomo a letter which requests that the DOH "review" be put on-hold:

Sign a coalition letter to Shale Fracking Panel Members to make sure that they cannot shill for the Governor by taking crumbs:

Join more than 22,000 signatories to the Withdraw the Revised Draft Coalition letter:

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