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Keep New York 100% free of shale fracking and pipeline hazards in 2016/Announcing an Astounding New Campaign That Builds on Everything We Have Achieved

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's unique campaign to safeguard New York from shale fracking and pipeline hazards. Gifts of $1,000.00 or more are tax-deductible. Call 800 286 9427 or 607 273 3391. Thank you to all our amazing Contributors.

Use this Quick Action Guide and become a signatory to: New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Deny All Section 401 Water Quality Certification Applications for Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Infrastructure Projects.

Please request that Governor Cuomo keep New York 100% free of shale fracking by rejecting "gelled" propane fracking permits for Barton, NY. If those permits are granted, it would be the beginning of the end for New York's High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing prohibition. Use this Quick Action Guide.


As we look back over the last seven years of hard work, it is clear that Fractivists in New York gained immense political power by requiring Governor Cuomo to prohibit shale fracking. While that epic fight is not over, we have opportunities to build on everything we achieved to win even greater environmental victories in 2016.

With that goal in mind, I invite Fractivists to join a new campaign that aims to minimize consumption of fossil fuels in New York by implementing a shockingly innovative strategy: actually making sure that our state uses less and less of it.

America's On-going Failure to Eliminate Massive Fossil Fuel Consumption

For decades, environmentalists have decried fossil fuel pollution as a cause of global climate change and sought to supplant coal, oil and natural gas with sustainable wind, solar and other alternatives. With no disrespect intended, this strategy has achieved meager progress to date.

According to data compiled by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), approximately 4.3% of all primary energy consumed in New York State is generated by a variety of sustainable means, not including hydropower produced at facilities built decades ago.

See: NYS Primary Consumption of Energy - selected charts

A New Strategy to Cut New York's Fossil Fuel Consumption and Energy Demand

Due to shale fracking, America is now the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas. Legions of activists are working assiduously to achieve "100% renewables," but wind, solar, geothermal and other alternatives will have a hard time competing against a huge glut of cheap fossil fuels.

See: Production of Oil and Natural Gas in USA and Selected States

That is why I believe New Yorkers must address urgent climate change concerns with a new strategy that immediately cuts fossil fuel consumption and energy demand. This goal might not be hard to achieve given enormously powerful market and political forces that are shaping critical energy decisions in our state.

Halting All Natural Gas and Oil Production in New York After 200 Years of Contamination Hazards

For example, New York is on the verge of halting oil and natural gas production while fossil fuel extraction is skyrocketing nationwide. With each passing day, production wells are "playing out" thanks to our successful shale fracking prohibition. Due to a giant market glut, traditional wells are unprofitable and few, if any, new wells are being drilled.

See: WSJ: Stripper Wells Are Wild Card in Oil Rout

If this trend continues for only a few more years, New York could become the first state in the history of the nation to halt natural gas and oil production. That achievement would curtail extraction pollution hazards that began plaguing New York in 1821.

See: Production of Natural Gas and Oil in New York State

A New Energy Plan of Action For New York

Our stunning success in cutting New York's fossil fuel production sets the stage for minimizing fossil fuel consumption. This can be accomplished by using less energy: home by home, community by community and across the state as a whole.

First and foremost, we must halt all proposed natural gas pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure projects that require Section 401 Water Quality Certifications. Fossil fuels are immensely polluting, so we must stop burning them. New pipelines would perpetuate New York's fossil fuel addiction.

Toxics Targeting just released extremely powerful Department of Environmental Conservation data which document a total of 114 pipeline fires, explosions, ruptures and massive toxic discharges that caused violations of water quality standards all over New York.

Please call Governor Cuomo to request that DEC DENY all Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications for pipelines because his agency cannot fulfill the requirements of the U. S. Clean Water Act to preclude violations of water quality standards.

Use this Quick Action Guide and become a signatory to: New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Deny All Section 401 Water Quality Certification Applications for Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Infrastructure Projects.

Achieving this goal is too imperative for words. First, we would block additional natural gas supply to New York via the Constitution, Northeast Energy Direct and New Market pipelines. Second, the devastation of building massive infrastructure projects would be avoided. Third, shale fracking in Northeastern Pennsylvania would continue to plummet because the gas cannot be transported to market.

Second, oil, coal and nuclear power plants are being shut down all over New York because they cannot compete with cheap natural gas. We must stop those dinosaurs from being retrofitted to burn natural gas.

Plants converted to burn natural gas typically would have to be operated for decades in order to pay off staggering debt obligations. That would perpetuate fossil fuel consumption for many years to come.

Instead, communities can tap into dedicated state relief funds to transition away from fossil fuel polluting activities. New York can also improve its energy distribution system.

Most importantly, we must minimize fossil fuel consumption and reduce future energy demand by insulating, retrofitting and weatherizing homes, apartments, stores, schools, places of worship, businesses and all other energy inefficient structures.

Energy expenses can be cut in half by insulating homes and structures, especially with blown cellulose insulation composed of chopped up newspapers and magazines, installing programmable thermostats, weatherizing and switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

This can often be achieved at such ridiculously low cost that almost everyone can afford it, even those with extremely limited financial means.

Several years ago, I bought a 1915 arts and crafts bungalow and insulated my attic with blown cellulose 18" deep that only cost $130.00. I re-glazed my windows, sealed drafts and installed a programmable thermostat for less than 100 bucks. My entire investment was recouped in one winter due to reduced heating costs.

Insulating a home is so simple that many people can do it themselves in a single week-end. I did. Contractors are also available to help.


Retrofitting a home can save $1,000.00/year in energy costs. Unfortunately, existing insulating incentive programs are insufficient. If energy reduction efforts were systematically ramped up across New York, the cost savings and energy use reductions would be staggering. Thousands of new jobs also could be created.

If energy activists want to support solar, wind and other sustainable alternatives or live off-grid, they are welcome to do so. A solar array for my house would have cost more than $13,000.00 with a 20-year payback. That is beyond the means of most citizens even with generous subsidies.


New York is at a proverbial fork in the energy road. Our state can adopt the same "all of the above" energy plan now being implemented from coast-to-coast and remain dependent on fossil fuels for decades to come. Alternatively, we can break new ground by killing proposed pipelines, shutting ancient fossil fuel power plants and drastically cutting fossil fuel consumption without any further delay.

When it comes to burning fossil fuels, "less is better." It seems hard to argue with that concept. I beseech each and every Fractivist to take individual and collective action to translate that policy into reality in the quickest way possible.

Stay tuned. More info shortly. Hope to see you soon in the New Year.

Onward and upward,


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