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Come to State of the State on 1/13/16 to Tell Governor Cuomo to DENY Gelled Propane permits for Barton, NY and all Section 401 Certification Applications for Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure Projects

Use this Quick Action Guide and listen to the latest media coverage about our campaign to keep New York 100% Free of Shale Fracking and Pipeline Hazards: WRFI - The Forecast - Walter Hang Interview- 1/6/2016 and WRFI - Walter Hang Interview - Pipelines and Energy Conservation 1/5/2016


Happy Empire State Shale-Fracking-Free New Year!

I write to implore you to join hundreds of other Fractivists at Governor Cuomo's State of the State address on January 13, 2016. It is imperative that we show our political strength on that day if we want to build on all our advocacy and organizing successes to win major new victories in the coming year.

There will be various events scheduled before Governor Cuomo's address, notably an outdoor rally at the State Capitol at 10:30 AM in support of renewable energy alternatives. See: More info,, 518 860-3725.

Above all, Fractivists must show up on the Empire State Plaza Concourse to impress the throngs of political bigwigs as they head to the Convention Center for the Governor's 12:30 PM address.

Get there as early as possible and stake out the best turf between the eastern end of the Concourse and the entrance to the Convention Center. Remember you will have to clear security. Bring every sign and prop you have. Get ready to yell your heads off.

This event must serve to drive home our respectful requests that Governor Cuomo DENY "gelled" propane fracking permits in Barton, NY and all pending Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications for the proposed Constitution, Northeast Energy Direct (NED) and New Market pipelines.

If that can be achieved, New York would remain free of shale fracking and the proposed pipeline projects would be killed even though FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) has granted various conditional approvals.

New York cannot break its addiction to fossil fuels if it permits more and more polluting natural gas and oil to be extracted and transported in our state. This campaign is a new beginning to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and future energy demand on a vast scale without any further delay.

The Section 401 Water Quality Certification application for the Constitution pipeline will likely be decided first. For good or for ill, Governor Cuomo's decision in this critical matter would set a precedent that could apply to other proposed pipeline and infrastructure projects.

If you live near existing or proposed pipelines and gas infrastructure projects, I beseech you to take immediate and urgent action before it is too late. DEC could grant Water Quality Certifications for a host of proposed projects literally ANY DAY.

Persuading the Governor to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications will require intense, sustained political pressure. Anyone who thinks this will be easy has no idea what is going on. Two gas pipeline fights earlier failed to stop the Spectra and the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) projects from moving forward in downstate New York.

If Governor Cuomo were at all inclined to deny the requisite Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications, he would have done so months ago. We are in for a brutal fight, but we can win if Fractivists powerfully echo the requests spelled out in our latest coalition letter.

Become a signatory to: New Coalition Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Deny All Section 401 Water Quality Certification Applications for Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Infrastructure Projects

Use this Quick Action Guide. Call the Governor day and night to require DEC to DENY all pending Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications because his Department of Environmental Conservation clearly cannot fulfill the requirements of the U. S. Clean Water Act. Ask every environmental group and elected official you know to become a signatory to the coalition letter. They also should personally call the Governor to require him to take the requested action. Also request that DEC DENY "gelled" propane fracking permits proposed for Barton, NY.

If we can win these fights, it would have a cataclysmic political impact on shale fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure proposals across New York, Pennsylvania and the entire northeast. We would set yet another critical environmental protection precedent that could be replicated from coast-to-coast.

That is our immediate goal. Please get to the State-of-the-State rally without fail. See you there. No excuses.

Very best regards,


Thanks to all our Contributors who are helping to sustain our fantastically successful six-year campaign. If you can, please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's unique efforts to safeguard New York 100% from shale fracking and pipeline hazards. Contributions of $1,000.00 or more are tax-deductible. Please call 800 286 9427 or 607 273 3391 for more info.