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Emergency Alert: Critical New Development for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Hope to See You at State of the State on 1/13/16

Check out our latest State of the State media coverage: The Anti-Frackers Return

See the latest Constitution Pipeline development: 1/11/16 Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Constitution Pipeline Company's Request to FERC for authorization to begin "tree-felling activities"


I am on bended knee beseeching all Fractivists to show up in Albany this Wednesday (1/13/16) for Governor Cuomo's 12:30 PM State of the State address. That day could be an historic event in the annals of environmental activism for reasons I will explain below.

Please drop everything and get there. Join us for a grassroots revival, re-invigoration and refocusing of American environmental activism starting right here in New York where our efforts have been amazingly successful.

Fractivists will gather on the Empire State Plaza Concourse to launch a new battle to break our state's addiction to fossil fuel extraction, consumption and transport without any further delay.

This effort signals a huge departure from seemingly endless Big Green requests for sustainable energy plans and promises that never come to fruition year after frustrating year over the course of literally decades.

Fractivists now aim to kill all proposed natural gas pipelines and power plant conversions in order to cut burning of fossil fuels on a drastic basis while insulating hundreds of thousands of homes and structures throughout New York to reduce future energy demand. So much the better if sustainable alternatives can be maximized.

Our plan of action just received more media coverage. Thanks to Liz Benjamin at Time Warner Cable News: The Anti-Frackers Return

See pics and hear recent coverage at: WRFI - The Forecast - Walter Hang Interview- 1/6/2016

If you need a ride, various groups are sending buses from all over New York to a renewable energy rally outside the Capitol at 10:30 AM. See: Contact:, 518 860-3725.

OMG Ommegang

It was wonderful to see so many Fractivists last Thursday at the incomparable Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown where I exhorted locals to require Governor Cuomo, for well-documented reasons, to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certification application for the proposed Constitution Pipeline that would cut through the heart of their historic region.

See: Anti-Constitution Pipeline Meeting at Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown, NY 1/7/16

FERC Authorization Requested for Massive Constitution Pipeline Tree-Felling Activities

The day after I told Fractivists they did not have a moment to waste, the Constitution Pipeline Company, LLC wrote FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to request authorization by January 15, 2016 to begin "tree-felling activities" even though their Section 401 Water Quality Certification application has yet to be decided by New York State.

Can you believe the gall of that firm? I wrote Governor Cuomo today about this shockingly disrespectful affront to his authority.

See: 1/11/16 Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Constitution Pipeline Company's Request to FERC for authorization to begin "tree-felling activities"

Please Call Governor Cuomo Today at 518 474 8390 to Echo the Following Concerns:

As a matter of public policy principle as well as regulatory protocol, the Governor must not tolerate efforts by the Constitution Pipeline Company to try to "jump the gun" by felling trees before New York resolves the pending Section 401 Water Quality Certification application required for the proposed pipeline to be built.

Due to the substantive reasons specified in our coalition letter as well as the applicant's procedural impunity, the Governor must require his DEC to DENY the Section 401 Water Quality Certification application for the proposed Constitution Pipeline.

See: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Deny All Section 401 Water Quality Certification Applications

It would be irresponsible for Governor Cuomo to permit the Constitution Pipeline Company to conduct an "end run" around New York's environmental regulatory authority.

In the event that the applicant's request receives a favorable reply from FERC, the Governor should undertake legal action to block the proposed "tree-felling activities" in order to safeguard the rights of New Yorkers, garner respect for his high office and preserve the integrity of DEC's regulatory proceedings.

Use this Quick Action Guide to request that Governor require DEC to DENY all pending Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications because the agency clearly cannot fulfill the requirements of the U. S. Clean Water Act.


Please get to our State of the-State event without fail this coming Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you face-to-face, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other Fractivists in the immense political theater of the New York Capitol so that we can all enjoy yet another stunningly great day of grassroots environmental achievement with huge nationwide implications.

Get to the Empire State Plaza Concourse early to stake out the best turf and impress the political bigwigs thronging to the Conference Center. With luck, there might be a BIG SURPRISE that we can all witness to great effect.

The rapidly unfolding events of recent days are a perfect illustration how every day, every hour and every moment counts in the epic battle to kill proposed pipelines in order to break New York's addiction to fossil fuel consumption. Our uniquely sophisticated campaign is designed to meet those challenges.

It will not be easy. Forwarding emails will not do it. Big Green groups are more bark than bite. The moment of grassroots truth is at hand. Billions of bucks are at stake. Losers walk. Get to Albany this Wednesday. No excuses.

Keep badgering the Big Man in eloquent, highly knowledgeable fashion. We are on a serious roll. If we can hold Governor Cuomo accountable, we might prevail against seemingly insurmountable odds and put New York on an enormously improved future energy pathway.

Onward and upward. Big Finish.

Very best regards,


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