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Cuomo Administration Fulfills Our Requests to Deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification for Proposed Constitution Pipeline/Great Work/Wow/Thanks so Much


I am thrilled, astounded and immensely relieved to report that Governor Cuomo today provided a favorable reply to our seemingly endless requests that his administration deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification required for the proposed Constitution Pipeline to be built.

Congrats and thank you for all of your immense hard work. This is another stupendous victory in our war to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels. This historic win is simply hard to believe. Wow!!! We are on a roll now.

I released a statement which noted,

"Governor Cuomo deserves credit for responding favorably to the thousands of New Yorkers who wrote him that the Constitution Pipeline had to be rejected because his State Department of Environmental Conservation simply could not guarantee that the proposed 124-mile pipeline would not violate water quality standards."

"This landmark decision should serve as a precedent for denying New York State authorization for all proposed fossil fuel pipelines and infrastructure projects in order to safeguard public health and the environment."

Earlier today, I delivered your recent personalized emails to the Governor. Here are more impressive excerpts to inspire your future advocacy efforts:
4-22-2016 More Letters to Governor Cuomo to Kill the Proposed Constitution Pipeline

You can read the DEC release as well as the Section 401 Water Quality Certification denial letter at:

There is far more unspoken than spoken. Talk about a teeny fig leaf. Whoa.

Nevertheless, we are good for now, though we are certainly not out of woods. More about that shortly.

Once again, our relentless and highly coordinated campaign efforts have played a key role in winning the day. I am always grateful for your help. I cannot thank you enough.

Give yourselves a big pat on the back. You deserve it.

Happy Earth Day.

Very best regards,


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