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Constitution Pipeline Victory News Coverage/battle continues as pipeline investors promise "all available options" challenge to overturn landmark Section 401 denial decision


I am extraordinarily pleased to share extensive news coverage for the killing of the proposed 124-mile fossil fuel monstrosity Constitution Pipeline.

Our immensely successful grassroots campaign just received widespread TV, radio and newspaper coverage all over New York. See news compilation below.

Revel in the moment. Appreciate what you helped achieve. Our laser-focused advocacy efforts over the last four months were instrumental in killing a total of $4.0 billion in proposed pipelines (Northeast Energy Direct and Constitution Pipeline) during the last week.

That is unbelievable. We just won yet another super hard-fought victory in New York that is unprecedented in American environmental history. Congrats.

Big Green Groups failed to stop the Spectra pipeline to Manhattan, the AIM (Algonquin Incremental Market) which is now cutting through Southern New York near the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant as well as multiple new natural gas-fired power plants in New York. Their record of failure has to be reversed.

With your help, Toxics Targeting's shoestring 24/7 data research, policy advocacy, media outreach, grassroots organizing and coalition building campaign efforts has packed an enormously powerful wallop.

Governor Cuomo was deluged with our calls, emails and massive media coverage for four months. We are now totally focused on building on our pipeline successes to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels once and for all.

Constitution Pipeline's investors reportedly promised to "pursue all available options" to overturn Governor Cuomo's landmark decision to deny the Section 401 Water Quality Certification required for the pipeline's construction.

We must immediately throw more fuel on the fire to make sure Constitution Pipeline cannot proceed. We must take nothing for granted or we could lose everything we have won.

Please sign this Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo End New York's Addiction to Fossil Fuels

Please donate generously so that Toxics Targeting can continue its nationally recognized campaign to keep New York 100% free of shale fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure hazards.

The fight to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels is just beginning.

I will write in more detail shortly. More good news might be looming.

Thanks so much.

Very best regards,


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