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Colorado Got Fracked While New York Did Not


I trust that you are enjoying another lovely summer in New York where not one shale production well has ever been fracked despite the best efforts of the natural gas and oil industry.

Count your blessings. I write to report observations from a trip I just made out west where fracking is rampant. See: Shale Fracking in Colorado 5/30/16.

A lot of groups tried to replicate New York's high-volume hydrofracking prohibition by proposing to "ban" fracking in Colorado, California and other states. With all respect, that did not happen. In the last 18 months, not one state followed New York's lead.

On the contrary, the USA became the biggest producer of oil and natural gas on the planet as shale fracking spread to more than 30 states. That speaks volumes about America's Big Green groups.

Colorado Got Fracked

In Colorado, local, state and national groups working with various celebs tried and failed to prohibit shale fracking by adopting local bans, winning legal victories or enacting anti-fracking laws based on "good science" and climate change concerns.

As a result, Colorado got fracked on a scale that is heart-breaking to behold. In recent years, 3,000 production wells were fracked annually across the state.

Along Colorado's famed front range of the Rockies, I witnessed production wells spreading as far as the eye can see, often within a stone's throw of homes and interstate highways. Massive petroleum storage and waste handling facilities dot the prairie. Huge fracking equipment depots are common along major roads.

This is the fracking fate that New York has avoided so far: Shale Fracking in Colorado 5/30/16.

This same fracking scenario is unfolding in states from coast to coast.

Thank you for Helping to Keep New York 100% Shale Frack-Free

Our relentless and highly coordinated research, advocacy, grassroots organizing, media outreach and coalition building campaign has helped keep New York 100% shale frack-free for eight years and counting. Thank you one and all.

Every state that gets fracked underscores how incredibly hard it is to win major environmental battles. Our 24/7 campaign played an instrumental role in achieving grassroots victories unmatched anywhere in the nation.

Moreover, we proved that we know exactly what we are doing by recently preventing "gelled" propane fracking and helping to kill billions of dollars of proposed transmission pipelines in our state. Those fights are far from over, but we have not gotten crushed due to our diligent efforts.

That is commendable work. I salute you. Our words have been matched by our deeds.

More shortly on new challenges that loom ahead for all those committed to keeping New York free of shale fracking as well as new fossil fuel infrastructure hazards.



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