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More Great Media Coverage/Dominion New Market Pipeline Battle/Beat the Bushes for More Coalition Letter Signatories

Please become a signatory to our precedent-setting: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

I want to express my deepest appreciation to each and every person who gave donations in support of Toxics Targeting's hard-hitting research, advocacy and organizing campaign. Toxics Targeting's uniquely successful work totally depends on your generous support. Thank you.

Check out more terrific media coverage for our new campaign.
Thank you, Bob Joseph, at WNBF: Walter Hang Interview on Binghamton Now - 7/14/2016


According to the Power Trends 2016 report released last week, New York only generates about three percent of its energy from wind and solar while proposed natural gas with oil back-up power plants could soon produce more than 80% of our state's energy for decades to come.

We are working hard to prevent that fossil fuel tragedy. Our laser-focused grassroots citizens campaign is now pressuring Governor Cuomo to end our state's 200-year addiction to natural gas, coal and oil.

Huge pipelines, compressor stations, power plants and storage facilities have been proposed to utilize a glut of cheap fracked gas that is cannibalizing more expensive coal, oil, biofuels and nuclear energy. If those infrastructure facilities are built, New York would remain addicted to fossil fuels for decades to come.

That is why our goal is to require Governor Cuomo to adopt a statewide moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure project approvals. This would allow New York to begin minimizing its dependence on fossil fuels by maximizing energy efficiency and transitioning to renewable energy alternatives.

Beat the Bushes for More Signatories to Our New Coalition Letter and Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton's State Legislators Sign-On Letter

Our new moratorium coalition letter already has more than 800 signatories, including a stunning array of prominent grassroots organizations, local elected officials, physicians and health care professionals, academics, business owners, religious leaders, artists, educators, students and concerned citizens from all over the nation.

Thank you one and all. Special thanks to signatories from: CA, CT, FL, IL, MA, ME, MI, NJ, NH, OR, PA, VA, WI and Washington, DC.

Please beat the bushes for a total of at least 1,000 signatories. Anyone from anywhere can sign. There is strength in numbers. More signatories is better.

Our requests are echoed by a landmark letter written by Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and signed by a total of 22 State Legislators in both houses:
Legislators Sign-on Letter Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

I cannot emphasize how important it is to require your State Legislators to sign this letter. Fractivists have until election day on November 8, 2016 to achieve that goal.

Make candidates earn your vote. Promise to remember in November. Identify your: Assemblymembers and Senators & Committees

RED ALERT: Dominion New Market Pipeline Has Received FERC Conditional Approval/DEC Just Issued Combined Notice of Complete Application

The $158 million Dominion New Market Pipeline is on the verge of state approval. The outcome of this fight could make or break our moratorium campaign and decide the energy fate of New York. We have to kill this project the exact same way we killed Constitution Pipeline.

This map illustrates the proposed pipeline route and the massive compressor stations along it:
Proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline Map

Please note that this pipeline cuts right through Ithaca, Ellis Hollow and Dryden, NY.

On April 28, 2016, this behemoth pipeline expansion project received Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) conditional approval despite an enormous array of concerns voiced by environmental groups, concerned citizens and elected officials.
See: New Market FERC Order

On July 6, 2016, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued a Combined Notice of Complete Application.

Our proposed moratorium would kill New Market because it needs multiple air discharge and stormwater permits to proceed to construction.

We also aim to require Governor Cuomo to DENY a Section 401 Water Quality Certification for New Market because DEC cannot fulfill the requirements of the Clean Water Act. This is precisely how we killed the Constitution Pipeline.

More very shortly about how you can help make this happen.

We Must Hold the Line: No More Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York

Governor Cuomo is in the process of approving more than a dozen proposed fossil fuel monstrosities across New York. We must require the Governor to kill:

Dominion New Market pipeline,

Constitution pipeline,

a gas supply line to the CPV (Competitive Power Ventures) power plant,

Cricket Valley power plant,

Greenidge power plant,

Pilgrim pipeline,

Northern Access pipeline,

Millennium Pipeline - Eastern System Upgrade,

Crestwood Midstream,

expansion of the Arlington natural gas storage facility and

AIM (Algonquin Incremental Market) pipeline.

All these projects, except AIM, would be blocked if Governor Cuomo adopts a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure approvals. AIM has received all its state approvals. More shortly about implementing a separate strategy to prevent it from being completed and put into operation.

Please note that Governor Cuomo must DENY Section 401 Water Quality Certifications within one year of the application completion or New York loses the privilege of making a decision in the matter. In that event, FERC would likely grant the Section 401 WQCs.


Elected officials and Big Green environmental groups often purport to oppose global climate change, but do little to stop new infrastructure projects that perpetuate New York's addiction to fossil fuels.

I implore you to apply a fossil fuel infrastructure moratorium litmus test to Governor Cuomo, all your elected representatives and every environmental group that wants your financial support.

If they do not become signatories to our coalition letter or the State Legislators Sign-on Letter, you will know exactly where they stand.

Please do not give your votes or any support to anyone who will not take a strong coalition letter stand against fossil fuel infrastructure approvals in New York.

The goal of all our efforts is to require New York to minimize the immense quantities of natural gas, oil and coal that it burns each and every day. We want Governor Cuomo to implement his eminently sensible 2016 Built to Lead policy proposal on a comprehensive basis without any further delay:

"The least expensive and most effective way to meet our state energy goals is simply to reduce the overall energy consumption of New York's homes, businesses, and institutions by making them more efficient. Increasing energy efficiency also lowers utility bills for customers and enables businesses to reduce their operating costs."

Hear, hear. No one cannot argue with such wisdom. I could not have said it better myself. Now we must make that happen without any further dithering or excuses.

Onward and upward,


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On Reaching New York's Climate Goals

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