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Help Require Governor Cuomo to Deny All Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Approvals in New York/Big Finish to our Shockingly Successful 2016 Infrastructure Campaign!!!

Use our new personalized form letter to require Governor Cuomo to DENY all fossil fuel infrastructure project approvals in New York. Please fill in the blanks. A pithy statement makes your request much stronger.


In the last year, our hard-hitting, closely coordinated infrastructure campaign played an instrumental role in killing more than $4.0 billion in proposed natural gas pipelines and compressor stations across New York. Check out clips of our simply stunning effort: Fossil Fuel Infrastructure / Fracking Campaign 12-15 to 11-16

In order to build on those landmark victories, I am on bended knee asking you to take urgent action to require Governor Cuomo to DENY all fossil fuel infrastructure approvals in our state. This is critical because Dominion New Market Pipeline and Crestwood Gas Storage APPROVALS COULD BE GRANTED ANY DAY!!!

Toxics Targeting has systematically documented that the Department of Environmental Conservation failed to prevent nearly 150 major explosions, fires, ruptures and toxic releases involving natural gas, oil and petroleum product facilities across our state.

We also proved that DEC routinely failed to require many of those extensive toxic contamination hazards to be cleaned up to applicable state standards.

At a time when scientific concerns about global climate change are greater than ever, it makes zero sense for Governor Cuomo to approve new infrastructure projects that would exacerbate existing pollution hazards in New York and perpetuate our state's addiction to burning fossil fuels for decades to come.

Write Governor Cuomo Today

Use our new personalized form letter to send your message loud and clear to the Governor. Please write something meaningful in the blanks to drive home your request.

I urge you to read this self-explanatory letter carefully. It spells out a comprehensive plan of action for now as well as 2017.

I also discuss our strategy at 8:06: Walter Hang Interview on Binghamton Now - 11/23/2016

Deluge the Governor with calls during business hours at 518 474 8390. Keep calling. Make good arguments. Pour it on.

Tell Governor Cuomo that you would consider him a climate-change hypocrite if he approves any more pipelines, compressor stations or gas storage facilities in our state.

Specifically request that the Governor DENY approvals for the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project and Crestwood Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Methane Gas Storage facilities.

The existing Dominion Pipeline has already caused extensive toxic contamination problems that were never cleaned up. It make no sense to expand that polluting pipeline.

The Crestwood/US Salt facility in Reading, NY has repeatedly polluted Seneca Lake, the source of drinking water for 100,000 residents. That facility has been sanctioned by two consent orders and fined a total of $57,500.00.

The facility has caused extensive toxic contamination problems during the Governor's entire tenure as New York Chief Executive. It would be an outrage for him to expand gas storage operations at this polluted site.

According to The New York Times, Here’s Why You Should Call, Not Email, Your Legislators


I invite you to inform the Governor that if he does not fulfill your requests, you will respectfully hold him fully accountable. Tell him that you will never forgive or forget if he approves more fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

You can also say that you believe approving pipelines, compressor stations and gas storage facilities would be "irresponsible." This is generally the strongest language that you can politely use in publicly policy discourse.

Feel free to beat the bushes for more signatories to our: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals

Thanks for your help. Go Hard. Smile and dial. Be your informed and eloquent best.

Very best regards,


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