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We Are Still Batting 1.000 to Kill All Proposed Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects, At Least for Now/Pour it on/We are Hanging by a Thread

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting uniquely effective campaign to stop Governor Cuomo from permitting fracked gas pipelines, storage facilities and other infrastructure projects to be built across New York. These projects would exacerbate existing pollution hazards and perpetuate our state's addiction to fossil fuels for decades to come.

See Front-Page Coverage of Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton's request that FERC and Governor Cuomo DENY Dominion New Market wetland/waterway protection variances: PIPELINE: Lawmaker wants variances denied

See Toxics Targeting's New: Request That Governor Cuomo Require DEC to Deny Section 401 Water Quality Certification and All Other State Approvals for the Proposed National Fuel Northern Access Pipeline

Greetings Fractivists:

I am pleased to report that we are still batting 1.000, at least for now, in our efforts to stop Governor Cuomo from calling himself a champion in the battle against global climate change while permitting one fracked gas infrastructure project after another to be built in New York.

Prior to the launch of our fossil fuel infrastructure campaign on 12/17/15, the Governor approved the fracked gas Spectra and Algonquin Incremental Markets pipelines as well as the Competitive Power Ventures and Cricket Valley power plants. Green Groups, celebrities and local groups failed to stop those projects using traditional regulatory delay, litigation and NIMBY (not in my back yard) strategies, no disrespect intended.

Since then, Toxics Targeting has documented more than 150 significant fossil fuel infrastructure toxic hazards all over New York, including many problems that were never cleaned up to state standards. We generated more than 80 news articles and built a coalition of 100+ major groups and a total of 22 state legislators. As a result, our 24/7 campaign is playing a key role in preventing any more fossil fuel infrastructure project from being approved and built in New York.

On 12/31/16, Governor Cuomo showed what a climate change hypocrite he is by granting approvals for the proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline. Fortunately, that project has NOT BROKEN GROUND because we are working with laser focus to require FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to DENY critical wetland/waterbody protection variances requested by Dominion. We are also taking action to require New Market's fatally flawed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan to be REVOKED because it is factually incorrect.

For all these reasons, each and every day in our campaign is a political eternity. Our efforts face immense challenges, but we are making nationally noteworthy progress. I write today to bring you up to date regarding what we must achieve in the days immediately ahead.

Northern Access Pipeline Campaign Now Underway

First, I am pleased to report that Toxics Targeting submitted detailed comments minutes before Friday's deadline regarding National Fuel's proposed 100-mile, $455 million Northern Access Pipeline. We requested that Governor Cuomo require his Department of Environmental Conservation to DENY a Section 401 Water Quality Certification and all state approvals required for the project to proceed.

This is a transmission pipeline mainly designed to transport fracked gas from Pennsylvania through New York to markets in Canada. New York does not need this pipeline in any way. That is why we are working hard to kill this proposed project.

Toxics Targeting's state-of-the-art Geographic Information System (GIS) compiled extensive data which document that National Fuel's existing pipelines, compressor stations and gas storage operations caused a shocking array of contamination hazards which often were never cleaned up to state standards.

As a result, Toxics Targeting documented that there is no way National Fuel's proposed pipeline can meet stringent Section 401 and "compensatory mitigation" requirements.

See Request That Governor Cuomo Require DEC to Deny Section 401 Water Quality Certification and All Other State Approvals for the Proposed National Fuel Northern Access Pipeline

Our Immediate Top Priority is to Stop Dominion New Market Pipeline Wetland/Waterway Protection Variances From Being Granted

Second, we must require the Town of Dryden, FERC and Governor Cuomo to DENY Dominion's requested wetland/waterway protection variances and REVOKE a critical Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) for the Borger Compressor Station at 219 Ellis Hollow Creek Road.

Toxics Targeting documented that the SPPP is factually incorrect and otherwise fatally flawed. It must not be used for regulatory compliance purposes.

Read my detailed: Letter to Town of Dryden re: Dominion's wetland variance request for Borger Compressor Station

Respectfully Call and Email the Town of Dryden Supervisor, Jason Leifer, and other Town Board Members Without Delay:

Anyone can call (607) 844-8888. Press 6 for the Town Supervisor.

See contact info for all Town Board members at:

Request that they suspend or withdraw all local approvals for the proposed expansion of Dominion's toxic-contaminated Borger Compressor Station.

Request that the Town of Dryden suspend or withdraw the Dominion New Market's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan as well as a reported special use zoning variance associated with the Borger Compressor Station because it does not comport with the Town's comprehensive land-use plan.

Request that all toxic pollution at the Borger facility be fully investigated and remediated in strict compliance with applicable clean up standards in order to safeguard Cascadilla Creek, a major tributary to Cayuga Lake, prior to any expansion of the existing compressor station.

Make the point that allowing Dominion New Market to be built would be antithetical to Dryden's renowned efforts to prevent shale fracking.

Keep Pressuring Governor Cuomo the Climate Change Hypocrite

Finally, see our: Request That Governor Cuomo Immediately Revoke Proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

The Governor has received nearly 700 personalized letters which request that he rescind approval for Dominion New Market Pipeline and adopt a statewide fossil fuel infrastructure approval moratorium. Write Governor Cuomo using our new personalized form letter. Fill in the blanks.

Keep calling the Governor: 518-474-8390. Make good arguments.

Our fossil fuel infrastructure moratorium coalition letter now has more than 1,200 signatories. Keep beating the bushes for more signatories: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Adopt a Statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals


With your incomparable help, Toxics Targeting's data research, public policy advocacy, coalition building and media efforts have generated intense, sustained political pressure to require environmental authorities to enforce fossil fuel infrastructure environmental protection mandates that were ignored for decades.

That is why we are playing a critical role in holding up Dominion New Market Pipeline, Constitution Pipeline, National Fuel Northern Access Pipeline as well as Crestwood Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Arlington Gas Storage on Seneca Lake. That is not chopped liver. Our achievements are unmatched anywhere in the nation.

Onward and upward. Keep writing and calling. We are hanging by a thread. Go hard. Keep slugging.