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Keeping Calling and Writing the Town of Dryden Board to Make Sure That Dominion New Market Pipeline Cannot Proceed

Greetings Fractivists,

I write to thank everyone who is helping to make sure that the Town of Dryden Board hears our respectful requests for urgent action loud and clear.

The Town Board has reportedly received "many, many" requests for action.

Bravo. That is great work. Pour it on.

What We Aim to Achieve

Our immediate goal is to require the Town of Dryden, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and Governor Cuomo to:

DENY Dominion's requested wetland/waterway protection variances;

REVOKE a key Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) for the Borger Compressor Station located at 219 Ellis Hollow Creek Road; and

Withhold a Notice to Proceed for the Dominion New Market Pipeline Expansion Project.

Toxics Targeting documented that the SPPP is factually incorrect and otherwise fatally flawed. It must not be used for regulatory compliance purposes.

This is spelled out in my: Letter to Town of Dryden re: Dominion's wetland variance request for Borger Compressor Station

Respectfully Call and Email Without Delay the Town of Dryden Supervisor, Jason Leifer, and other Town Board Members:

Anyone can call (607) 844-8888. Press 6 for the Town Supervisor. Please be respectful. Echo the detailed requests below.

See contact info for Town Board members at:

Please submit the technical requests verbatim. These are super complex matters.

A. Request that the Town of Dryden suspend or withdraw all local approvals for the proposed expansion of Dominion's toxic-contaminated Borger Compressor Station.

B. Request that the Town suspend or withdraw Dominion New Market's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan as well as a reported Special Use Permit zoning variance associated with the Borger Compressor Station because it does not comport with the Town's comprehensive land-use plan.

The Town reportedly was not clear when the SUP was provided. Authorities were reportedly looking for it.

C. Request that Dominion New Market not be allowed to receive any local, state or federal approvals to proceed until the Town requires all toxic pollution at the Borger facility to be fully investigated and remediated in strict compliance with applicable clean up standards. This is essential in order to safeguard Cascadilla Creek, a major tributary to Cayuga Lake, prior to any expansion of the existing compressor station.

D. Request that the Town immediately write FERC and Governor Cuomo to underscore Assemblywoman Lifton's requests: Letter to FERC re: Borger Compressor Station wetland variance request and letter to Gov. Cuomo re: Dominion's SPPP

Make the point that allowing the Dominion New Market fracked-gas pipeline to be built would be antithetical to Dryden's renowned efforts to prevent shale fracking in New York. On this subject, I invite you to be your eloquent best. Go hog wild. Use all the soaring rhetoric you like.


I greatly appreciate all the wonderfully kind words that Fractivists have written Toxics Targeting. Thank you. We have all been very fortunate.

I am grateful to everyone who has contacted me to ask excruciatingly detailed questions about how best to proceed. Knowledge is power. The more activists who know what they are talking about, the better.

I am also enormously appreciative to everyone who is helping to support our campaign work. Thank you. I apologize for my ceaseless begging, groveling and pleading.

Onward and upward. Keep writing and calling. Every day is a political eternity. Hold the line. Go hard.



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