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Town of Dryden Supervisor Writes FERC to Oppose Granting Dominion's Requested Wetland/Waterbody Protection Variances and Notice to Proceed Until the Concerns We Documented Are Resolved


Greetings Fractivists,

I am thrilled to report that Town of Dryden Supervisor, Jason Leifer, has written FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to request that Dominion's New Market Pipeline's wetland/waterway protection variances be denied and that the proposed project not be permitted to proceed until the concerns Toxics Targeting documented are resolved.

This is exactly what we have been working so hard to achieve. Thank you for all your amazingly steadfast efforts. The members of the Town Board reportedly were deluged with respectful calls and emails in an excellent display of sophisticated advocacy combined with passionate arguments. Give yourselves a nice pat on the back.

See: Letter from Town of Dryden to FERC re: Borger Compressor Station - 3/6/2017

Supervisor Leifer's letter concludes with a very strong request:

"Based on these alleged significant shortcomings, I request that FERC deny the variances requested by Dominion Transmission, Inc. for their New Market Project and withhold further approvals for the proposed project until the data submitted by Dominion can be compared to the data submitted by my constituents. I also request that FERC require an updated and improved SPPP for the proposed project to address the significant inaccuracies within the initial SPPP plan and supporting documents (bold is my emphasis added)."

Supervisor Leifer's extremely detailed letter cites my letter to him, the FERC complaint submitted by three intervenors and Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton's letters to FERC and Governor Cuomo. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

I Commend You On A Very Significant Achievement

We have now successfully raised critical concerns about extensive toxic contamination at the Borger Compressor Station Site that has never been investigated or remediated in strict compliance with state standards. We have also gained important support for requiring that contamination to be cleaned up on a comprehensive basis in order to safeguard The Town of Dryden, Cascadilla Creek and Cayuga Lake.

We have similarly documented inadequate wetland/waterbody protections for the proposed expansion of the facility. As a result, we are working to require Dominion's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plant to be revoked and redone.

We also persuaded the Town of Dryden to request that FERC resolve these documented concerns before the proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline Project is permitted to proceed.

Call and Email Town of Dryden Supervisor, Jason Leifer, and Other Board Members to Thank Them for Their Town's Important Letter

Dial (607) 844-8888. Press 6 for the Town Supervisor.

See contact info for Town Board members at:

Call Governor Cuomo and FERC to request that Dominion's Wetland/Waterway Protection Variance Request be DENIED, the New Market Notice to Proceed be WITHHELD and the Fatally Flawed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan be REVOKED and Required to be DONE OVER.

Watch this video to see our strategy spelled out:

Keep Calling Governor Cuomo to echo our laser-focused message at 518 474 8390.

Write Governor Cuomo with our new personalized form letter

When you call FERC, refer to Docket Nos. CP14-497-000:

Call Ms. Sarah McKinley at 202 502 8004 or 202-502-6088.

Call Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary to the Commission, 202 502 8400.

Call Cheryl A. LaFleur, Acting FERC Chair, 202 502 8961.


We are making major progress in our Dominion New Market Pipeline battle, but we could get the rug yanked out from under us for any number of reasons. We are not out of the proverbial woods yet. Every day is a political eternity.

That is why we must continue to take additional advocacy and organizing action. More on that very shortly.

Onward and upward. Go Hard. Do not stop until you drop. Keep your fingers crossed.

Very gratefully yours,


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