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FERC Grants Dominion New Market Pipeline Wetland and Waterbody Protection Variances/We Must Now Require the Town of Dryden and Governor Cuomo to Enforce Critical Local and State Environmental Safeguards

All Hands on Deck!!! All Hands on Deck!!! All Hands on Deck!!!

Read my important: 3/16/2017 Letter to Town of Dryden re: Dominion's Borger Compressor Station wetland variance request


Our 15-month campaign to halt New York's massive fossil fuel infrastructure build-out just entered its most challenging phase. If we cannot prevail in the days ahead, additional transmission pipelines, power plants and storage facilities will likely perpetuate fracked gas consumption for decades to come.

Our backs are against the wall. Despite all our well-documented advocacy efforts, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) just granted wetland and waterbody variances and a Notice to Proceed for Dominion's proposed New Market Pipeline expansion Project.

See: CP14-497-000 MAR 17 2017.DOC

What We Must Do Now

FERC's Notice to Proceed focuses our fight on the Town of Dryden, NY and Governor Cuomo because they are responsible for approving and enforcing "applicable remaining terms and conditions of the Order."

I urgently call upon each and every Fractivist to go all out to kill Dominion New Market Pipeline. If you oppose fracked gas and support halting New York's addiction to fossil fuels, this is when you must give it everything you have got.

I implore every elected official, environmental group, grassroots organization and business leader to join Fractivists from near and far to call and write Town of Dryden officials and Governor Cuomo. Take a strong stand on stopping the expansion of the Dominion fracked gas pipeline. Promise to hold them accountable.

Everything we have achieved is on the line. If we cannot require strict enforcement of applicable state and federal laws regarding Dominion New Market Pipeline, the consequences would be extremely grave for all other fossil fuel infrastructure projects proposed in our beloved state of New York.

Our Strategy

1. Dominion New Market Pipeline cannot proceed without local and state approval of a legally mandated Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

Toxics Targeting has documented that Dominion's New Market Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) must be REVOKED because it failed to identify multiple wetlands, waterways and buffer zones within the "approved" and proposed revised Limits of Disturbance (LOD) for the expansion of the Borger Compressor Station facility at 219 Ellis Hollow Creek Road.

Toxics Targeting also documented extensive chemical contamination at this site that has never been cleaned up to state standards even though the pollution threatens wetlands and waterways as well as Cascadilla Creek, a major tributary to nearby Cayuga Lake. More than 30,000 local residents drink water from that historic waterbody.

2. Toxics Targeting's revealed that the Town of Dryden earlier approved Dominion's fatally flawed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and failed to require a Special Use Permit (SUP) for the proposed expansion of the Borger Compressor Station even though earlier facility expansions required a SUP.

3. Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Leifer was persuaded to write FERC to request that the agency: a) require clean up of toxic contamination at the Borger Facility, b) not grant Dominion's requested wetland/waterbody protection variances and c) not issue a Notice to Proceed for Dominion's New Market Pipeline.

See: Letter from Town of Dryden to FERC re: Borger Compressor Station - 3/6/2017

Given that FERC did not provide a favorable reply to Supervisor Leifer, please call him at (607) 844-8888 and press 6. Email him at:

Also call and email other Town Board members at:


RESCIND LOCAL APPROVAL for the New Market Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan;

REQUIRE Dominion to apply for a Special Use Permit for the Borger Compressor Station expansion;

DENY the Special Use Permit because expansion of the proposed Borger Compressor Station cannot comply with the Town of Dryden's comprehensive land-use plan; and

Write Governor Cuomo to require him to take administrative action to fulfill Supervisor Leifer's requests specified in his FERC letter.

Keep Calling Governor Cuomo at 518 474 8390 to DEMAND that he:

REVOKE the factually incorrect Dominion New Market Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and require it to be REDONE; and

RESCIND the improperly granted "blanket authorization" Section 401 Water Quality Certification for Dominion New Market Pipeline.

Keep Writing Governor Cuomo to request that he rescind approval for Dominion New Market Pipeline and adopt a statewide fossil fuel infrastructure approval moratorium. Use our new personalized form letter.

Write on behalf of groups. Be your eloquent best. Fill in the blanks.


Fractivists are working extremely hard to require the Town of Dryden to do the heavy lifting to kill Dominion New Market. We must not accept any excuses given the Town's vaunted reputation for prohibiting shale fracking through a landmark "home rule" court decision.

See my: 3/16/2017 Letter to Town of Dryden re: Dominion's Borger Compressor Station wetland variance request

Many thanks to everyone who showed up at Thursday's Town of Dryden Board Meeting to voice concerns about the Borger Compressor Station expansion. It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet others who have recently joined the fray.

See: Dryden Town Board Meeting - 3/16/2017

In conclusion, this is when our efforts must really count. This is when we will see what we are all made of. Test your faith.

More very shortly. Thanks so much for all your help.



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