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Calling All Fractivists/Show up at a Crucial Dominion Energy Public Meeting on May 1, 2017 to Stop the Proposed Expansion of the Borger Compressor Station on Ellis Hollow Creek Road in Dryden, NY

Greetings Fractivists,

I write with utmost urgency to request that everyone opposed to New York's massive build-out of fracked gas infrastructure show up in full force at a Dominion New Market Pipeline public meeting at 7:00 PM on May 1, 2017. The meeting will be held at the Varna Community Center (943 Dryden Road/Rt. 366, Dryden, NY 14852).

This is a crucial opportunity to meet FACE-TO-FACE with Dominion Energy and tell that fracked gas corporate giant what you think about their proposed expansion of the Borger Compressor Station Site at 219 Ellis Hollow Creek Road. You can also demand that Dominion clean up all of the documented toxic spills at that facility and its other pipeline sites across New York in strict compliance with state standards.

See: Dominion Pipeline (earlier known as CNG) spills

Since last August, Toxics Targeting has repeatedly revealed that the Borger Compressor Station has extensive toxic contamination which was never cleaned up to state standards. This huge facility adjoins multiple protected wetlands as well as numerous waterways, including Cascadilla Creek, a major tributary to Cayuga Lake.

Expanding this compressor station is essential to Dominion's plan to increase transport of fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New England. Hundreds of Fractivists are working hard to halt this ill-conceived fossil fuel project.

Attending Monday's meeting also will allow you to send a clear message to Dryden officials that they must stop the proposed compressor station expansion or the public will hold them fully accountable no matter what their rationale. Please note that the terms of Dryden Supervisor Jason Leifer, Deputy Supervisor Dan Lamb and Kathy Servoss all expire on 12/31/17.

Hundreds of Fractivists have called and written to request that the Town of Dryden withdraw all local approvals for the proposed expansion due to the documented shortcomings of the Dominion New Market Pipeline Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan as well as concerns that the proposed expansion does not comport with Dryden's comprehensive land-use plan. Town officials have yet to fulfill these respectful requests.

As you will see below, the Town's consultant dismissed the SPPP concerns as a "slight variation in the wetland portrayals" and concluded, "no work will be done in the wetland areas." With all respect, I believe this conclusion is unwarranted. I believe wetlands have been clearly delineated within the permitted Limits of Disturbance for the proposed expansion.

Dryden's consultant also wrote, "There is a wetland near the staging area and a DEC documented history of spills. There are allegations that they have not been closed out properly. The town can ask DEC to check whether any previous spill sites might be affected or impacted by this activity (emphasis added)."

Bravo. Hear, Hear! This is precisely what we requested Supervisor Leifer to do because there is no question that the spill involving "AN OLD DISPOSAL AREA WHERE AN UNKNOWN HEAVY PETROLEUM HAS BEEN DUMPED" was never cleaned up to state standards.

See: Inadequate Investigation and Clean up Documentation Borger Compressor Station CNG Spill # 9806491.

Unfortunately, Supervisor Leifer has steadfastly refused all our requests since February to write Governor Cuomo to REVOKE approval for the proposed Borger expansion until all these concerns are resolved. Once the project is underway, the Town would have little leverage in requiring the site to be cleaned up.

Keep plugging away. See phonebanking and letter writing guide below.


Our unrelenting efforts have now contributed to the demise of $4.5 billion in proposed fracked gas pipelines in New York (Constitution, Northeast Energy Direct and Northern Access). If we want to keep batting 1.000 on killing proposed infrastructure projects that could perpetuate our state's addiction to fossil fuels, we must stop Dominion New Market Pipeline.

I look forward to seeing you at Monday's meeting. Get ready to fight for what you believe in. Get ready to rock the house.



Keep Calling and Writing

Call Dryden Town Supervisor Leifer at (607) 844-8888 and press 6. Email him at:

Call and email other Town Board members at:


RESCIND LOCAL APPROVAL for the Dominion New Market Pipeline Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan;

REQUIRE Dominion to apply for a Special Use Permit for the Borger Compressor Station expansion;

DENY the Special Use Permit because expansion of the proposed Borger Compressor Station cannot comply with the Town of Dryden's comprehensive land-use plan; and

Write Governor Cuomo to require him to take administrative action to fulfill Supervisor Leifer's requests specified in his FERC letter.

See: Letter from Town of Dryden to FERC re: Borger Compressor Station - 3/6/2017

See: Reiterated Request for Immediate Town of Dryden Action in Light of Your 2/3/17 Letter to Governor Cuomo

Town of Dryden Minutes 4/13/17

Dominion Project/Borger Station – TG Miller has responded to Walter Hang’s comments. TG Miller stands by the first analysis. There is a slight variation in the wetland portrayals, but it does not affect the outcome of the SWPPP. There is another data dispute about a staging area south of Ellis Hollow Creek Road. It is part of the plan and is part of the SWPPP, but is not an area where soil is being disturbed. There are no stormwater implications from use of the site as a staging area. The bottom line is no work will be conducted in the wetland areas.

There is a wetland near the staging area and a DEC documented history of spills there. There are allegations that they have not been closed out properly. The town can ask DEC to check whether any previous spill sites might be affected or impacted by this activity. Dominion will hold a public information meeting on May 1 at the VCA.
See page 3 at: TB 4-13-17att pdf