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WE DID IT!!!!!! /Town of Dryden Announces Suspension of Local Approvals for Dominion New Market Pipeline and Will Require a Special Use Permit Proceeding for Borger Compressor Station

It is with great joy and immense relief that I invite you to read this article which is a testament to your shockingly successful hard work: New Market Pipeline Project in Dryden delayed

Greetings Fellow Fractivists,

After four months of laser-focused, hard-fought efforts against increasingly daunting odds, I am thrilled to report that the Town of Dryden just announced that it will fulfill our well-documented requests to suspend the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) and the Building Permit required for the Dominion New Market Pipeline project. The Town also will require a Special Use Permit proceeding for the Borger Compressor Station expansion.

While this is EXACTLY what we requested, you can read below that the Town finally took action because Dominion is reportedly "making amendments to their plans for the work they will be conducting at Borger..."

We will have to see what that involves. We are not out of the woods yet, but Dryden's local approval suspensions are immensely important. This is simply a stunning development.

See: Town of Dryden Press Release - 5-25-2017

Take Further Action Today

Please UNDERSCORE YOUR UNDYING OPPOSITION To Dominion New Market Pipeline and THANK Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Leifer for suspending all local approvals for the proposed project. Call him at (607) 844-8888 and press 6. Email him at:

Send the same message to the other Town Board members at:

Please cc me.


The outcome of our Dominion New Market Pipeline battle was looking mighty grim until today. Fortunately, we stuck to our strategy and it has worked out well. This turn of events is just too much to believe.

Thank you for all of your amazingly effective efforts. Bravo. Way to go.

There is no environmental advocacy or organizing campaign anywhere in the nation that can equal our highly sophisticated and successful efforts to safeguard public health and natural resources from fossil fuel infrastructure hazards as well as the threat of shale fracking in our state.

By working so well together, our campaign grows more formidable each and every day. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all your help. I bow in homage.

Onward and upward,