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Demand That Dryden Supervisor Jason Leifer Immediately Enforce the Town's Public Utility Approval Moratorium Regarding Dominion New Market Pipeline/Accept No Excuses/Promise to Remember in November

Please join nearly 300 signatories to our NEW: Coalition Sign-on Letter Requesting Enforcement of Dryden's 5/24/17 Letter to Dominion Transmission Inc and the Town's Public Utility Approval Moratorium


I write to affirm very strongly that our efforts to require the Town of Dryden to enforce its Public Utility Approval Moratorium can STOP Dominion Transmission Inc. from expanding the Borger Compressor Station located at 219 Ellis Hollow Creek Road. This could create a crucial gap in the proposed fracked gas New Market Pipeline Project.

I implore all Fractivists near and far to take urgent action to kill this massive fracked gas pipeline project that would perpetuate New York's addiction to fossil fuels for decades to come. It is absolutely imperative that we REQUIRE the Town of Dryden to ENFORCE its own regulatory requirements WITHOUT further delay.

I believe we have the Town of Dryden dead to rights in this matter due to its own regulatory requirements.

First, the letter as well as the spirit of its Public Utility Approval Moratorium unquestionably applies to the Dominion Borger project because it prohibits:

"Acceptance, consideration, preliminary approval or final approval by the Town of Dryden Town Board of any site plan or special use permit for new or modified public utility infrastructure (including, without limitation, pipelines, pipes, mains, and conduits), that involves an area of land disturbance associated with the public utility infrastructure of one or more acres (emphasis added)."

Second, the Moratorium also prohibits: "The issuance of building permits (emphasis added) by a Town of Dryden Code Enforcement Officer in connection with any activity prohibited hereunder." Without a building permit, expansion work cannot proceed at Borger.

Third, the language of the moratorium declares why our request MUST be fulfilled:

"The Town Board is concerned that any new legislation would be subverted if public utility infrastructure projects that disturb a significant amount of land... were to be entertained and possibly approved before the Town Board considers legislation to address these issues (emphasis added)."

Finally, Dominion must not be granted any moratorium waiver and the moratorium must be EXTENDED past its current 7/20/17 deadline until the Town fulfills the intent of the moratorium:

"The Town Board will be considering the following Town of Dryden Comprehensive Plan goals, among others, to determine whether Zoning Law amendments are needed to help assure that public utility projects are consistent with such goals: protect and advance the quality of life of residents; protect the unique natural assets of the Town (emphasis added);"

I invite you to read the full text of Dryden's moratorium: Local Law–Moratorium–Public utilities - Town of Dryden

Also read our new coalition letter to understand all our well-documented arguments: Coalition Sign-on Letter Requesting Enforcement of Dryden's 5/25/17 Letter to Dominion Transmission Inc and the Town's Public Utility Approval Moratorium

Take Action Today: Call Dryden Town Supervisor Jason Leifer at (607) 844-8888 and press 6. Email him at:

Contact other Town Board members at:

DEMAND that Dryden strictly enforce the LETTER as well as the SPIRIT of its Public Utility Approval Moratorium for the proposed expansion of the Borger Compressor Station.

DEMAND that Dryden REVOKE the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and the Building Permit for the proposed project;

DEMAND that Dryden immediately require a Special Use Permit proceeding for the proposed project and DENY it.

DEMAND that the Town to enforce the requirements of: Dryden Town Supervisor 5/24/17 Letter to Dominion Transmission Inc. Regarding Revocation of Local Approvals for New Market Pipeline.

Please cc me.

Every call, letter and coalition letter signatory counts in this fight. Do Not Take No For An Answer. Accept no excuses. Promise to remember in November.

Thanks so much. Onward and upward.