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Take Urgent Action to Require Town of Dryden Officials to Halt the Borger Compressor Station Expansion by Enforcing Local Regulatory Requirements and a Public Utility Approval Moratorium

Read our latest news coverage which also breaks the stunning story that Town of Dryden officials reportedly granted Dominion Transmission, Inc. a crucial Building Permit to expand the Borger Compressor Station EXACTLY ONE DAY BEFORE A PUBLIC UTILITY APPROVAL MORATORIUM TOOK EFFECT WHICH WOULD HAVE BLOCKED THE PROJECT. This obviously defeats the purpose of the moratorium.

Thanks to Nick Reynolds at the Ithaca Times: As local effort against pipeline grows, Dominion eyes expansion

Keep beating the bushes for more signatories to our: Coalition Sign-on Letter Requesting Enforcement of Dryden's 5/24/17 Letter to Dominion Transmission Inc and the Town's Public Utility Approval Moratorium

Congratulations on deluging Town Supervisor Jason Leifer with perfectly targeted substantive phone calls for months on end. Great work. Check it out: Town of Dryden Supervisor Jason Leifer Dominion New Market Pipeline/Borger Compressor Station Phone Log 2/17 - 5/17

Greetings Fractivists,

Our backs are really up against the wall in the battle to halt the Dominion New Market Pipeline expansion project that would transport fracked gas from PA to New York. I implore Fractivists to take further relentless action to kill this fossil fuel monstrosity by creating a crucial gap at the Borger Compressor Station.

For months, Town of Dryden officials offered all kinds of excuses for not enforcing their own local regulatory requirements, notably that the Town would face costly litigation that it could not win if it rescinded a factually incorrect Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, revoked a critical Building Permit and required a Special Use Permit proceeding for the Borger Compressor Station expansion.

The Town finally fulfilled all our requests by writing Dominion on 5/24/17. Unfortunately, the Town then failed to enforce its own requirements: Dryden Town Supervisor 5/24/17 Letter to Dominion Transmission Inc. Regarding Revocation of Local Approvals for New Market Pipeline

It would be an unforgivable outrage if Town Supervisor Jason Leifer and other local officials DO NOT HALT the Borger Compressor Station expansion. I invite you to read their incredible letter. We must require them to enforce those regulatory requirements in the days ahead.

Take Urgent Action. Do Not Stop Until You Drop.

I implore Fractivists to PHONEBANK Supervisor Jason Leifer ((607) 844-8888 and press 6), DAN LAMB, Kathy Servoss, other Town Board members and Tompkins County Legislators Martha Robertson (607 272-0584) and Mike Lane (607 844-8313).

DEMAND that Dryden HALT the Borger Compressor Station expansion by enforcing its local ordinances as well as the letter and the spirit of its Public Utility Approval Moratorium. Underscore that the moratorium must be extended until it achieves its goals.

We are a non-partisan effort, but note that the terms of Town Board members Leifer, Lamb and Servoss as well as County Legislators Robertson and Lane expire on 12/31/17.

Some of the reps might fear for their political futures. Now is the time to crank up the heat. Fractivists can gain maximum attention by:

Accepting no lame excuses for failure to support strict enforcement of all regulatory requirements.

Making clear that you will never vote for any reps who do not fulfill your respectful requests.

Withholding all financial support.

Refusing to support or volunteer for candidates who refuse to enforce the law. As famed New York Governor Al Smith noted, "Public office is a public trust."


In order to double-check the Town's litigation assertions, I submitted a highly detailed Freedom of Information Law request. There was not one word about litigation in the records I obtained. When I asked a local official if litigation had been threatened, he replied, "Not that I know of."

Check out how the Town kept a detailed log of every interaction with me and Dominion: Dryden Town Planner Log of Dominion New Market Pipeline/Borger Compressor Station meetings, phone calls and other activities: 2/17 - 5/17

Thanks to everyone who is helping. Thank you Iowa. Thank you multi-generational residents of Dryden, NY. Thank you Fractivists near and far. Your hard work is deeply appreciated. Keep slugging. Go hard. It is make or break.