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Take Action to Require Governor Cuomo to Protect Incomparable Cayuga Lake From Salt Mining Pollution Threats

Please become a signatory to our NEW self-explanatory: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Prohibit Issuance of State Permits/Authorizations for Salt Mining Under Cayuga Lake and Require a Transition to Salt Mining Only Under Dry Land

See impressive media coverage for the launch of our Protect Cayuga Lake Campaign


I write to request your support for our latest effort to stop Governor Cuomo from permitting extraction mining activities which threaten New York's public health and environment. Our relentless campaign was instrumental in prohibiting shale fracking. Now we are working hard with powerful allies to halt other improper mining practices.

The Infamous Retsof Salt Mine Disaster

In 1994, the State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) failed to prevent the collapse of the largest salt mine in America located in Retsof, NY. This disaster resulted in sinkholes up to 800 feet in diameter, land subsidence, property damage and drinking water well problems that persist to this day.

Stop Expansion of Cargill Corporation's Massive Salt Mine Under Cayuga Lake. Mining Must Only Be Permitted Under Dry Land Surrounding the Lake.

Numerous geologists have documented troubling parallels between the Retsof mine and a huge 13,000-acre salt mine operated directly under Cayuga Lake by Cargill, Inc., the largest private corporation in the nation. Cayuga Lake is one of New York's incomparable Finger Lakes.

See map: Cargill Cayuga Mine

A key concern is that relatively new "small pillar" mining techniques used at these mines could be insufficient to resist powerful geologic forces associated with filled-in glacial valley formations at both mine locations.

A salt mine collapse under Cayuga Lake similar to the Retsof disaster could cause unprecedented and irreversible water quality impacts. More than 30,000 residents drink water supplied from Cayuga Lake.

Demand That Governor Cuomo PROHIBIT ALL PERMITS That Would Directly or Indirectly Expand Salt Mining UNDER Cayuga Lake

Governor Cuomo must prohibit DEC's Division of Mineral Resources from granting a critically important Shaft #4 permit application that is needed for Cargill to continue mining salt directly underneath Cayuga Lake in the years ahead. A decision could be made any day on this application.

Cargill must be required to phase out its existing mine in orderly fashion and begin mining salt under dry land surrounding Cayuga Lake that is more geologically stable. This is precisely what DEC reportedly proposed to company officials.

This strategy could preserve local jobs while safeguarding Cayuga Lake. With those goals in mind, please become a signatory to our self-explanatory: Coalition Letter Which Requests That Governor Cuomo Prohibit Issuance of State Permits/Authorizations for Salt Mining Under Cayuga Lake and Require a Transition to Salt Mining Only Under Dry Land

Phonebank Governor Cuomo at 518 474 8390. Demand that he PROHIBIT ALL PERMITS that would directly or indirectly allow salt mining UNDER Cayuga Lake.

Our Campaign is Off to a Stupendous Start. Many Thanks to Assembly Representatives Barbara Lifton and Steven Englebright

Our Protect Cayuga Lake Campaign is off to a stupendous start. I recently spoke to high-level DEC officials about the Cargill Salt Mine at a meeting convened by Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee Chair, Steven Englebright, who is a trained geologist.

I was joined by Professor Richard A. Young, distinguished geology professor Emeritus at SUNY Geneseo, and Cayuga Lake activist, John Dennis. Professor Young was a consultant to state authorities on the Retsof mine failure. He also played an important technical role in the battle to prohibit shale fracking.

I invite you to review: Professor Richard Young Cayuga Mine Presentations and References

Our new coalition letter echoes a landmark proposal: New York State Assembly Members Lifton and Englebright Request Moratorium for Cargill Shaft #4 permit and Authorizations for Salt Mining Under Cayuga Lake

Please join me in thanking these stellar representatives for their help. Their valiant leadership is a testament to the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee's long-standing record of nationally renowned accomplishments.

Honorable Barbara Lifton: 607 277 8030/

Honorable Steven Englebright: 518-455-4804/

Check out pics of a very nice New York State Assembly Official Welcome 6/15/17


Our hard-hitting campaign packs an enormous wallop because we work very hard 24/7 to conduct highly sophisticated policy analysis, impressive coalition building and extensive media outreach. We also have great friends. Thank you for all of your able assistance.

Onward and upward,


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News Conference - 7/19/2017

New York State Assembly Official Welcome 6/15/17

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