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What All of Our Hard Work Has Achieved/New York Could Soon be the First State in the Union to Halt All Fossil Fuel Production

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I write to report some absolutely thrilling news about our efforts to halt New York's production of natural gas after nearly 200 years of polluting activity.

Between 2007-2008, the two years before Toxics Targeting's Marcellus Shale Campaign was launched, 469 natural gas development wells were reportedly "completed" in New York. This was the state's highest completion rate in twenty years. Fossil fuel firms from all over the world flocked to New York to get in on the natural gas boom.

Since then, however, Toxic Targeting has organized legions of stalwart Fractivists and documented hundreds of natural gas extraction fires, explosions, massive toxic wastewater discharges, contaminated drinking water wells and infrastructure hazards.

As a result, our campaign played a key role in prohibiting shale fracking, halting toxic "produced water" dumping in local wastewater treatment plants, requiring clean up of contaminated well sites and blocking natural gas transport projects.

What All Our Hard Work Has Achieved

All of our unrelenting hard work has driven New York's fossil fuel extraction industry to the brink of extinction. According to Division of Mineral Resources data, from 2014 to 2017, NOT ONE natural gas development well was reportedly "completed" and put into production anywhere in New York.

That is a mind-boggling drop. New York's natural gas boom has obviously gone totally bust.

As a result, natural gas production in New York plunged to the lowest level in nearly 40 years.

See: New York's Stunning Decline in Natural Gas and Oil Production

Statewide oil production has similarly plummeted and would not fill even one backyard swimming pool daily.

Thanks to all our dedicated efforts, New York is on the verge of becoming the first state in the nation to halt fossil fuel production. That would be an unprecedented achievement.

America Got Fracked While New York Did Not

Across America, it is sadly a different story. Environmental groups in other states were unable to replicate our achievements. As a result, shale fracking spread from coast to coast as natural gas production skyrocketed to the highest level ever.

See: U.S. Natural Gas Gross Withdrawls and U.S. Field Production of Crude Oil

Domestic oil production similarly peaked at levels unseen in nearly 50 years.


Despite all the endless promises of a sustainable energy future, the grim reality is that America is more addicted to fossil fuels than ever before due to shale fracking. A vast national fossil fuel infrastructure build-out is also underway that will perpetuate that addiction for decades to come unless it is stopped.

Fortunately, New York remains 100% shale frack-free due to our on-going efforts. Our campaign also has played a key role in stopping nearly $5.0 billion in natural gas infrastructure projects.

I believe that our uniquely effective data research, public policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, coalition building and media outreach campaign packs a wallop unmatched anywhere else in the nation.

Please donate generously to support Toxics Targeting's powerfully effective campaign to end New York's addiction to fossil fuels.

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