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Great Day in Ithaca


Wow, did we have a stupendous day in Ithaca. Thanks so much to the hundreds of people who traveled from hither and yon to attend our early morning gathering and the Cuomo stump event. It was great to meet many of you for the first time.

Check out some photos:

I will forward press coverage. It should be impressive. TV reporters came from Binghamton, Elmira, Syracuse and New York City. There was also extensive local coverage.


I want you all to know that I had the privilege of meeting for more than two hours yesterday with three top-level senior staffers representing the Office of the Attorney General and the Cuomo Gubernatorial Campaign. The meeting began by the Deputy Chief of Staff saying: "A lot of people listen to you." Were it only so. Nevertheless, I believe all the participants displayed a willingness to be open-minded and to learn from each other. I believe the discussion, though full and frank, was highly beneficial. I look forward to further fruitful exchanges.

With that goal in mind, I urged everyone this morning to treat the Attorney General with great respect. By all means, please extend that courtesy to every member of his family, particularly his young children.

I implore you not to speak to his family members about policy matters. Welcome them to your town, exchange pleasantries, but please be absolutely certain to limit your advocacy efforts to Andrew Cuomo and his appropriate campaign staff. Please abide by this important unspoken rule of campaigning.

In conclusion, we are doing our best to persuade Andrew Cuomo about our Marcellus Shale Horizontal Hydrofracking concerns. Developing mutual understanding takes time and is fraught with potential peril. Please exercise patience, forebearance and restraint. Our aim is to be rewarded by our friends, not punished by our enemies.

Thanks, again, for all your help.

Onward and upward,