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Whopping Press Coverage for Welcome Andrew Cuomo to Ithaca / Thank You


I am exceedingly pleased to report that our "Welcome Andrew Cuomo to Ithaca" event received whopping, terrific press coverage. Thank you all for making this effort such an astounding success.

There was a trifecta of articles in the Ithaca Journal, including a front-page piece with a big photo of Mr. Cuomo speaking to activists.

A version of that article also ran on the front-page of the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin.

We received major TV coverage from Syracuse, to Binghamton to Elmira to New York City!!!

We received radio coverage throughout the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions.


I posted a video of the citizen rally before the campaign stump event. You can learn some of the key concepts of bird-dogging candidates. Note that I never speak to candidates the way I speak to activists. I am always restrained. You should be too.


See more photos of the event:

All this coverage documents the intense pressure that Andrew Cuomo is facing on Marcellus Shale Horizontal Hydrofracking decisions.

We are having a powerful impact. Pour it on at every campaign event you hear about.

Show up, bring signs, push for the draft SGEIS to be withdrawn. Always be nice, respectful and polite. Do not disrupt campaign events. Lobby the candidate and his staff only. More guidance on campaign etiquette shortly.

Thanks, again.
Onward and upward,