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New Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo: Oppose a Possible Southern Tier Fracking Demonstration Project and Require Full Enforcement of Executive Order No. 41

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you take immediate action to fulfill the mandates specified by Executive Order No. 41. We ask you to:

1) Withhold issuance of shale gas drilling permits for any demonstration project in Broome, Tioga and Chemung counties, or any other areas of New York. The Executive Order requires that "pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS [Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement, not in the original]..."

2) Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS in order to expand its scope to address a) Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) hydraulic fracturing recently proposed for 135,000 acres in Tioga County and b) New York State mortgage lending programs involving properties with gas and oil leases. These two issues are not analyzed "comprehensively" by the Revised Draft SGEIS. As a result, your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) cannot "ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act..."

3) Require DEC to provide a report on "the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment." That report is mandated "subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period..."

Executive Order No. 41

As one of your first official acts as Governor, you signed an official "continuation" of Executive Order No. 41:

Highlighted below are the key provisions of the Executive Order referenced by our requests:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, David A. Paterson, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order as follows:

1) The Department shall complete its review of the public comments, make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), other provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law and other laws, and ensures (stet) that adequate regulatory measures are identified to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added);

2) On or about June 1, 2011, the Department shall publish a Revised Draft SGEIS, accept public comment on the revisions for a period of not less than thirty days, and may schedule public hearings on such revisions to be conducted in the Marcellus shale region and New York City; and

3) Recognizing that, pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS, the Department, subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period, shall report to the Governor on the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added).


In conclusion, you have gained national renown as a champion of equal rights for all New Yorkers. That is why we request that you afford all New Yorkers equal protection from horizontal hydrauic fracturing hazards. Shale gas extraction must not be allowed in the Southern Tier or any other areas of New York until it is safe for all areas of our state, including the New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

With that goal in mind, the status report mandated by the Executive Order would allow the public to know prior to the adoption of a Final SGEIS precisely how DEC would fully resolve the 40 pages of detailed technical comments submitted by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as well as the 17 critical shortcomings documented in the Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS coalition letter with more than 22,000 signatories.

See: ; and

Until there is a consensus among local, state and federal government authorities as well as potentially impacted parties that these concerns have been fully resolved, we request that you maintain New York's horizontal hydraulic fracturing moratorium.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 3080

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211 White Church Rd
Brooktondale, NY
eileen hughes
Executive chef
5370 Voorheis Rd
Trumansburg, New York
Joseph Honis
4271 Henderson Place
Syracuse, New York
Paula Greene Esq.
2183 Co Hwy 33
Cooperstown, NY
Rachel Treichler
7988 Van Amburg Road
Hammondsport, NY
Charlene Sugihara
879 Pomeroy Rd
Franklin, ny
Gina Nigro
Concerned NYS Citizen
3509 West Ave.
Interlaken, New York
Krys Cail
3110 DuBois Rd.
Ithaca, NY
alisha DeChellis-Phalen
58 Cortland St
Marathon, ny
Richanna Patrick
23 Atkins Ave
Cortland, NY
Martin Myers
761 Adirondack Road, POBox 280
Schroon Lake, New York
MaryBeth Conlon
56 Hamlin St.
Cortland, New York
Laura Glenn
815 N. Tioga St.
Ithaca, NY
Holly Bucalos
4 James St. E.
Sidney, NY
claudia Radin MS
501 south Main St.
Horseheads, NY
Robes London
41 W 76th St, Apt. 3FD
New Yok, NY
Barry Lebost
921 N Mountain Rd.
Gardiner, NY
Richard Strassberg
93 Hillcrest Avenue
Albany, NY
james schroeder
2056 west 21st. st.
chicago, il
Travis Knapp
56 Lieb Rd
Spencer, NY
Barbara Barney
3415 Brandy Bay
Penn Yan, NY
Esther Herkowitz MS Rehabilitation Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mililtary Family Life Consultant
365 Tupper Road
West Danby, NY
David Shoemaker Ph.D.
701 Highland Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Greg Delisle
2216 Shirley Rd.
Berkshire, NY
Jennifer Savran Kelly
7 Redwood Lane
Ithaca, NY
Susan Anderson BA, MT-ASCP, PA-C
Family Practitioner
3630 Lorne Drive
Endicott, NY
Paul Baumann
101 Oak Street Brooklyn NY 11222
Brooklyn, NY
Shari Sant Plummer
PO Box 192
New Kingston, New York
Michael Lakin PhD
41 Muzzy Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Sal Denaro
249 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY
Angelika Rashkow mag.pharm.
Greenough Rd
Cooperstown, NY
Sam Sebren
PO Box 131
Athens, NY
William Barnett PhD
40 Genung Circle
Ithaca, New York
Gary Smith
Executive Director
c/o St. Mary's Church, 59 N. Main St.
Cortland, NY
M Giamei
6434 Curtin Road
Moravia, NY
Elaine Kenzer-Kollegger
12 Saddle Lane
East Hampton, New YorkE
Wendy Fillmore
305 Esty Street
Ithaca, NY
Kim Felter
New Berlin, NY
Victoria Xlander
3765 Brady Hill Road, Binghamton, NY 13903
Binghamton, New York
Ken Zeserson
83 Maplewood Road
Ithaca, NY
Tony Henderson
Project Manager
225 Rachel Carson Way
Dan Belliveau
95 Lafayette Avenue
Geneva, New York
Doreen Tignanelli
29 Colburn Drive
Poughkeepsie, NY
sharon gwin
931 southern pines dr
endwell, ny
Mildred Gittinger
1197 South Country Club Drive
Niskayuna, NY
Sky Pape
680 W 204 St
New York, NY
Sonya Pancaldo
101 Devon Road
Ithaca, New York
Jeanne McNaughton Ms.
P. O. Box 31
Roseboom, NY
Sue scott
1232 Terry Rd.
Ronkonkoma, NY
Maren Herman
85 Starks Road
Newfield, New York
Christine Bainbridge
1450 Mecklenburg Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Richard Averett
PO Box 177
Otego, NY
John Alden Thayer Mr.
60 Coons/Dinch Rd.
Claryville, NY
Patricia Mastrangelo
3204 Briarcliff Avenue
Vestal, New York
deborah Thompson
308 e marshall street
ithaca, NY
Michael Ristorucci
60 First Avenue, #16B
New York, NY
Richard Borkowski
516 W 47th St
New York, New York
Joshua Farrell
98 Jackson Street
Fishkill, NY
Terry Gipson
6369 Mill Street Suite 208
Rhinebeck, NY
Geo Kloppel
227 Tupper Rd
Spencer, NY
j blumberg MOT, LOTR
bloomer rd
lagrangeville, NY
Laurel MAstrogiovanni
217 Hessian Hills Rd
Croton on Hudson, NY
Louis Allstadt
Former Executive Vice President Mobil Oil Corporation
18 Main Street
Cooperstown, NY
richard goldman
5664 pine ridge road
trumansburg, ny
Suzanne McMannis
P.O. Box 4174
Ithaca, New York 14852
diana teta phd
771 south country road
east patchogue, new york
David Nevin
36 Hargrave Street
Rochester, NY
Rhonda DeMulder
431 Ben McCumber Rd
Unadilla , NY
Kendall Carpenter Captain
312 Lake Ave
Ithaca, NY
Richard Seehausen
239 Main st
Hurleyville, NY
Patricia Lia
227 Tupper Rd
Spencer, NY
Lesley Adams The Rev.
630 S. Main St
Geneva, NY
Elizabeth Lanciault LPN
125 Merchant St
Guilford, NY
Lotte Carpenter
Box 209
Freeville, NY
Gail Musante
199 Front St.
Deposit, NY
julien koschmann PhD.
705 ringwood road
ithaca, NY
carol martin
209 C.V. Loop Rd
Harpursville, New York
Marilyn Webb
703 N. Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY
Susan Ruff
6 Kolb Road
Binghamton, NY
Elizabeth MacFarland M.M.
2130 The Plaza
Niskayuna, NY
Judith Abrams PA,LAc
1679 taughannock blvd
Trumansburg, Ny
Mary tartanian
1390 halsey valley rd.
Barton, NY
Martin Jorgensen
1699 Taughannock Blvd.
Trumansburg, New York
andrew timm mr
24 groveland road e-4
geneseo, new york
Ernest Fischer
1108 Airport Road
Binghamton, New York
Alice Lo
83rd Ave
Kew Gardens, NY
Julie Elson
510 West Lawrence St.
Albany, NY
Timothy Montroy
306 Stafford Rd.
Palmyra, NY
Harold Kugelmass PhD
PO Box 264
Interlaken, NY
L. Glasner
27 W. 96 St.
New York, NY
Cindi Girard
35 Watson Blvd
Endwell, NY
Dominique Bischoff-Brown
444 Roosevelt rd
Centre Island, NY
pat kolesar
949 e. maine rd
johnson city, ny
Bart Auble
304 Comstock Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Tonya Engst
CFO, TidBITS Publishing Inc.
Ellis Hollow Neighborhood
Ithaca, NY
Pamela Maxson
4380 Reservoir Rd
Geneseo, NY
Sandra Eleczko DDS
4204 East Lake Road
Livonia, NY
John Vojtisek
1302 Summit St
Endicott, NY
Joan Schumaker
2050C Paine Rd.
Dalton, NY
Amalie Ceen
116 Pinehurst Ave, apt. B43
New York, NY
Fran Littin
1359 Taughannock Blvd
Ithaca, NY
Deawn Hersini
200 Buttermilk Lane
Ithaca, NY
James McCormack
100 Brady Rd
Burlington Flats, NY
Cantor Abbe Lyons
154 Westhaven Road
Ithaca, NY
Jeff Andrysick
farmer to filmmaker
8383 Gallagher Road
Hammondsport, ny
Susan Sandman PhD
106 Auburn St
Ithaca, NY
Stacy Snyder L.Ac.
154 Westhaven Road
Ithaca, NY
Daryl Hartzell
20 Pembroke Drive
Binghamton, NY
Catherine Hall
111 N Jackson Ave
Endicott, NY
Jessica English
406 W Green St apt 2
Ithaca, NY
Chris Stoscheck
207 W. Clinton Street
Ithaca, NY
Margaret Fry Keating
3970 County Rd. 2
Hector, NY
Jeffrey Wood
33 Genung circle
Ithaca, NY
Rick Snyder
8575 SR 256
Dansville, NY
Nicholas Feltch
58 Maspeth Ave., Apt. 3F
Brooklyn, NY
clark Rhoades Pt,
464 Coounty Highway 40
worcester, ny
Emily Clay
Alternative Instructor
680 Trumbulls Corners Rd
Newfield, New York
Paige Smith DVM, PhD
205 Jones Rd
Oxford, NY
ej George
6301 Searsburg Road
Trumansburg, NY
Debra Broderick
11 Pembroke Drive
Binghamton, NY
Nan Crystal Arens PhD
15 College St.
Geneva, NY
Martha K Brewster MA Marriage and Family therapy beekeeper
376 Shaffer Road
Newfield, New York
April Rando
249 Lorraine Avenue
Syracuse, NY
Maureen Carroll
Conlon Road
Lansing, NY
Christa Bissell
137 Pine Tree Rd
Ithaca, NY
Mary Lovelace
2504 Stateoute 79
Trumansburg, NY
Steven Knapp
329 South Geneva Street
Ithaca, NY
Eric Slocum
7187 Jacksonville Rd.
Trumansburg, NY
Martha Ronsheim
8598 Groveland Station Rd
Dansville, NY
Dorothy Tang
423 Beaver Meadow Road
Cooperstown, New York
Gary McDowell
13674 West Lake Road
Hammondsport, New York 14810
Meredith Younger
500 St Johns Pl #6b
Brooklyn, New York
Brian Fontana
2366 Perry City Road
Ithaca, NY
Linda Bevilacqua
964 Finch Rd
Franklin, NY
Shannon Caldwell
1158 Salt Road
Moravia, NY
patricia jacob FNP
129 peebles hill road
oneonta, ny
Heather Healey PhD, PE
106 W State St
Ithaca, NY
Barbara Neville
252 Airport Road
Binghamton, NY
Patricia Puylara
591 Russell Hill Rd
Laurens, NY
Ileen Kaplan-Maxwell
97 Fir Tree Point Road
Rock Stream, New York
Lisa Woodhams
7123 Vineyard Road
Conesus, New York
Mary Jo Wood
33 Genung Circle
Ithaca, NY
Chuck Tauck
7448 County Road 153
Ovid, NY
Helen Ellis
309 West 72nd Street
New York, New York
Michael Twomey Ph.D.
Charles A. Dana Professor of Humanities and Arts
16 John St.
Ithaca, NY
Eileen Driscoll MS
125 Valley View
Ithaca, NY
andrew mell BM,LMT,CNMT
792 S 2nd st
Philadelphia , PA
robert cohen
po box 90
shushan, ny
Arno Selco Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
311 Salem Drive
Ithaca, NY - New York
Thomas Toscano MM, MM.
Artistic Director
Brooklyn, New York
Dennis Turechek
392 Hathaway Road
Otego, New York
David Burkhart
4 Leonard Lane
Binghamton, New York
Tina Niesluchowski
23260 State Hwy 97
Hanock , NY
Ellen McDowell Esq.
13674 West Lake Road
Hammondsport, NY
Jane Winters Reverend
2630 Church Rd.
Reading Center, New York
Eileen Fairbrother Ms
4280 Stone Bridge
Morrisville, NY
Beth Jochum
1311 Muitzeskill Rd.
Schodack Landing, NY
Johanna Tiemann Ph.D.
685 West End Avenue, #15A
New York, NY
Allison Wilson Dr.
Science Director
128 Judd Falls Rd
Ithaca, NY
Arnold Talentino
38 van hoesen street
cortland, ny
Lori Sonken
P.O. Box 4046
Ithaca, NY
A. J. vandenBlink PhD
315 West Washington Avenue
Elmira, NY
David Mitchell
402 Esty Street
Ithaca, NY
Litia Perta PhD
132 N. 1st St #12
Brooklyn, NY
Melanie Sienkiewicz
3117 Knapp Rd
Vestal, NY
zetla elvi PhD
2298 co rt 28
fishs eddy, new york
Margery Pask
317 W. State Street
Ithaca, NY
Mary Lee
Booth Rd
Trumansburg, NY
Diana Souza MFA
277 N. Willard Way
Ithaca, NY
Lisa Romm White
110 Columbia St. #1
Ithaca, NY 14850
Gay Garrison RN, BSN
976 Steam Mil Rd
Ithaca, NY
Luann Waden
7021 Rt 20A
Bloomfield, NY
Ron Riddle
235 Harvey Hill Rd
Ithaca,, NY
Delores Bennett RN
PO Box 556, 11 Martin Brook St.
Unadilla, NY
Michael Hartney The Reverend
210 Reading Road
Watkins Glen, NY
Linda Robbins RN
1120 Chaffee Rd
Arcade, NY
Dagmar Langlois
retired teacher
25 Newcrest Drive
Rochester, NY
Carl Letson, Jr
3370 Carman Road
Binghamton, New York
Mike Hudak PhD
38 Oliver Street
Binghamton, NY
Diane MacLean
625 Stonehedge Dr
Vestal, NY
Lisa Weston Bialy
Resident of the Southern Tier
132 David Ave
Vestal, NY
Lucienne Binkerd-Dale
39 Lower Creek Rd
Ithaca, New York
Nedra Harvey
275 Berkeley St.
Rochester, New York
Orysia Tunick
41 Azalea Drive
Apalachin, NY
Jenny Lisak
2975 rte 410
Punxsutawney, PA
Jane Pedersen
502 Cayuga Heights Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Ronald Herring Professor
208 Kline Rd
Ithaca, NY
Amy Gallen
48 Maple Ave
Katonah , NY
janet weinberg dr.
linn st
ithaca, ny
Donna Hooker
111 Brookwood Road
Rochester, NY
margaret doherty
10851 Bohemian way
Hammondsport, New Yorkmus
Nicole Dillingham, JD
President, Board of Directors
PO Box 101
Springfield Center, New York
ellen white weir
111 christian hill road
cooperstown, new york
Marc Messing
PO Box 4046
Ithaca, NY
Alex Brownstein Esq.
1082 Regent Street
Niskayuna, NY
Walda Chesnut LCSW-R
1082 Regent Street
Niskayuna, NY
Curt Akin
2388 County Highway 11
Mount Vision, NY
Robert Schecter
211 Adair Rd
Cherry Valley, NY
Maureen Culbert
5469 U.S. 20
E. Springfield, NY
George Slobodnyak
116 Lilac Dr.
Horseheads, NY
Larraine McNulty
156 Pritchard Road
West Winfield, NY
Jennifer Canfield
2334 Kamm Rd.
Marietta, NY
David Pannett
115 Franklin Ave.
Yonkers, NY
Amy Trompetter Ms.
413 Main St.
Rosendale, NY
karen morean
8006 CR 153
interlaken, nY
Peter Q. Eschweiler A.I.C.P.
36 Wilton Road
Pleasantville, NY
Elizabeth Royte
490 Seventh Street
Brooklyn, NY
Kathleen Nolan MD, MSL
Executive Director
PO Box 16
Mount Tremper, NY
steve hopkins
6 Peck Ave # 62-B
Rye, N Y
Paul Moskowitz
2015 Hunterbrook Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Edith Kantrowitz
333 McDonald Avenue - #5D
Brooklyn, NY
Susan Carpenter
Land Preservation Director
403 Harris Road
Bedford Hills, NY
Frankie DeMarco
241 Sixth Ave., #11C
New York, NY
will lisak
75 stewart ave
brooklyn, New York
Michael Rider
1530 Ellis Hollow Road
Ithaca, New York
Howard Weinblatt
2684 Kenyonville Rd.
Albion, NY
Peter Campbell
P.O. Box 26
Hector, NY
Carolyn Tavares
2192 Mecklenburg Rd
Ithaca, NY
Ellen Knopf
77 Bleecker Street
New York, New York, 10012
Abbey Tavares
2192 Mecklenburg Rd
Ithaca, NY
Emily Tavares
2192 Mecklenburg Rd
Ithaca, NY
Andrew Tavares
2192 mecklenburg rd
ithaca, ny
Savanah thompson
2192 mecklenburg rd
ithaca, ny
Melanie S. Maroney
186 Billy Brown Rd
Pharsalia, NY
Chris Weinert
92 California
Buffalo, NY
Amy Cannon
PO Box 221
Fly Creek, NY
Kimberley Galindez
58 Rush Avenue
Binghamton, NY
Richard Dale
392 Locke Rd.
Groton, NY
Kenneth Katz
5022 Clearview Expy.
Oakland Gardens, NY
Joe Holdner PAS
109 Grassy Ridge Road
Olivebridge, NY
Carla Kinney
437 Kelsey Lane
Erieville, NY
Roberta Wiernik
43 Longview Ln
chappaqua, NY
Barbara Loeffler
1704 Prosser Hollow Rd
Oneonta, New York
karni griffin
4129 vestal rd
vestal, ny
Paul Stein
2831 County Highway 18
South New Berlin, NY
mary katzenstein Ph.D
Ellis Hollow Road
ithaca , new york
Richard Ferro
89 S. Chenango St
Greene, NY
Lisa Bice
4490 NE Townline RD
Marcellus, ny
John Parker
503 N. Page ave.
Endicott, NY
Lucy Mellor
881 County Rt. 26
Fly Creek, NY
Susan Freedland
1601 third Ave. Apt. 12HW
New York, NY
Carrie Cohen
45 Bald Hill School Rd
Brooktondale, NY
Marion J Karl Resident of the Town of Middlefield
24 Mill Street
Cooperstown, NY
Giovanni Mastracchio MSEd, MPH, CTRS, CHES
169 Church St.
White Plains, NY
Damon Bishop
32-20 Broadway, #3a
Astoria, NY
michael bertenthal
6 winding lane
vestal, new york
Wendy Sacks
443 Second Street
Brooklyn, NY
Patricia Humbert
763 Turnpike Rd
Almond, NY
Dean Humbert
763 Turnpike Rd
Almond, NY
Allyson Kinney
437 Kelsey Lane
Erieville, NY
Kevin McMahon
383 Ferguson Rd
Freeville, NY
Jill Lewis
1 S Wheaton Rd
Horseheads, NY
Les Lewis
1 S. Wheaton Rd
Horseheads, NY
Donna Lassiter
Director on the Board
2 Reinhardt Lane
Croton on Hudson, NY
Jeanne Simonelli PhD; MPH
Professor of Anthropology and Community Development
216 Cemetary Hill Rd
Oneonta, NY
Susan J. Huxtable
Old Stone House. PO Box 59
West Winfield, New York
Kathleen Van Buskirk
6781 Richmond Mills Rd
Livonia Center, New York 14488
Steven J. Levy
78 North Broadway E House
White Plains, NY - New York
Alicia Molloy
72 Stevens Street
White Plains, New York
Ian Rosenstein PhD
6971 Reservoir Road
Clinton, NY
John Humphries
117 Hopkins Road
Ithaca, NY
rhea garen
117 hopkins rd
ithaca, ny
Mikell Herrick
789 Tinker Tavern Rd.
Webster, NY
Wendy Wall Ph.D.
313 Front Street
Owego, NY
Dan Ceppa
240 N Harrison St
Johnson City, NY
Joel Rabinowitz
Executive Director
206 Elm St.
Groton, NY
megan johnston
4050 shuler road
alpine, new york
George Liem
2516 Saddlebrook Dr.
Vestal, NY
Barry Baldridge
513 S Benita Blvd.
Vestal, NY
Karyn Sochacki
629 Front Street
Union Beach, NJ
Natalia Emlen
119 Eastlake Road
Ithaca, NY
Elaine Zablocki
100 Caswell St.
Afton, N.Y. 13730
Kristie Snyder
642 Valley Rd.
Brooktondale, NY
Glen Robertson
642 Valley Rd.
Brooktondale, NY