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New Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo: Oppose a Possible Southern Tier Fracking Demonstration Project and Require Full Enforcement of Executive Order No. 41

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you take immediate action to fulfill the mandates specified by Executive Order No. 41. We ask you to:

1) Withhold issuance of shale gas drilling permits for any demonstration project in Broome, Tioga and Chemung counties, or any other areas of New York. The Executive Order requires that "pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS [Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement, not in the original]..."

2) Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS in order to expand its scope to address a) Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) hydraulic fracturing recently proposed for 135,000 acres in Tioga County and b) New York State mortgage lending programs involving properties with gas and oil leases. These two issues are not analyzed "comprehensively" by the Revised Draft SGEIS. As a result, your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) cannot "ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act..."

3) Require DEC to provide a report on "the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment." That report is mandated "subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period..."

Executive Order No. 41

As one of your first official acts as Governor, you signed an official "continuation" of Executive Order No. 41:

Highlighted below are the key provisions of the Executive Order referenced by our requests:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, David A. Paterson, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order as follows:

1) The Department shall complete its review of the public comments, make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), other provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law and other laws, and ensures (stet) that adequate regulatory measures are identified to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added);

2) On or about June 1, 2011, the Department shall publish a Revised Draft SGEIS, accept public comment on the revisions for a period of not less than thirty days, and may schedule public hearings on such revisions to be conducted in the Marcellus shale region and New York City; and

3) Recognizing that, pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS, the Department, subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period, shall report to the Governor on the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added).


In conclusion, you have gained national renown as a champion of equal rights for all New Yorkers. That is why we request that you afford all New Yorkers equal protection from horizontal hydrauic fracturing hazards. Shale gas extraction must not be allowed in the Southern Tier or any other areas of New York until it is safe for all areas of our state, including the New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

With that goal in mind, the status report mandated by the Executive Order would allow the public to know prior to the adoption of a Final SGEIS precisely how DEC would fully resolve the 40 pages of detailed technical comments submitted by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as well as the 17 critical shortcomings documented in the Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS coalition letter with more than 22,000 signatories.

See: ; and

Until there is a consensus among local, state and federal government authorities as well as potentially impacted parties that these concerns have been fully resolved, we request that you maintain New York's horizontal hydraulic fracturing moratorium.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 3080

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Nada Khader
Executive Director
52 North Broadway
White Plains, NY
Chip Gagnon
Associate Professor of Politics
504 Utica St
Ithaca, NY
Jennifer Barrett
206 St. John's Place
Plattsburgh, NY
Anne Fleurat
1375 Hayes Dr
Yorktown, NY
rebecca veselka
316 10th street
Brooklyn, NY
sarah silverlight
504 broadway
troy, ny
Claire Stoscheck
Clinton St.
Ithaca, NY
Rodolfo Nunez
117 E York St
Ithaca, NY
Patricia Canini
3521 Tulip Drive
Yorktown Heights, , NY
Roberto Romano
1430 County Highway 8
Otego, NY
D. Iris Thor
410 Bunn Hill Road
Vestal, NY
Judith Hyman
632 Bostwick Road
Ithaca, NY
Autumn Stoscheck
308 Beckhorn Hollow Rd
Van Etten, NY
Barbara Klockowski
61 Floral Ave
Cortland, NY
Beverly Singer
2 Denton Rd
Binghamton, NY
Joi Washburn RN
7088 sutton Rd.
Newark, NY
joseph day
89 park ave. binghamton ny 13903
Binghamton, new york
Constance Barnes
65 Murray Street
Binghamton, NY
Phyllis Bock
328 Mountain Rd
Jefferson Valley, NY
mary cronk
32 jason drive
binghamton, New York
Stephen Singer
445 ferguson rd
Freeville, New York
Penny Baron PhD
445 Ferguson Rd
Freeville, NY
Heather Glodek
1734 State Route 12
Binghamton, New York
Allison Jones
137 Axtell Rd.
Maryland, NY
Norman Woodruff
Concerned citizen
1664 State Route 28
Mohawk, New York
Chris Burger
110 Walters Road
Whitney Point, NY
Yvonne LaMontagne RN
809 Five Mile Drive
Ithaca, NY
Michelle Brearley
545 Ridge Road
Vestal, NY
David Holmes
5859 Hill Road
Madison, New York
Barbara Holmes
5859 Hill Road
Madison, New York
George Mundt, Jr.
P.O. Box 187
Newark Valley, NY
Eric Mundt
100 Imperial Circle
Rochester, NY
Laurie Mundt M.Ed.
100 Imperial Circle
Rochester, NY
Leni Mundt
100 Imperial Circle
Rochester, NY
Jennifer Mundt M.Ed.
P.O. Box 549
Brant Rock, MA
Peter Mundt M.Ed.
P.O. Box 549
Brant Rock, MA
Seth Bensel
16 The Byway
Ithaca, NY
James Ewanco
3616 Rath Ave
Endwell , New York (Broome County)b
Erin Heaton
Vice Chair
40 Sarles Street
Armonk, New York
Richard Allen MD
43 Forest Acres Dr.
Ithaca, NY
Evelyn Cronise
7428 Red Tail Dr.
Bloomfield, NY
Marianne Krieg
614 S. Plain Street
Ithaca, NY
Arnold Bradshaw
548 E Enfield Center Road
Ithaca, NY
Cathy Farris
40 Church Road
Mountaindale, NY
Antonia Shouse-Salpeter MA
116 Westbourne Lane
Ithaca, NY
Keith Said, Jr
785 West End Avenue
New York, NY
Barbara Chasin Ph.D
Professor Emerita
129 Rachel Carson Way
Ithaca, NY
Patricia Peckham
1300 Baptist Church Rd
Yorktown Hghts, NY
Adrienne Little
22 Lincoln Ave
Binghamton, NY
Michael Little PhD
22 Lincoln Ave
Binghamton, NY
Aimee Heavey
271 Ridgefield Rd
Endicott, NY
Kim Donius
6444 Palmiter Road
Alfred Station, NY
Elizabeth Prinzi MS, BS
7069 Transit Road
Elba, NY
eliot fiks
39 south washington st
binghamton, ny
Colleen Callan
59-39 174th Street
Fresh Meadows, New York
Elaine Livingston BS Chemistry, MS Chemistry, MAT Math
1403 Glenwood Road
Vestal, NY
Dan Purnine
359 Buckingham
Syracuse, Ny
Cynthia Westerman
116 Carol Ave
Vestal, NY
Julie Longmore
7499 West Seneca Tpke
Manlius, NY
Irina Peress
110 Carter Creek Road
Newfield, NY
Margaret Roe
7 Audubon Drive
Cazenovia, NY
Jennifer Taylor
6901 Woodchuck Hill Rd
Fayetteville, N.Y.
William Flank Ph.D.
1021 Hardscrabble Road
Chappaqua, NY
Steve Kaplan Dr.
Member and former Board Member
1673 Summit Street
Yorktown Heights, NY
Lewis Klingensmith P.E.
2461 Morrcrest Drive
Corning, NY
Carole Fisher MS
15 Cornell Walk
Ithaca, New York
Katherine Funk
2789 Forest Hill Drive
Corning, New York
Angie Dickerson
336 Echo road
Vestal, NY
AJ Weheliye
336 Echo Road
Vestal, NY
Brianna Kelly
Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, NY - New York
E Gail Walder
4633 Chestnut Road
Newfane, NY
Sarah Funk
2789 Forest Hill Dr
Corning, NY
David Bartlem
625 Herr Road
Andes, New York
Miles McCarty
6 Cedar drive
Freeville, New York
Virginia Snider
24 Scott Dr
Williamsville, NH
Vik Rai
24 Thayer St.
New York, New York
VESTAL, New York
Kaleb Winters
210 1/2 North 7th Street
Olean, New York
Scott Noren DDS
US Senate candidate
425 Cayuga Heights Road
Ithaca, NY
Cecile Lawrence Ph.D., J.D.
14 Alpine Drive
Apalahcin, NY
Gale Lyons
1013 lake Street
Elmira, NY
Ruth Hyde Mrs.
Lifetime Member
61 Fernboro Road
Rochester, NY
Kristine Regan
1421 ny route 26 south
Vestal, Ny
Galloway Joseph
30 Ardsley Road
Binghamton, New York
elizabeth Murphy
1257 state hwy 166
Cooperstown, NY
Joan Indusi
141 Charter Circle
Ossining, NY
Ann Hamm
4 Redwood Lane
Ithaca, NY
Kathy Cronin
15 Starr Ave
Binghamton, NY
Cynthia Burger CAE
110 Walters Road
Whitney Point, NY
David MacEwan
27 Davis St
Binghamton, NY
Diana Kenyon
4137 Gregory Rd.
Binghamton, New York
Marvin Kenyon
4137 Gregory Rd.
Binghamton, NY
Heather Kirkland MsEd
583 McFall Rd
Apalachin, NY
John Gerty
Professor Emeritus-Physics, Broome Community College
847 Squirrel HIll Rd
Greene, NY
Dr. Thomas Jiunta DPM, MA
Executive Board Member
252 Hayfield Rd.
Shavertown, Pa
Greg Emerson
45 Bald Hill school Road
Brooktondale, NY
Christian Sezenias
60 Lathrop Ave.
Binghamton, New York
Donald Glauber PHD
117 Rock Road
Vestal, NY
les stone photographer
po box 211
claryville , ny
Mildred Crandall
29 Robinson St.
Binghamton, New York
James Little
1103 Broad St.
Endicott, NY
Lisa Bertuzzi RN
658 Spencer Rd.
Ithaca, NY
barbara lubell PhD
229 malden ave
palenville, NY
Ruth Hardinger
20 North Moore St
New York, NY
Lisa Hoffman
1528 Drexel Dr.
Vestal, NY
Earl Walker
35 Chestnut Street
Binghamton, NY
Carol Sweeney
23 Alpine Drive
Apalachin, New York
Mary Nilsen
94 Dahlgren
Brooklyn, NY
David Collins
513 valley road
Brooktondale, New York
Seyna Bruskin
11 Rotary Ave
Binghamton, NY
Bryan Beaudoin
583 Mcfall road
Apalachin, New York
Lisa Barr MA, PhD, JD
Media educator
P.O. Box 1539 Oneonta NY 13820
Oneonta, NY
Elizabeth Graham
407 Edsall Rd
Dryden, NY
Kimery Levering PhD
35 Chestnut Street
Binghamton, NY
Thomas Zaslavsky
11 Rotary Ave.
Binghamton, New York
Gundula Lee
3 Benjamin Hill Rd
Newfield, NY
Theresa Delafield
1937 Bradley Creek Rd.
Endicott, NY
Eleanor Dozier
11 Benjamin Hill Rd.
Newfield, NY
Alan Steinberg
40 High Street
Afton, NY
John Fay RRT
1 Edgewood Road
Binghamton, NY
Robert Earle
2453 Theresa Blvd
Binghamton, New York
Char Reinsel
22 Louisa Street
Binghamton, NY
Megan Middendorf MSed
2069 NYS Rt 26 South
Vestal, New York
Jean Schlafer
2116 County Rd 35
Ellen Harrison
2050 Ellis Hollow Road,
Ithaca, NY
Craig and Julie Sautner
Loss of water by Natural Gas and Oil Drilling/Fracking
carter road
montrose, pa
Susan Multer MSW, MS
3005 Watkins Road
Horsaeheads, NY
Tony Donnolo M.S.
51 Beale Blvd
Sidney, N.Y.
Jennifer Houston Rn CNM
1081 high falls
Catskill, NY
Rosanne Potter
19 Montour Street
Binghamton, New York
joe weil
2221 vestal road
vestal, NY
Kathleen Eaton Great Grandmother
1255 Vestal Ave
Binghamton, New York
Kim Benson
3702 Saddleback Rd
Canandaigua, New York
Carmine Pasquale
2033 Albany Rd.
Frankfort, NY
Christine Lapham
213 West 2nd Street #201
Corning, NY
Nancy McGee
901 Case Drive
Vestal, NY
John O'Grady PhD
60 Barnum Road
Maplecrest, New York
Julie Sharma DMA
619 Lake Dr
Medford, NY
Wendy Bandurski-Miller B.A Edu
2661 Hathaway road
Sempronius, NEW YORK
Linda DeVona MST
Afton, NY
Mary Campbell
9959 Mutton Hollow Rd
Prattsburgh, NY
Dan Mirer
115 E 1st St.
Corning, NY
George Billard
995 State Route 55
Eldred, NY
Sally Doty Voter
Spisak Rd
Afton, NY
Mary Jane Uttech RN, MS
Deputy Public Health Director
2290 State Rt. 221
Marathon, NY
Jill Amey Leighty
135 Hollow Road
Pond Eddy, NY
Linda Lenhardt
PO Box 338
Marietta, NY
tamra cook
2229 lodi st #1
syracuse, ny
Johnny Asia
PO Box 14
Shandaken, NY
Melissa Ouimette CYT
1252 Colesville Road
Binghamton, NY
Catherine Sebastian
Music hill road
Woodstock, New York
Joe Benson
3702 Saddleback Road
Canandaigua, NY
Ann Leonard
46 Hammond Hill
Freeville, NY
Donna Biondollilo
73 County route 12
Westtown, New York
Martin Ozmina
5912 N. Rockwell
Chicago, IL
Amanda Montgomery
114 Tinker St
Woodstock, NY
Edwin Thompson
61 Pitkin Hill Road
Johnson City, New York
Tiffany Leighton
5912 N Rockwell St
Chicago, IL
Teresa Creeden
50 Sunrise Drive
Binghamton, New York
paul velsor
1202 javelyn lane
stroudsburg, pa 18360
elizabeth mitchell
PO BOx 159
Mont Tremper, NY
Nira Chambliss
1903 Coddington Road
Brooktondale, NY
Cynthia McGahee
232 Frisbee Road
East Meredith, NY
Moshe roberts
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY
Ryan Roche
515 Hurley Avenue
Hurley, NY
patricia Wood
Executive Director
52 Main Street
Port Washington, NY
robert orinski
421 blakesely nurse hollow road
afton, ny
Tamara Barrows
3259 Phillips Road
Marathon, New York
Kathleen Johnson
236 Dodge Lodge Rd
Richmondville, NY
ST 3515 78ST ST
Amy Lapp
972 yale farm rd
romulus, ny
Rhonda House Rev.
PO Box 2190
Liverpool, New York
kenneth willet
41 paige street
owego, new york
donald woodard
41 paige street
owego, new york
Amanda Hogan
533 Columbus Ave
Syracuse, New York
Marion Perkus Dr.
Jim Lane Road
Bovina Center, NY
AJ Kulesza
31 McNamara Ave
Binghamton, New York
Ilene Marder
Powder Mill Road
Saugerties, New York
Margaret Bazura
90 Dunk Hill Rd
Walton, NY
Marena Nellos Lemieux
249 Center Street
Franklin, New York
Anita Williams
4406 Belleflower Circle
Syracuse, NY
Cheryl Sullivan
Office Manager Liberal Arts Department
1452 Oakdale Road
Johnson City, NY
Jean Grandizio
5720 Burr Rd
Trumansburg, New York
Francis J. Lemieux
249 Center Street
Franklin, New York
Ciaran Moloney
10 DeerLake Road
Windsor, NY
Rosemary McCarty
18 Denishire Drive
Rochester, New York
Stacy Clark
4504 Glenwick La Dallas TX 75205
Dallas, Tx
Matthew Terry
87 clay street
Brooklyn, NY
Gregory Papa
1005 Glenwood Rd.
Vestal, NY
Leigh Melander MA, Ph.D.
174 Mayer Road
Andes, NY
Janelle Daddona
3792 Riverside Drive
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Janet Shay
738 Ringwood Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Matthew Maholchic
53 Hillview Drive
Norwich, NY
Judith Arnold
868 E Maine Rd
Johnson City, NY
Mark Tucker
301 Gunderman Rd.
Ithaca, NY
Nancy Chusid
115 Beaverkill Road
kingston, NY
Michael Gogins
150 West 95th St. #4-D
New York, NY
Jonathan McNamara
Executive Directorc
4 william st
Owego, NY
Nicolas Meyering BA
Co-Executive Director
447 Plaza Drive, Apartment 52
Vestal, NY
8087 Highland Farms Drive
East Amherst, New York
clark Rhoades Pt.
464 Coounty Highway 40
worcester, ny
Janet VanEtten
147 Starks Road
Newfield, New York
kathryn griffith
136 hawthorne st
vestal, ny
Judy Lauper
4167 Buck Hill Rd. S.
Trumansburg, NY !4886
Paula Bacorn
2230 E River Road
Nichols, NY
anthony edwards
pob 80095
brooklyn, new york
Katherine Holley MS, LMT
907 S. Jensen Rd.
Vestal, NY
Thomas Morrissey
4153 NV Maine Rd
Newark Valley, ny
Phillip Shapiro MA
979 Harford Road
Dryden, NY
Christopher Nuttle
119 middaugh rd
Brooktondale, Ny
Nancy Wallace
36 Deming Drive
Endicott, NY
Susan Darrow
Woodstock, NY
Edward Kamin Jr. PhD
249 Knight Rd
Vestal, NY
ethan warren
8 rega road
fishkill, new york
dena brozovic cna
218 Taylor Avenue
Endicott, N.Y.
Regina Mason
1216 State Highway 235
Harpursville, NY
Helen McLean
PO Box 835
Franklin, NY
Sue Smith-Heavenrich
115 Hubbard Hill Rd
Candor, NY
Benita Roth
143 Crary Avenue
Binghamton, Ny
Melissa Shade
934 Neal Rd
Endicott, NY
Marie Spencer
224 Kimble Rd
Vestal, NY
Paula Lesso
228 Noyes Road
Vestal, New York
Lisa Peters
8 Grippen Hil Rd
Vestal, NY
Erin Potter
56 harry L Dr.
Kirkwood, NY
Brian Wall PhD
4008 Drexel Drive
Vestal, NY
Marguerite Ferro-Cotten
Caring Environmentalist
5 East Niles Rd, Apt 2
Binghamton, NY
The Rev. Linda Wilson M.Th., FCR
President & C. E. O. of the first and priest of the second
627 Roses Brook Rd. P. O. Box 154
South Kortright, NY
Mark LaClair
152 Miles Ave
Syracuse, NY
Donald Brister MS
69 Highland Avenue
Binghamton, NY
Lynda Engholm M.S.Ed
619 Plainfield ST
Kingston, New York
Lisa Brothwell PhD
8584 Stanfield Rd.
Colden, NY
Wesley Robinson
284 Barnes Road
Norwich, New York
Robert Jr. Brearley
545 Ridge Road
Vestal, New York
Amy Davis Dr.
2017 Selby Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Georgia Stormes RYT500
4215 Deer Haven Ct
Tully, NY
Lynne Theophanis MSW
225 Front Street
Vestal, NY
Debbie Samardjian
891 South Lake Road
Middlesex, New York
Jim Pelton
5905 s vine valley rd
Middlesex, NY
Erinn Burke-Hecker RN, BSN, CCRN
796 Flowerdale RD
Seaford, NY
yvonne taylor
po box 776
burdett, ny
Diane Boyle RN
106 edwards rd
binghamton, new york
Jennifer Youngs
301 Brook Hill Ave
Vestal, NY
Chris Sorrentino
12 Autumn Ridge
Newburgh, NY
Barbara McPhail
179 Gorham Street
Canandaigua, NY
Tina Folger LCSW
217 Raiford Road
Vestal, New York
Denise Petersen
590 Ridge Road
Vestal, NY
Darlyne Mitchell Ms.
315 Ostrum Road
Kirkwood, NY
Lisa Holmes
69 Gunderman Rd.
Ithaca, NY
feldman cynthia LCSW
Bunn Hill Rd.
Vestal, NY
Mary Jamieson
18 West Hill Rd
Vestal, New York
Kaitlin Drouin
Leroy St
Binghamton, NY
Jessica Bush
106 Fillmore Ave. #1
Endicott, NY
Susan Miner
7216 Creek Rd.
Oneida, New York
Jennifer Forte LMT, CLT
210 N. Geneva Street
Ithaca, NY
Lauren Holland
197 Spring Street
Albany, NY
bryan hadley
175 fall street
seneca falls, new york
Christine Milisavljevich
14 Butterfield Road
Richford, NY
Kathryn Hadley
3939 Post Road
Geneva, NY
Nancy Lee Retired Educator
6003 State Route 26
Whitney Point, NY
Kimberlin Milisavljevich
14 Butterfield rd
Richford, Ny
Michael Lloyd
Founder, Owner and Operator
275 Mason Road
Waterville, NY
Mary McVannan McCue
75 Riverside Drive
Johnson City, NY
Lynn Lersch
Planning Board Member
867 S.Lake Road
Middlesex, NY
Mary Bennett
Box 358
Buffalo, NY
Mr. Jamie Kubala
Someone Who Doesn't Want Benzene in Their Water
294 Belmont Ave.
Buffalo, New York
Douglas Diegert Mr
317 Jones Road
Vestal, NY
Monique Heenan
PO Box 67
Bearsville, NY
Stacey Burke
108 Montrose Ave
Owego, NY
Wanda Mead Campbell
73 Aldrich Ave.
Binghamton, New York
Seamus Kennedy LAc LMT
Director, Owner, Practitioner
356 W First St
Elmira, NY
Jessica Collins
Swartlick Rd
Owego, New York
Judith Giblin
46 Dennison Avenue
Binghamton, NY
Pam Gueldner
Council Organizer
28 Brooktondale Rd.
Ithaca, New York