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New Coalition Letter to Governor Cuomo: Oppose a Possible Southern Tier Fracking Demonstration Project and Require Full Enforcement of Executive Order No. 41

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the undersigned, write to request that you take immediate action to fulfill the mandates specified by Executive Order No. 41. We ask you to:

1) Withhold issuance of shale gas drilling permits for any demonstration project in Broome, Tioga and Chemung counties, or any other areas of New York. The Executive Order requires that "pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS [Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement, not in the original]..."

2) Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS in order to expand its scope to address a) Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) hydraulic fracturing recently proposed for 135,000 acres in Tioga County and b) New York State mortgage lending programs involving properties with gas and oil leases. These two issues are not analyzed "comprehensively" by the Revised Draft SGEIS. As a result, your Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) cannot "ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act..."

3) Require DEC to provide a report on "the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment." That report is mandated "subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period..."

Executive Order No. 41

As one of your first official acts as Governor, you signed an official "continuation" of Executive Order No. 41:

Highlighted below are the key provisions of the Executive Order referenced by our requests:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, David A. Paterson, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order as follows:

1) The Department shall complete its review of the public comments, make such revisions to the Draft SGEIS that are necessary to analyze comprehensively the environmental impacts associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing combined with horizontal drilling, ensure that such impacts are appropriately avoided or mitigated consistent with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), other provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law and other laws, and ensures (stet) that adequate regulatory measures are identified to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added);

2) On or about June 1, 2011, the Department shall publish a Revised Draft SGEIS, accept public comment on the revisions for a period of not less than thirty days, and may schedule public hearings on such revisions to be conducted in the Marcellus shale region and New York City; and

3) Recognizing that, pursuant to SEQRA, no permits may be issued prior to the completion of a Final SGEIS, the Department, subsequent to the conclusion of the public comment period, shall report to the Governor on the status of the Final SGEIS and the regulatory conditions that are necessary to include in oil and gas well permits to protect public health and the environment (emphasis added).


In conclusion, you have gained national renown as a champion of equal rights for all New Yorkers. That is why we request that you afford all New Yorkers equal protection from horizontal hydrauic fracturing hazards. Shale gas extraction must not be allowed in the Southern Tier or any other areas of New York until it is safe for all areas of our state, including the New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

With that goal in mind, the status report mandated by the Executive Order would allow the public to know prior to the adoption of a Final SGEIS precisely how DEC would fully resolve the 40 pages of detailed technical comments submitted by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as well as the 17 critical shortcomings documented in the Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS coalition letter with more than 22,000 signatories.

See: ; and

Until there is a consensus among local, state and federal government authorities as well as potentially impacted parties that these concerns have been fully resolved, we request that you maintain New York's horizontal hydraulic fracturing moratorium.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Total Signatory Count: 3080

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Marion Cassie
4735 W. Lake Rd
Canandaigua, NY
Melissa Hildebrant
134 Chuch Street #1
Barton, NY
Edward Kirstein
88 Roosevelt Avenue
Roxbury, NY
Kris Kelly
Mutton Hill
Cazenovia, ny
janet marsh
218 steinbacker road
sidney, new york
Andrea Rankin
437 McLean Rd.
Cortland, NY
Christen Jennings
43 Horvath Drive
Ithaca, New York
Gretchen Herrmann Ph.D.
433 Bostwick Rd.
Ithaca, NY
paul manuszewski
24 ellis rd
binghamton, ny
Diane Apker
134 Church Street
Barton, New York
Robert Grunden
410 Englewood Ave.
Syracuse, NY
Timothy Taugher Fr.
1031 Chenango Street
Binghamton, New York
Elizabeth Stone
255 Parkside Avenue
Buffalo, NY
Michael von Sacher-Masoch
PO Box 5273
Everett, WA
jason gallagher
305 Hamilton Valley Rd
Spencer, New York
Barbara Gregson
328 Robinson Rd
Guilford, NY
Toni Rorapaugh
2976 Rte 26 S.
Vestal, NY
Paul Kochmanski MA
Board of Directors Member
243 Huntington Ave. #3
Buffalo, New York
Robert Ward PhD
2075 Risser Road
Canandaigua, NY
Rob Rieber bankrupt biodiesel producer
195 ballyhack rd
port crane, ny
Constance McKinney MSW
20 Sheldon St.
Binghamton, NY
john cozzi
11 Music Hill Road
Woodstock, NY
Toni Bruno
22 Seminary Avenue
Binghamton, New York
Kara Christenson Miss
1963 Howard Hill Rd.
Newark Valley, NY
Victoria Jordan Ph.D.
water drinker
146 Coddington Road
Ithaca, NY
Linda Moore
13 Stone Street
Binghamton, NY
Loren Larkin
173 Stage Rd
South Otselic, NY
stephen&Cheryl richter
274 straw hill road
barton, N.Y.
Sandra S. Johnson
3674 State Route 215
Cortland, NY
Sarah Brothwell
6195 powers rd
Orchard park , NY
Tomas Quezada
14 washington avenue
Endicott, New York
Rebeca Waldron
230 wexham drive
Reading, Pa
Michael Pfleger
21-23 Exchange St.
Binghamton, NY
Lauren Cemelli
8 Walnut St
Binghamton, NY
nina Pesante MD
300 main street
vestal, NY
Maria Mikades
1655 Nanticoke Rd.
Endicott, NY
Nancy Wade-Hull
4057 State Rte 26
Whitney Point, New York
Joan Goldberg MFA
6570 Hillcrest Rd
Orchard Park, NY
Deborah Herman
503 Rhodes Rd.
Apalachin, NY
Sally Crossley
165 Leroy Street
Binghamton, New York
Hilde Tingey
639 Jones Road
Vestal, New York
Elizabeth Simonson
3906 Route 212
Lake Hill, NY
Rick White
2614 Grandview Place
Endicott, NY
nichole vertuli
405 liberty ave
endicott, ny
Chris Pellicano
65 Church St
Alison Eromin
36 Park Terrace Place
Binghamton, NY
Charlotte Hildebrandt
3035 State Route 26
Vestal, NY
Martin Kass M.D.
204 Imperial Ct.
Vestal, NY
Gary Hoffman
891 South Lake Road
Middlesex, NY
Linda Sheive PhD
1193 South Lake Road
Middlesex, New York
Cynthia Campbell
304 Hone Rd
Cherry Valley, NY
Eric Marsheski
7 Margaret St
Binghamton, NY
Jo-Ann O'Brien
4591 Misty Hill Drive
Canandaigua, NY
Annlouise Cirelli
60 Oakbrook Drive, Unit E
Williamsville, N.Y. 14221
Elizabeth Davis RN
166 Catlin Hill Road
Owego, NY
James Faliveno
907 Dietchie Road
Cherry Valley, NY
Howard Hannum
1221 Higley Rd
Sidney Center, NY
Heidi Schwaninger PhD
210 Creamery Rd
Harford , NY
Kim Knight
4 Buffalo Rd
Brooktondale, NY
Linde van Groeningen
County Road 38
Bainbridge, NY
Tracy Donovan Laughlinl Esquire
284 Neilsen Road, P.O. Box 217
Cherry Valley, New York
John Hale BS
210 Creamery Rd
Harford, NY
Bonnie Vierthaler MFA
1216 State Hwy 235
Harpursville, NY
H.Toni Norton
605 Pine Crest Road
Endicott, NY
Thomas Gudeman
321 Ringwood Rd.
Freeville, NY
Diane Pagen LMSW
31 Meredith Street
Delhi, NY
Kellene Morris
308 Pine St.
Lockport, NY
john rabuse
31 Merideth Street
Delhi, NY
Eleanor Moriarty
7540 Charlotte creek rd
Davenport, New York
MaryBelle Mitten
601 S. Liberty Ave.
Endicott, NY
maria frazier
visual director
848 43rd st
brooklyn, ny
Mary Scheeder
40 Hamlin Square apt E
Williamsville, New York
Patrice Britz
405 Anderson Road
Vestal, NY
patricia schiavone
103 eastland pkwy
cheektowaga, ny
Reg Britz
405 Anderson Road
Vestal, NY
Leonora Cianciosi
405 Anderson Road
Vestal, NY
Ugo Cianciosi
405 Anderson Road
Vestal, NY
Gary Hammond
3 Evergreen St.
Cortland, New York
John Cianciosi
405 Anderson Road
Vestal, NY
Catherine Moore
3935 West Lake Rd.
Canandaigua, NewYork
Jason Starr
505 Pomeroy Rd
Franklin, NY
jean caporal
194 Front Street
Owego, NY
Charles Hartness
174 McKinley Street
Rochester, New York
David Gaydos
240 Stonehaven Cir
Newfield, NY
Carrie Nolan
657 Dawson hill rd.
Spencer, New York
Elisa Soliven
303 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn , NY
christina kramer MA
172 La Vista Grande
Santa Barbara, Ca
Ariana Gerstein
230 Brown Rd
Vestal, New York
Melissa Carley Manning RN, BSN
1133 Apple Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA
Kamilla Talbot
PO Box 172
Harpersfield, NY
Leon Forte
1879 east 28th street
Brooklyn, New York
Michael Saarie
71 Kneeland Avenue
Binghamton, NY
laura Quattrocchi
6540 county Route 7
Prattsburgh, NY
Nikki Longaker MSW, LCSW
Binghamton, NY
Brad Pacalis
8 Locust St.
Windsor, NY
Mary Lou carlucci PTMPS
123 west king road
ithaca, ny
Barbara Stopha MSW
520 Mc Graw House
Ithaca, New York
Sandra Jardine
organizer & Public Relations
116 Bidwell Parkway
Buffalo, NY
danielle clark
140 pine tree rd.
ithaca, ny
Vivian Chapellier
101 Daywood Drive
Baldwinsville, NY
Amy Peters
45 Harwood Drive East
Glen Cove, NY
ellen grady
133 sheffield rd
ithaca, ny
Nik Wylie
Michael Riolo
1655 Nanticoke Rd.
Endicott, NY
Paul Zelsnack
3177 Zelsnack Road
Marathon, New York
Vincent Granata
Owner A& E Architectural & Engineering Design Services
1333 Elm Road
Oxford, NY
Daniel Levin
1208 Tennyson St.
Manhattan Beach, CA
Rachel Devries
PO Box 228
Cazenovia, NY, 13035
Lisa Strayer PhD
136 high road
Corning, Ny
Lisa Saile
310 Vann St.
Syracuse, NY
Sara Ellison
138 High Road
Corning, NY
Lori Saile
625 Barnes Ave.
Syracuse, NY
David Bergner Christian Pastor
2700 Lake to Lake Rd.
Stanley, New York
Carolyn Bergner
2700 Lake to Lake Rd
Stanley, New York
Steven Mason AIA
1216 State Highway 2335
Coventry, NY
Cathy Lee
116 Cueball rd
Harpursville, New York
lisa bower
5922 newport rd
camillus, new york
marilyn austin
833 e. brighton ave.
syracuse, ny
Lisa Allan-Ziemann
1027 County Rt 38
Bainbridge, NY
David Hopkins Beekeeper
321 Roe Road ~ POB 156
Willseyville, NY
Kate Halliday LCSW
447 Tupper Road
Newfield, NY
Patricia Floyd MS
Occupational therapist
447 Tupper Rd.
Newfield, NY
Kathryn Frankiewich RN,MSN, PNP, PMHNP
717 South Rd
East Aurora, NY
C Beroza
Amherst, NY
Susan Shockey CRCC
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
509 Third St.
Syracuse, NY
Elizabeth Russell RN
42 Howell St.
Canandaigua, New York
Ana Belknap
Ingram Road
Marathon, NY
Elaine Knapp
12543 Rte 38
Berkshire, NY
Greg Russell Russell
42 Howell St.
Canandaigua, NY
Barbara DeWall
3166 Perry City Road
Trumansburg, NY
Elaine Roth
GROTON, New York
Lorrene Adams
316 Hector Street
Ithaca, New York
Kathleen Cernak~Hanley
5274 State Highway 357
Franklin, New York
Kam DeLong
112 Washington Ave
Endicott, New York
Kelli Haun
3127 Chatham Road
Endwell, NY
Debbie Sipes
176 Girard Ave
East Aurora, NY
Carla Coon
855 Townline Rd.
Johnson City, NY
Barbara Fry
821 Bostwick Rd
Ithaca, New York
Betty Carlisle MD
Medical Director Correctional Medical Services Onondaga County
828 Valley Dr
Syracuse, NY
Peter Herman M.A.
503 Rhodes Road
Apalachin, NY
kate ryan
87 sal bren rd
delhi, ny
Susan Beaudoin
583 McFall Rd
Apalachin, NY
Meigo Kao
38 Crocker Ave
Johnson City, New York
Constance Mikades-Johnson
17 Roosevelt Ave.
Binghamton, N.Y.
Sharon Souva
167 Mildred Ave
Syracuse, NY
Jonathan Manford
303 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn , NY
JoAnn Kingsley MPS, LMT
333 S. Franklin Street
Watkins Glen, NY
Kate Ahmadi Ph. D/
69 Woodcock Mountain Drive
Washingtonville, NY
Ken Gale producer and host of Eco-Logic, WBAI-FM, NYC
producer and host
P.O. Box 1028
New York, NY
jennifer tom moore
116 pine ridge rd
fayetteville, ny
Joan DeSimone
8340 Wessels Hill Rd
Avoca, NY
Robert Jenkinson MPA
311 lake Marge rd
Brackney, PA
Eli Thomas
8340 Wessels Hill Rd.
Avoca, Ny
Alvis Arens
2652 Lynnhurst Dr.
Vestal, New York
Elizabeth Herman
503 Rhodes Road
Apalachin, NY
Rachelle Beames
606 county rd 26
Nineveh, New York
pamella Farley PhD
45 grace court
brooklyn, ny
Joy Ohrvall
75 Lindholm Rd
Hurleyville, NY
Joanne c
964 West Dryden Rd.
Freeville, New York
Linda Blossom
8387 Knight St
Interlaken, NY
Allison Photiadis
11354 Blanchard Rd
Holland, NY
Neva Walden Ph.D.
24 Ardmore Place
Buffalo, NY
C. Richard Nobel Psy.D.
649 Jpnes Rd
Vestal, NY
Diane Lo Dolce R.N.
1429 Ryan Rd.
Tully, NY
Carole Nemore
184 Roweland Avenue
Delmar, NY
margarita donnelly ms.
102 rock rose lane
radnor, pa
Deirdre Swords
329 Fowler Lake Rd
Ghent, NY
Geoffrey Moore MD
310 Taughannock Blvd, Suite 3
Ithaca, NY
Craig Olson
37-55 58th Street Apt 1
Woodside, NY
Lillian Forman Ms.
259 Bleecker St, Apt 30
New York, NY
Robyn Bem
3 Ringwood Court West
Ithaca, NY
Ruth Ouimette
750 Weaver Dairy Road, Cottage 242
Chapel Hill, NC
Keven Smith
3624 Rath Ave
Endwell, New York
Brian Baker PhD
376 Karr Valley Rd
Almond, NY
Graves Ray
32 Gulf Hill Road (Box319)
McLean, ny
Alfred Puylara
591 Russell Hill Rd
Laurens, NY
Leon Schrecengost
1955 McLean Road
Owego, New York
Linda Danz
12 East 97th Street
Nancy Chapellier M.A.
317 Kimber Road
Syracuse, NY
F Sterlace
9253 Jennings Rd
Eden, NY
Rita Philpott BS
PO Box 146
Brackney, PA
Barbara Buist
428 Keller Road
Canajoharie, New York
Edward Kwiatkowski
30 Berlin St.
Binghamton, NY
Sheila Williams
123 Fordham Drive
Buffalo, New York
Susan Robinson
772 Bostwick Road
Ithaca, NY
Nicci Savarese RN
845 County Highway 1
Mount Upton, NY
Barbara Collins
195 pratt Rd.
Norwich, New York
Mary Beilby PhD
7 Broadway
Cortland, NY
Michael Ackerman
46 Cascade Rd
Warwick, NY
karen hanson ACSW
1336 S. Avenida Polar C211
Tucson, AZ
krista dickerson
301 n page ave
endicott, ny
David Jenkins
215 N Rogers Ave
Endicott, NY
David Llewellyn
16 Sunnyside Dr
Owego, NY
Randy and Peter Soderman
389 Beckwith Rd.
McDonough, NY
Albert Crudo human being
39 East 31st Street
New York, NY
Lora Hine
116 Larchmont Drive
Trumansburg, NY
Mark Kalan
Laila Prindle
154 KareyAnn Lane
Harpursville, NY
Brenda Schrecengost
1955 McLean Rd
OIwego, New York
Nathan Howard
703 Cooper Road
Poughkeepsie, New York
Bonnie Baker-Duff
Citizen, Parent, Grandparent
615 E Main Street
Owego, New York
Susan Kelech
53 North Arch Street
Johnson City, NY
peg schadt
165 myrtle ave
johnson city, new york
Nicole Budine
1146 Jewett Hill Rd
Apalachin, NEW YORK
Helinka Lenkiewicz
PO Box 2442
Binghamton, NY
Sarah Highland
89 German Cross Road
Ithaca, NY
Richard Rapp
167-05 12 Ave
Whitestone, New York
Patti K. Smith
211E. Second St.
Corning, NY
Sarah Wharton M.S.
341 Etna Rd
Ithaca, NY
Linda Nicholson PhD
Professor of Biophysics and Biochemistry
145 Pearsall Place
Ithaca, NY
Nora Schwartz
577 Grand St.
New York, New York
Herbert Spicer Journyman
23 East Campville Road
Endicott, NY
Lina Rodriguez
32-25 80st
East Elmhurst, NY
Kathy Constan
25 Garden Road
Scarsdale, NY
Kim Do
53 Spring Street
New York, New York
Carrie Randall
3568 Saddlemire Rd
Binghamton, NY
Kaysha Haile
50 Schiller St
Binghamton, NY
Mark Mansfield
37 Madison Street
Geneva, NY
Suzanne Hall DDS
1375 Grover Road
East Aurora, NY
Virginia Campbell
37 Hamilton pl
Tarrytown, NY
Barbara Arrindell
P.O.Box 147
Milanville, PA
Thomas Hohensee MA
1732 County Highway
Fly Creek, New York
Allison Rutherford
120 Dell St Apt. 1F
Syracuse, NY
Mary Menapace RN
1546 Coon Hill Road
Skaneateles, NY
Elmer Ewing PhD
Professor Emeritus, Cornell College Agriculture & Life Sciences
1520 Slaterville Road
Ithaca, NY
Catherine Johnson MFA
223 Rachel Carson Way
Ithaca, NY
David Nesbitt
122 South Seward Ave.
Auburn , NY
Christine Hoffman
1 Chapel Street
Sherburne, NY
Larysa Dyrszka MD
124 Chapin Trail
White Lake, New York
Eric Rose
1507 w. 36 st
Baltimore, Maryland
Mav Moorhead
New York, New York
Elmer Mitchell
75 Golf Course Road
Deposit, NY - New York
Alice Caroompas
8 Hartley Rd
Binghamton, NY
robert eklund
Councilman/Town of New Lisbon
268 Meyers mill
MT Vision, New York
Julia Sumner
McIntyre Road
Mecklenburg, NY
Staacia Norman
134 Broad St.
Morris, NY
Diane Heukrath
205 Farmingdale Rd
Camillus, ny
Maergo Fernandez Human Occupant
828 Valley Drive
Syracuse, New york
Dona Syman Masters
241 Barnum Rd
Cooperstown, NY
sharon lamazor
989 state highway 51
gilbertsville, ny
Karen London
PO Box 913
Smallwood, New York
Michael Beykirch
165 E. 4th St.
Corning, NY
Advocates for Morris Citizens Organization
PO Box 177
Morris, NY
k. Lynn Ransom
518 Durston Avenue
Syraxuse, NY
Robert Hones
2504 State Route 79
Trumansburg, NY
Eric London MD
PO Box 913
New York, New york
Tegan Fairbairn
297 wilbur hill road
unadilla, ny
Patricia Kernan
335 County Highway 40
Worcester, New York
Earl Callahan
1412 County Rte 29
New Berlin, New York
Peter Feltham Mr
1331 State Hwy 7
Afton, NY
Chris Williamson
416 Rosehaven Dr.
Raleigh, NC
Jack Ossont
Co Founder
3900 Dundee-Himrod Rd.
Himrod, NY
grace van hulsteyn
364 new turnpike rd
cochecton, new york
Diana Cramer MSEd
113 Kensington Place
Syracuse, NY
Jean Withrow
713 beers brook rd
Walton, NY
Elizabeth Orleski
3010 Hall Street
Endwell, NY
Julie Nathanielsz
528 Sebring Road
Newfield, NY
Joseph G. Norman MA
PO Box 800
Morris, NY
Barry Miller
3624 Jollytown Rd
Hinsdale, NY
Robert Weinberger CT Hom
417 Western Heights Blvd
Endicott, New York
Sandra Teeter
4956 CR 4
Burdett, New York
Samuel Law
16 Muriel st.
Ithaca, New York
Joshua Harben
5885 Route 79
Trumansburg, NY
Barbara Dyskant
Mother and Concerned Citizen
3624 Jollytown Road
Hinsdale, NY
Judith Pierpont
Founding Member
111 Pleasant Hollow Rd.
Freeville, New York
Diana Griffin
2017 Elmira Rd
Newfield, NY
Eric Hilton MFA
3740 Newtown Road
Odessa, New York
jack wilbert
Retired Design/Development Manager
672 crystal valley rd.
Dundee, NY
Debra Chesman MS
18 Fox Lane East
Painted Post, NY
Chelsey Strano
18 1/2 high street
Binghamton, New York
Erin Caruth
1025 Coddington Rd
Ithaca, NY
jonathan kline
5126 mott evans rd
trumansburg, ny
April Leggett
116 Afton Lake Rd
Afton, New York
Erin Sargent
2180 N washington st
rochester, ny
Nicholas Cunningham MD, DR P.H.
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Prediatrics and Clinical Public Hlth
456 Public Landing Road
Springfield Center, New York 13468-0016
Charles Colin McNaull
5303 Stillwell Road
Trumansburg, NY
Jeffrey Strassenburg
98 Poplar Hill Rd.
Unadilla, NY