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NRDC's Response to Requests Sent to RFK, Jr. to Oppose Secret DOH Fracking Review

Dear Rev._____ ,

Thank you for contacting NRDC and for your interest in our work. Mr. Kennedy has changed his position due to the growing number of concerns associated with air and water pollution.

I am including a position statement from him in the Huffington Post. Mr. Kennedy "confess[es] to be an early optimist on natural gas," with the caveat that "the natural gas industry and government regulators act[ed] responsibly to protect the environment, safeguard communities from irresponsible practices and to candidly inform the public about the true risks and benefits of shale extraction gas." He notes that the "opposite is true," as the industry fought regulations, disclosure laws, and allowed fracking to have substantial impacts on public health and the environment. Finally, Mr. Kennedy laments how "contaminated well water, poisoned air, nuisance noise and dust, diminished property values and collapsing quality of life are often the predictable collateral damage of gas shale development in the rural towns." You can read the full article below:

The Fracking Industry's War On The New York Times -- And The Truth

Recently the NYS Assembly has passed a bill, which would place a two-year moratorium on fracking until the health risks have been assessed. NRDC has been working diligently to get this bill passed in the NYS Senate so that the environment and public health is protected. You can read more about this bill and take action at the following links:

Support Keeps Growing for Continued NY Fracking Moratorium Until Health Risks are Studied

Tell your senator to protect your health by demanding a two-year moratorium on fracking. (NY residents only)

Thank you again for writing to NRDC and for being active on this very important issue.

Kind Regards,

Katie Maroney

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