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Marcellus Shale General Documents & Data

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Post date Document Title
10/14/09 Bixby Hill Road Documents
11/05/09 Oil & Gas Spill Profiles
12/05/09 Documents Related to Private Water Well Reportedly Impacted by Fracking
01/11/10 Freeville, NY 1/7/10: "WELL RIG ON FIRE WHEN HIT NATURAL GAS POCKET...
04/09/10 Marcellus Shale News Article Compilation
04/19/10 US Energy and Allegany County DOH Letters About Hydrofracking Impact on Private Well Near Andover/Independence, NY
07/30/10 MMS Data
08/13/10 New York Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo: The Marcellus Shale could contribute to New York's natural gas supply, but development needs to be highly sensitive to environmental concerns.
09/17/10 Map: Major Drinking Water Supply Watersheds and Aquifers
10/18/10 Queens Gazette Piece & Note from Assemblymember Catherine Nolan
10/27/10 DEC Memo Regarding Cuts
01/03/11 Cuomo Executive Order: Continuation and Expiration of Prior Executive Orders
03/03/11 EPA, State, & Other Marcellus Shale Documents
05/20/11 Gas & Oil Leases Impact on Residential Lending and Tompkins Trust Powerpoint
07/21/11 Documents Regarding DEC-Approved Gas Drilling Wastewater Spreading for Dust Control, Winter De-icing and Roadbed Stabilization
12/14/11 12-12-11 Senate Testimony
02/01/12 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel
07/11/12 Municipalities and Counties Where Citizens Have Submitted Written Requests that Local Authorities Adopt No Resolutions or Public Policies Supporting Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction
08/02/12 List of Cuomo Contributors
09/26/12 9-26-12 Division of Mineral Resources Documented Oil and Gas Problems
10/26/12 DEC’s Unplugged and Abandoned Wells Database & Overview Map
10/29/12 Unplugged Gas/Oil Well Concerns Documented by DEC Division of Mineral Resources and Other NYS Authorities
11/29/12 Revised Rule Making Documents
01/03/13 Cuomo Administration 1-2-13 Leaked Document Related to Assessment of Potential Health Impacts From High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing
03/28/13 9/20/12 Martens Statement Rejecting Call for "Independent" Health Study
04/24/13 Examples of personalized communications sent to Governor Cuomo requesting a "Public Health Impact Study" of shale gas fracking:
05/02/13 DEC Commissioner Appoints Members to Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel
07/02/13 Nearly 400 Personalized Communications Sent to New York Fracking Advisory Panel Request Halt to Secret DOH Shale Impact Review
07/23/13 Assemblywoman Nolan's DOH Review Letters to Commissioners Martens and Shah
08/06/13 NRDC's Response to Requests Sent to RFK, Jr. to Oppose Secret DOH Fracking Review
08/20/13 President Obama to Participate in a Town Hall at Binghamton University
10/09/13 10/07/13 Letter to Commissioner Joe Martens
04/22/14 GHD Headworks Analysis of Auburn Water Pollution Control Plant
05/13/14 Testimony of Walter Hang - May 13, 2014 - Before the State Senate Democratic Conference Forum regarding Natural Gas & Oil Extraction Wastewater Concerns in NY
10/02/14 Groups referenced by signatories to the 6/23/14 Withdraw the Marcellus Shale Draft SGEIS Coalition Letter
05/20/15 Chautauqua & Cattaraugus County Private Well Contamination Complaints 12/3/1985
05/22/15 Comments of Walter L. T. Hang Regarding the Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program Adopted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
05/26/15 Levant Area Gas Well Leaks
07/12/16 Proposed Dominion New Market Pipeline Map
07/29/16 Dominion Pipeline (earlier known as CNG) spills
08/25/16 Reading, NY Spill Compilation
06/12/17 Town of Dryden Supervisor Jason Leifer Dominion New Market Pipeline/Borger Compressor Station Phone Log 2/17 - 5/17
06/12/17 Dryden Town Planner Log of Dominion New Market Pipeline/Borger Compressor Station meetings, phone calls and other activities: 2/17 - 5/17