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Anti-frackers respond to Cox's comments


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Opponents of hydrofracking respond following strong comments by New York State Republican Chairman Ed Cox.

Hundreds of anti-frackers are expected to demonstrate when President Obama, who has voiced his support of the controversial gas drilling technique, visits Binghamton University on Friday.

After Governor Andrew Cuomo decided not to join the President in Broome County, Cox referred to Cuomo's actions as 'political cowardice' for not wanting to face the protests.

Cox also characterized the demonstrators anticipated on campus as a 'rabid mob.'

Local fracking opponents say Cuomo's inaction on natural gas drilling shows political courage, not cowardice.

"We're basically saying that the Governor has stood up and told the public that his final decision whether or not to allow fracking in New York will be based on science and that's a courageous stand," said Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting President.

A pro-fracking contingency is also expected to gather Friday, but not at BU. That group will be at Otsiningo Park.

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