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Fractivists Rally On B.U. Campus


The fractivists were out in full-force Friday at Binghamton University.

They actually started assembling before six Friday morning to secure their spot near the main library. The group doesn't like the President's support of gas development that he mentioned in his State of the Union address. They want the President to work to slow or stop fracking operations that they say damage the environment and water.

Isaac Silberman-Gorn says, "He can do a lot of things on the national level. Right now, he's been a serious cheerleader for fracking. He's been really good on climate change. The fact that he's acknowledged that is a huge, huge plus for us. The fact that he's on the national level acknowledging that climate change is a challenge that our generation is going to have to face is really excellent. Proposing fracking as the solution is completely insane. This is a multi-billion dollar build-out of another carbon based fuel."

Walter Hang says, "This is a tremendous outpouring of public support for telling the President that he shouldn't allow shale fracking nationwide until his own Environmental Protection Agency's study is completed. That won't be until at least 2016. And, until comprehensive pollution safeguards have been established. That's the policy in New York and that should apply coast to coast."

Meanwhile gas drilling supporters gathered Friday at Otsiningo Park in Dickinson for a picnic and pro-fracking rally.

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