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Fractivists rally after fracking ban


Binghamton (WIVT) - Citizen Action, former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, Walter Hang from Toxics Targeting, and others rallied outside of government plaza in downtown Binghamton Thursday afternoon after Wednesday's decision to not allow the drilling process in New York State.

They held up signs thanking Governor Andrew Cuomo for the decision and delivered a signed poster board to his local office.

Although the governor distanced himself from the decision yesterday, saying he deferred to the commissioners of the Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Health.

The results from the health department's two year study were inconclusive according to its acting commissioner, although he cited a number of studies that raised significant concerns regarding water and air pollution and negative community impacts.

"No one really thought that the concerns that we originally voiced were valid, but what was proven yesterday is that the Department of Health commissioner acknowledged all of the shortcomings in the knowledge of how shale fracking can be done safely, all of our concerns that we voiced for so many years were acknowledged," said Toxics Targeting President, Walter Hang.

"We've been doling out enough criticism of the governor. We're here today to praise the governor for what he did," said former Binghamton Mayor, Matt Ryan.

Back when Mayor Ryan, who is a Democrat, was in office he repeatedly joined anti-fracking rallies and called out the Governor over fracking and wanted him to ban the process.

The Joint Landowners Coalition, which supports fracking, declined an on camera interview today.

Through a statement it expressed outrage over the decision.

The coalition questions why 34 other states believe fracking can be done safely, but New York doesn't.