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Anti-Fracking Activists Celebrate Victory


Anti-fracking activists took a victory lap Thursday, celebrating the Cuomo administration's decision to ban fracking in New York.

They met in front of Government Plaza in Binghamton Thursday afternoon before delivering a thank you card and a jug of clean water to Cuomo's satellite office in the State Office Building. The activists present said it was their efforts that raised enough questions about fracking to force the state to look at the issue and ultimately decide against it.

"I had no inkling that he would actually prohibit shale fracking in New York. This is just a stunning decision and it's going to set a precedent for the whole country," said Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting.

"I think it's a game changer all across the nation to see a Governor and a Health Department and a Department of Environmental Conservation stand up to say, 'We're not going to do the pollution and find out the consequences later,'" said former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan.

Ryan says the state can now be a leader in clean energy, a sector he believes could produce a number of good jobs.