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WNBF Interview 3/16/2015 with Walter Hang Re: Cuomo Asked to Provide Details on Fracking Ban


The state’s environmental conservation and health commissioners announced on December 17 that they would not support fracking for natural gas development. But no formal shale fracking ban has occurred in New York.

Walter Hang, president of Toxics Targeting, says many who have been fighting fracking in the state are concerned that a true prohibition won’t be put into place.

Speaking on WNBF Radio’s Binghamton Now program on Monday, Hang said “everyone simply assumed” shale fracking had been banned. In reality, he said, no one knows what the announcement made three months ago actually means for the future of gas development.

Hang said a coalition of those opposed to fracking is sending a letter to Governor Cuomo asking for a clarification of the matter.

The recommendations of the Public Health Review of fracking released in December may be incorporated into a final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement. That document’s release could occur soon.

Hang said the letter to Cuomo requests that he provide public notice and hold public hearings before a final environmental statement is adopted by the state.