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Locals oppose fracking with propane


Binghamton (WIVT) - Anti-fracking activists are decrying a potential loophole in the state's ban on the controversial gas drilling technique.

Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting has composed a coalition letter to Governor Cuomo demanding the state specifically forbid a so-called green alternative form of fracking using gelled propane or liquified propane gas.

The letter is in response to an announcement earlier this month that two permits have been requested from the DEC to allow LPG fracking on farms in Tioga County.

Hang said that even though the state's supplemental generic environmental impact statement spoke about the dangers of this form of drilling, the official findings statement specifically bans only fracking with water.

"This material is highly flammable. It's actually explosive. And it does not eliminate the so-called brine or produced water that's associated with this kind of shale gas extraction," said Hang.

Hang said he's ready to rally other fractivists to resume bird-dogging Cuomo and other state officials to get them to close the potential loophole.