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Activists Want Cuomo to Take More Steps in Banning Hydrofracking


Activists want Gov. Andrew Cuomo to take more steps to ensure hydrofracking never happens in New York state.

Leaders say the supplemental generic environmental impact statement has not been finalized yet, and they still have a lot of questions.

Walter Hang and a coalition of anti-hydrofracking supporters want the governor to spell out his policy. Right now, they say the health department review that's part of the impact statement is open-ended, leaving no legally binding ban on hydrofracking.

Leaders say the health review only states that hydrofracking should not proceed, and gives no length of time.

The coalition sent a letter to Cuomo asking him for more transparency in the process.

"Given that the governor isn't inviting us to hear about what he's proposing to do, we're following our method which has worked so well in the past. That's to write him very respectfully and try to educate the public about what's actually going on," said Hang, president of the group Toxics Targeting.

Hang also believes a public hearing should be held giving people a chance to comment on a final environmental impact statement.