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Anti-fracking groups demand details of fracking ban


Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Groups that oppose fracking for natural gas are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to specifically detail how a ban on fracking in New York state will be carried out.

Cuomo announced his decision to ban fracking in December, but Toxics Targeting President Walter Hang says that's not enough.

Hang said the review released by the Department of Public Health does not specifically mention adopting a shale fracking ban, or making any such ban permanent.

"We just basically need to know, 'Is it gonna be banned for good? Is it gonna be banned for a little while?'" Hang said. "If it's a temporary ban, that's a moratorium. That's what we've had. The key thing is, we need to have public participation."

Department of Environmental Conservation officials said the findings of the health review will be included in a Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement, or SGEIS.

Hang's letter to the governor pushes for public opinion to be considered before a final SGEIS is adopted.